Gardénia (2007) Eau de Toilette

Gardénia (Eau de Toilette) by Chanel
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Gardénia (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2007. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still in production.


Jacques Polge

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen leaves
Heart Notes Heart NotesGardenia, Coconut, Fruits
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla



7.8 (186 Ratings)


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8.4 (130 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    15
If only I knew right away what gardenias look like..
Hello again, you snoopers! :)
Today I come again to a Chanel fragrance, Gardenia (EDT) from the Les Exclusifs fragrance line.

Yes, of all people, I'm getting to work on a scent that bears the name of a plant or flower that I wouldn't recognize right away and would then have to guess wildly if I saw this plant. Of course, I'm not soooo extremely bad at it anymore, because I can tell roses from tulips (or... could... ...):D), but in a gardenia I wouldn't know immediately what it is, and possibly guess flowers like camellias, freesias or daffodils... you see, I can't even list so many flower types, and the ones I've listed I only know because I've seen these names before in various fragrance pyramids here on Parfumo!!! :DD


I should really, REALLY go out and have a closer look at the plants that grow here in the garden or on the street and look them up in the nature guide and finally learn them (unfortunately the flowers you are looking for are always missing in the book, hmpf!). But no matter. Let's get to the fragrance, which many people seem to like. Unfortunately I don't know the Eau de Parfum, so I can't write a comparison comment, but it doesn't matter...

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a little neroli, general green notes, a light sweetness that smells of jasmine to me and gardenias. With the gardenias I rather advise that it is the gardenias, as I can exclude all other scents and the scent also seems to me to be quite flowery-fresh with a clean, almost soapy touch, so that what I perceive should also be the gardenias.
A little later, the fragrances listed above smell a little more intense, although the Neroli is back again. It smells a little sweetish-flowery with a light, powdery touch. I think that the sweetness now comes more from the tuberoses as it begins to smell harder sweeter (but without crushing). In the background I can now also see the coconut, which is also not so intense and smells well with the rest. Although coconut and tuberose might seem a little harder, I don't find the scent really heavy now, but more summery warm. With time, light, fruity notes also come along, but I can't identify these here any more, it has something of dried peaches, but I'm not sure.
Towards the end the fragrance still smells nice and flowery, sweet and slightly fruity (but the coconut is rather gone again). The green notes from the beginning are now also in the background and it smells slightly like vanilla. A very beautiful fragrance, which is very recommendable.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite okay, but you shouldn't expect too much, because you can smell the scent best from close up, but at least at the beginning and for a short while it's not necessarily close to the body, so that you would have to smell it quite well on a lady. The shelf life is quite good for a rather summery trimmed fragrance with about six hours.

The bottle:
The bottles of the Les Exclusifs series are somewhat puristic. However, the rectangular bottle is still of high quality. On the front there is a simple white label with the name of the fragrance and the brand name on it, the lid is cylindrical and black and carries the Chanel logo on the top. Everything very simple, but of high quality. It doesn't look bad, but if you have several fragrances of this series, you will lack a certain variety at some point, because the etiquette could have been at least more beautiful or varied (as e.g. with the Diptyque fragrances).

Ah, the scent is beautiful. I had imagined a somewhat stuffy scent because of the name Gardenia, because sometimes such flowers seem a bit stuffy to me, but this one smells really nice. As mentioned in the fragrance description, the fragrance is not really refreshing like a citrus fragrance, for example, but it is still a beautiful and very feminine summer fragrance by type. It's like a nice, warm ray of sunshine that hits and warms you on a warm summer's day while you're standing on a beautiful flower meadow, feeling a general satisfaction, looking at the colourful flowers and hoping the wasps and bees won't come too close :D

It's great for the day to use, whether leisure or job or anything else, it doesn't matter, because it's one of those fragrances that always go as long as it's nice and warm.
Therefore I recommend to really try this fragrance. And since I liked it so much, I should try the EDP of it soon to see if there are any major differences between the two scents.

So I came to the end again and wish you a nice evening :)
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8.0 5.0 6.0 4.0/10

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Helpful Review    4
Plastic fantastic!
As i adore white flowers, i was so very excited to try this and almost wanted to blind buy a 200ml edt. Good for me that i decided to test it first as my recent blind buys didn't turn out that well, haha!

On me this is a plasticky, cloying, soapy white flower? mess. Both the edt and the edp have that plastic vibe to it and they cause me a headache. I am very fortunate to own the eau de cologne which is light too but natural smelling and just gorgeous. This is a real let down. Wondering how the vintage edt will smell like. On the hunt i go :-)
5.0 5.0 2.5 4.0/10

339 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Pure white flowers blend that smells wonderful. Gardenia for sure. As said, creamy and sweet, although very linear.

More feminine than unisex.
Sillage and projection are soft... but present.

Lasting power is weak, around 2 hours.
7.5 2.5 5.0/10

27 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
A crying shame it's so timid
Chanel's Gardenia is *almost* my gardenia dream come true. The only problem is that it is so fleeting. After only 20 minutes, I have to press my nose firmly against my skin and inhale several times before I can detect even a hint of the beautiful scent. What I do smell is a very realistic and green gardenia, just like on the bush. It's not just creamy, it's downright buttery. Why oh why can't it project more?? I would still consider purchasing it, it's that beautiful to me, but I would definitely need to spray on my clothes as well as my skin to have any hope of the precious gardenia finding its way to my nose.

SUMMARY: Bathing in sunshine along the French Riviera, only to wake up and realize that it was all a dream.
7.5 7.5 10.0 5.0/10

1239 Reviews
The Leaves of this Gardenia May Cause Paper Cuts
Chanel GARDENIA edt is a big white floral, but it is also, to my nose, very sharp and green. I say this especially since my primary wearing experience of gardenia has been through MARC JACOBS, which I find much smoother and creamier than this Chanel rendition of a quasi-gardenia soliflore.

I know that this may incite ire--perhaps even a riot--but I find the sharpness of GARDENIA to be on a par with some of the sharpest white florals around: yes, CABOTINE, FLEUR DE ROCAILLE, and FIORI DI CAPRI all leap immediately to mind. I am consoled somewhat by the fact (if it is one...) that gardenia notes in perfume are always "synthetic", and so maybe my nose's unspeakable irreverence toward Chanel in this case actually has some basis in chemical fact.

Chanel GARDENIA edt is certainly wearable, when sparingly applied, but I'll continue to reach for MARC JACOBS for my big white gardenia floral fix...
7.5 7.5 6.0/10

1165 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
A rather expensive white floral
Gardenia by Chanel, is certainly a lovely, well-composed white floral, however for such a high price tag I can think of many fragrances that smell just like it but for cheaper.

While pretty, refreshing, delicate and luscious, I can't say that this fragrance is purely gardenia, even though the note is certainly present. The tuberose and jasmine tend to counteract with the gardenia making the scent more of a white floral rather than a soliflore.

Apparently Coco Chanel wanted this fragrance to be created to represent the closest thing to her favourite flower, the Camellia, which unfortunately doesn't have a scent, so Gardenia was supposedly the next best thing.

It has a somewhat dewy feel, that is highlighted more in the heart where the white florals take on a more green approach. Chanel Gardenia isn't as creamy as some gardenia based fragrances I've tried, however I'm glad that it isn't as predictable.

In the drydown I get a lot of white musk and a subtle hint of orange blossom. This particular scent likes to cling to your skin and clothes for hours, lasting well into the next day.

Personally, as much as I enjoy white florals, I find them too innocent and feminine most days. I am a 'girly girl' don't get me wrong, but I tend to wear perfumes that have a little bit of a bite to them. Chanel Gardenia just feels too refined for my tastes, like a lady sipping on a chai latte with a string of pearls about her neck.

Like all the fragrances in the Les Exclusifs line, the lasting power is amazing, as is the sillage. I honestly prefer Kai for a more tropical gardenia scent and Annick Goutal's Gardenia Passion for a rich gardenia and tuberose blend, however I haven't written off Chanel's Gardenia altogether. For those white floral fanatics that seek something softer than your average powerhouse floral, look no further. If you can work your way around the expensive price tag, by all means, Chanel Gardenia is a lovely choice.

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