Pour Monsieur (Eau de Toilette) / A Gentleman's Cologne / For Men by Chanel

Pour Monsieur
A Gentleman's Cologne / For Men
1955 Eau de Toilette

29.07.2022 - 04:32 AM

Classic of epic proportions

This fragrance was launched in 1955. This fragrance also had a couple different names over the years. A couple of these names are Cologne for Men and Chanel, A Gentleman's Cologne to name two. This one, however, is called Pour Monsieur EDT Concentree, which was launched in 1989. This is an Amber Spicy Vintage formulation with notes of Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Petitgrain, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Opoponax, Vetiver and Oakmoss. The longevity on this baby is quite good and lasts most of the day. To me this has a powdery vibe to it even though it's not described that way. My opinion only guys!! Reformulations happen to all fragrances but I think Chanel takes the most care when it pertains to their fragrances and that's a very good thing. After all it's Chanel you know?? The last thing they want is an unhappy customer base complaining about the formulas. Veteran nose Jacques Polge masterminded this creation and I think he did a great job. It also was launched near the end of the greatest era for Perfumerie, which to me, were the years 1965 to 1999. Anything after that, well, you be the judge!! If this fragrance interests you please remember that this is Chanel and that means that prices will be high. As far as I know this is discontinued, which is a shame. It seems like all the great ones are the first to get the ax. How convenient but that aside, to me, this is one of the 20 best Masculine Chypres ever created. Again just my humble uneducated opinion. :)
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