Pour Monsieur (Eau de Toilette) / A Gentleman's Cologne / For Men by Chanel

Pour Monsieur A Gentleman's Cologne / For Men 1955 Eau de Toilette

26.11.2014 - 12:32 AM
Very helpful Review

Extremely suave and exquisite masculine

I've got the new Chanel pour Monsieur EDP 75ml. And it's not easy to convey how it smells in words.
It sits right between the EDT and the Concentrée version, I mean, less citrusy and less sweety/vanilla like. But it does remind me the original, or the most recent version as I bought my EDT last June. However, Pour Monsieur EDP is very smooth and so discrete that it's hard to find someone young wearing it. Although it still doesn't smell dated, and quite modern for a chipre, Pour Monsieur EDP is running out of the present times fashion and trends. The notes are very well blended making it impossible for me to pick any one of them individually. CpM edp doesn't scream, doesn't offend, doesn't invade. It sits very close to the skin, very soft, almost powdery, but lasts for a long time. This wonderful smell follows you thoughout the day as an invisible cloud of goodness, of manhood. Too austere for work place, I've tried, unless you work in a very upper class office of any business but a serious one. I expect many could complain about silage and projection, but with Chanel pour Monsieur EDP, or the EDT for that matter, that's a good thing. Very good, indeed.

Impossible not to think about other scents like Mitsouko and Profumo, Boucheron pour Homme and even A Scent by Issey Miyake, Eau Sauvage and Miss Dior, and the green scents from Chanel itself like No 19 series and Cristalle. Those who love them will find a new friend in pour Monsieur EDP.

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