Misia 2016 Eau de Parfum

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Misia (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still available to purchase.


Olivier Polge

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VioletViolet IrisIris Grasse roseGrasse rose Turkish roseTurkish rose Orris rootOrris root Powdery notesPowdery notes Benzoin SiamBenzoin Siam Tonka beanTonka bean



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Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Misia (Eau de Toilette) by Chanel, which differs in concentration.
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Pleasantly surprised!
This is such a beautiful floral, creamy, powdery creation. It is such a beautiful blend of notes, smells like lipstick. It is very elegant, very sophisticated and reminds me of few Guerlain creations. Simply put, it is quintessentially French!
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Pink Violet Nuclear Bomb
A wonderfully woody violet, slightly powdery, somewhat playful through fruit, but by no means sweet. Noble and a complex fragrance for going out
What really happened
A violet pastille with fruit syrup spreads on my arm (only one sprayer!) and takes on nuclear proportions. It is sweet and pulsating. The scent is so intense that all other scent strips in my hand and test sprayers on the other arm are rolled over.
The fragrance seems strangely not grown up to me, it smells a little bit like child make-up for little girls. At the same time it is not youthfully playful, but somehow old-fashioned. This combination leaves me a bit perplexed, because I can't imagine who Misia could smell good on.

I ended up washing Misia off because he was just annoying me. The scent was quite linear and penetrating - the cute pink kid violet in the Chanel costume just wouldn't go away.

Maybe I would have liked the EdT better, but the EdP is definitely not for me
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the best friend
Misia, in third marriage married to "José" Sert, one of the leading Spanish painters of her time, was, like many of her Russian compatriots living in Paris, (1872) born in St. Petersburg.
Not exactly poor, she soon appeared in Paris as a muse, friend and patron of numerous renowned artists.
This spectrum included painters, writers, singers and musicians. In it she resembled "the muse of Vienna" Alma Schindler, widowed Mahler, divorced Gropius and last married Werfel!
These women loved and promoted cross-border!

But especially she is remembered as Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's best friend.
Both were friends with each other for many years; sometimes more and sometimes less: As is well known, friendships between women are not so easy.
Coco and the couple Sert spent many holidays together; how often did they lie on the beach at the Lido in front of Venice and thought about how they could spend the evenings in the most entertaining way.
It was also Misia who helped Coco through the hard time after the car accident of her lover Arthur Edward "Boy" Capel.
Not that she was happy about buying a house "in memoria": Coco later let her lover Igor Stravinsky's wife and children live there for free and paid for their livelihood, while the artist himself stayed with her and later wanted to make her submissive by suicide threats.
Of course that didn't work: Coco and the Serts went on a journey - so the air was a little bit out of this affair! Only Stravinsky thought he would have to "suffer" for a long time to come.
But Misia encouraged Coco in her grief for "Boy" in the plan to launch a fragrance on the market. That had been one of their last common thoughts and plans.
And so she made contact with Francois Coty. At that time he was the "market leader in fragrances" and presented Coco with some compositions that were simply numbered. Since the "Five" was her lucky number, she chose the vial with this number - so "Chanel No. 5" was born and his name.

It is actually a logical consequence that Chanel launched a fragrance called "Misia".
"Misia" has the luck of many later born: it is not burdened with becoming a kind of "cult scent"; it can be itself!
By the way, what does "cult scent" mean? A perfume, no matter how impressive or expressive it may be, is a companion of everyday life and not a "cult"!
"I'm a star - get me out of here!" is in my opinion a very bad match.
But only marginally.

"Misia" is first and foremost charming; this fragrance is feminine, lady-like and a little bit old-fashioned.
"Misia" just has style!
Iris and its root elegantly recruit a wonderfully dark, fragrant violet here; their reference is always welcome!
Her majesty, the noble Turkish, also "oriental" rose, joins them majestically: all together form a harmonious whole!
The result is a fragrance that is intensely floral and thoroughly feminine.
In memory of Francois Coty, the pioneer of Chanel fragrances, their European sister from the fragrant Grasse is added. This is where Coty also relocated part of his workshops.
Two fragrant rose varieties that write history with their abundance form a magical community with violets and iris!
The aroma of the tonka bean irritates me a bit; its sweetness, however, reinforces the powdery impression: everything looks as if it were covered with fine icing sugar.
So here the iris root stretches its head again: "I'm here, do you see me!?
This floweriness, this exquisite bouquet of flowers, however, requires a firm base.
This is called Benzoe here: its great resinous spice gives "Misia" stability and rounds off this fragrance composition ingeniously.
The result is a not exactly slim, but nevertheless very sensual fragrance that lives up to its name!
"Misia" fits perfectly into the house Chanel!
This shows that friendship can really bridge time and space: Coco and Misia - two women who are unforgettable and connected to each other!

This full-bodied durability of the fragrance accompanies me for several hours; the course changes from initially flowery-powdery to flowery-resiny spicy: absolutely round and without any corners or edges!
Now I'm "fish blood" as you know no standard for fragrance development and shelf life; but I like it.

"Misia" is much more likeable to me than "Chanel No. 5": this fragrance seems more lively to me, not as "statuette-like" as the well-known and so famous "sister".
(Uij, now I will surely be hit again - so be it!)
Not as classic as the fest-sprayed hair and the Chanel costume; a bit more casual, though not careless.
It really seems as if "Misia" is free of the burden of the "big name" and can be quite the "best friend", but she also leads her own life.

So I can imagine giving "Misia" a place in my life as a friend. As you know, I can't do that with Chanel No. 5 or Coco The acquaintance with this fragrance is therefore a gain for me.
We will see how far the common path leads us until the bottling is empty.
Anything is possible!
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