N°19 Poudré

N°19 Poudré by Chanel
N°19 Poudré (Chanel)
N°19 Poudré (Chanel)
N°19 Poudré (Chanel)
N°19 Poudré (Chanel)
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N°19 Poudré is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2011. It is still in production.

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Jacques Polge

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGalbanum, Mandarin, Neroli
Heart Notes Heart NotesIris, Jasmine
Base Notes Base NotesTonka bean, Vetiver, White musk



7.6 (311 Ratings)


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8.4 (192 Ratings)
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Sillage 5.0/10
Longevity 5.0/10
Scent 6.0/10
Helpful Review    9 Awards
The scourge of White Musk
The arrival in the last few years of White Musks in fragrances provides me with a target for derision ... I can't stand the stuff, however "new and interesting" perfumers (like Sheldrake) are finding them. Sure ... if you want to smell like a basket of newly washed laundry then I guess it's OK. I, however, do not.

The key ingredient in N°19 Poudré according to Christopher Sheldrake, who, on an ostensible holiday from Lutens had a hand in developing it, is Iris. An informative interview with him (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuLU7akrvRs) reveals some facts about this note that are quite fascinating ... like 1 hectare of flowers produces 15 tons of rhizomes, creating 10kg of Iris Butter which yields only 1kg of absolute. I'd be quite interested in trying to find out how many bottles a kilo of absolute makes. The tenacity of N°19 Poudré being what it is, my guess would be "a lot!!" ... the longevity of this fragrance is, sadly, poor!
I cannot write this review without once again lamenting the demise of original N°19 ... which resides at first place on my list of all time favorite fragrances. I became enamoured of it in the 80's, when a few spritzes in the morning would last all day and still radiate at bath time that night. Alas, those days are long gone and what passes for N°19 today is scandalous, to say the least.
N°19 Poudré, on the other hand, could have been wonderful if it came in true EDP concentration minus the awful White Musk which spoils it's rather premature dry down. The faint touch of Galbanum present gives one a fleeting fantasy that it might actually live up to it's illustrious predecessor ... but this is also not to be. The Iris and Jasmine combination here is usually a winner for Chanel, taking into account the fact that they grow their own in Grasse. Unfortunately, there is just not enough of it. Rather, the 'fabric softener' vibe (along with a host of other aroma chemicals) rides to the fore maddeningly quickly, making this fragrance something of a waste ... unless one likes that sort of thing.

I don't believe that fragrances are purposely produced to be 'bad' ... the smelling of them is, after all, completely subjective. I do take umbrage, however, when a 'sow's ear' is passed off as a 'silk purse'. The House of Chanel continues to disappoint.
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Bottle 7.5/10
Sillage 5.0/10
Longevity 5.0/10
Scent 7.0/10
3 Awards
Powdery iris and green notes
Chanel No.19 Poudre, when roughly translated basically means "Chanel No.19 Powder", and that pretty much sums up this scent. It has the fresh, leathery green accord from the original with a musky and powdery dose of violets and galbanum.

Chanel No.19 Poudre reminded me of another fragrance almost immediately, and it wasn't its Chanel predecessor. Le Labo Poudre d'Orient springs to mind as being a similar powdery iris chypre which I raved about only late last year. Okay, so it has been done before, but that's not to say that I find this fragrance any less impressive.

Chanel has done well with this new release, nearly making me forget the disaster that was Chance eau Tendre. It's subtle which is rather unlike Chanel, but pleasingly so. I would happily douse myself in this scent for an inoffensive Spring-like pick-me-up.

I find musky and powdery fragrances quite animalistic and sensual, so in my opinion, according to my nose, Chanel No.19 Poudre is quite attractive and inviting. I find it also surprisingly pretty and discreetly so.

Iris, especially when presented in a feminine and powdery way tends to be making a big comeback, so I wouldn't be surprised if this fragrance sells extremely well. My only gripe is that the bottle should be a little more distinguishable, seeming that the original EDP of Chanel No.19 has an almost identical bottle design and colour. I almost walked past this fragrance in the store because I thought it was the original, not the newly released flanker.

The longevity was so-so on my skin. Not heavy, but also not particularly lasting. However I believe that this is what comes with the subtlety. All in all, an exciting new release that lived up to all the hype.
Scent 7.0/10
Helpful Review    2 Awards
Fresh, elegant & down to earth
No. 19 Poudre is reminiscent of all the Prada Infusion d'Iris fragrances, but what it reminds me of even more so is Chloe Eau de Fleurs Capucine. The galbanum & neroli, which are shared by both fragrances is what struck a memory of the Capucine. Jasmine also plays a leading role in both scents. They each have balmy, yet noticeably green and powdery qualities. I wouldn't mind smelling this on the right woman. I envision a romantic picnic, where a woman in a white dress is laid out on a blanket made from Egyptian cotton. Gusts of wind thrust forth her femininely fresh essence.
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