Sycomore (2016) (Eau de Parfum) by Chanel

Sycomore 2016 Eau de Parfum

Version from 2016
26.03.2022 - 02:43 AM

Vetiver king

Let me say straight ahead, no Sillage at all! Longevity is pretty good like 8+ hours on skin. So since we skipped the most simple but most questioned themes I will regard further to the real thing..

I love vetiver but I was not sure if I wanted to have another one in my collection. But when I smelled this in a Chanel boutique, don’t know if it was because of the set and setting.. it smelled like heaven, at least I would think heaven smells like this? Setting was a Chanel store in Amsterdam, with my wife on a bit rainy and sunny day, we where having a quality time dressed up and enjoying our times since the baby was cared of by grandmama.

So I was relaxed and checking some stuff for her since I wanted to buy something for her as she take care a lot of the baby when I got sick. But let’s get back to the point. I was happy that day and could enjoy anything, so before we walked away and purchased something for her the lady said I smell you, what kind of perfume is it? Told her Royal oud from Creed.. she liked it and said do you like dry or woodsy scents? Said both.. so she gave me some testers and asked me what about vetiver? I said heaven! She sprayed me the heaven and Omy goshhhh this vetiver?? It’s soooooo damn good balanced I could not believe my nose. It’s a Chanel and so balanced?? Wauw even those of Roja, creed and stuff could round it so well. I was happy to smell this, I could smell a old memory of a summer evening walking with a good friend trough Amsterdam again and having deep conversations and we where wearing vetiver scents without being conscious about it. I told him we smell like grass sweet grass and some lemon.. but could it be this? Don’t know but this is gorgeous stuff. Bought a 75ML bottle directly .

Opens dry vetiver, but very quick it’s balancing and gets more versatile.. the sweetness in the drydown and Makes this even more deep and complex. It is vetiver yes and yes you do smell it trough the whole experience but it changes with dry open, citrus/flowery mids and sweet woody drydown with that vetiver. Perfect job on this Chanel! Although the silage is very very poor. Outside in the wind if you overspray it, it still ok but very expensive to overspray it IMHO.
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