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Coromandel (Parfum) is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2019. The scent is spicy-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBitter orange, Neroli, Citrus fruits
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrris root, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesBenzoin, Woods, Musk, Vanilla, Frankincense



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Submitted by WitweBolte, last update on 23.01.2021.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Coromandel (Eau de Parfum) by Chanel, which differs in concentration.
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1 Review
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Very helpful Review    10  
Minus chocolate, plus patchouli.
I had been warned, after all.
But I do not listen to others on principle. My older Coromandel model (EdT), which I loved for years, but used sparingly, because I have known little patch tolerance in my environment (and also am not a friend of a "too much" of earthy), should be supplemented. Of the royal class, the extrait.
So I expected: The best of patch for cowards and finest Chocolatierkunst.
The Schoki, the Schokiiiiii! And then from Chanel! (If one can afford nothing else from this company, the chocolate must be at least chanellig...)
But it came differently.
Even beforehand, I was told that the extrait shouldn't be so gourmand, but still heavenly. So that did not exactly deter me.
Then - the first encounter!
Yes, clear signs of unsweet, greenish orange, but they don't stay with me for long. Pity, actually, because beautiful.
Slowly approaching my fear opponent. It's starting to get earthy, and slightly spicy. Where is the big Lindor ball when you need it?
I detect smokiness, very mild sweetness, little wood. Of the flowers I can not make out.
After a time of permanently repeated sniffing, the sweet, spicy smoky notes make themselves more noticeable, go with the patch a very gentle, oriental connection. The fear opponent was tamed, thank God.
Now also comes - equally welcomed - a chocolate note. And yes, it is not "mass-produced chocolate", but high end, high cocoa content, noble bitter. Powdery rather than creamy. In combination with the tamed, soft patch a formidable thing.
So I can only sign off that Coromandel Extrait has one special feature besides the general attributes of a pure perfume (expensive, fancy outfit, long-lasting): In contrast to an earlier chocolate advertising just not "Much milk, little cocoa!", but "Much cocoa, soft patch!"
I'm so glad! And you so?
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Top Review    65  
Coromandel's brave, shy little sister
To all readers of this community, who appreciate short and concise texts, I would like to recommend scrolling directly to the second half of this comment - this will be a bit longer. Coromandel has never been a fragrance that could have been dealt with in a few sentences, and the extra touch of this milestone (not least because of its horrendous price) also deserves to be dealt with in more detail.

Coromandel fascinated me from the very beginning, no matter what the concentration of fragrance. For me it is by far the most fatalistic perfume I have ever seen. Enthusiasm or disgust, war or peace, victory or defeat - for me Coromandel is the exact opposite of a pleasing fragrance. No compromises, but a clear edge. Praised or cursed by the environment, but never viewed indifferently. Wonderful Certainly not a scent for any time, but for me absolutely mood-dependent. On some days I cannot bear Coromandel, on others it is (as they say so beautifully today) without alternative. When I saw a few days ago that Chanel had launched a brand new Coromandel Extrait, my attention was immediately aroused.

I read the statement from Aika1547 - and heard the bang with which the trap snapped shut...
less patchouli! Not so earthy! Lots of vanilla? Thank you. Give it to me. Instant.

Within 24 hours I placed the order in the online boutique of Chanel, not to surpass a surrender of the purest variety and with decadence. Never before have I bought so little perfume for so much money, never before have I made a blind purchase in this price range. No matter - addiction is addiction and Coromandel is finally Coromandel, not true?
Since probably most readers of this detail page are interested in the extent to which the Extrait resembles its predecessors or stands out from them, I would like to compare the EdT and the EdP with the freshly launched Extrait and dare a kind of summarizing overview.

Eau de Toilette (2007):
The first Coromandel I ever met. The citric prelude is extraordinary - not musty or old-fashioned, but really high perfumery art of old school and absolutely classic. Besides the iris root, the heart note is dominated by the massive patchouli chord, whose acidic, earthy intensity inspires some and repels others. He bothered me more and more with every test - this smell of damp, musty heaps of earth that seemed to pile up next to me covered most of the other components and completely spoiled my scent. Then even the unique, beautiful base note didn't help anymore, this perfect golden veil of dry vanilla, musk and incense... I separated from the bottling and after some time dared to do the

Eau de Parfum (2016):
The same classic-citric opening, the almost identical fragrance. But here Patchouli is clearly reduced, the heaps of earth have been swept together and removed. What remains is a Patchoulinote that you can live with even if you don't like Patchouli otherwise. Compared to the EdT, the EdP for me looks softer, more mature, not so angular. Like a spirit drink that only unfolds its perfect aroma after prolonged storage. Unfortunately, the maturing process for my sensation was at the expense of the durability, which has slightly decreased compared to the EdT. The basis is again typically Coromandel - namely perfection.
Accordingly, my expectations of the Extrait were high, where Patchouli should have moved even further into the background. This is true, but there are far more serious differences.

Extrait (2019):
The classic Coromandel opening, the citrus note, has disappeared. Simple and simply reduced away. According to the fragrance pyramid here citrus fruits should be present, but I must agree with Aika1547, the Extrait actually begins immediately with the heart note. This reveals the original Coromandel in all clarity, here with dominating iris. Patchouli is only weakly perceptible; the heaps of earth have disappeared, only a few dry crumbs are left. Dry vanilla and incense are noticeable much earlier than EdT and EdP, and this also reveals the next clear difference to their predecessors:
the Extrait has almost no fragrance. The way the fragrance starts, it stays the same as far as possible. The (patchouli-poorer) heart note and the base note merge early, with at least the base note remaining practically unchanged.
The scent quickly becomes very close, but is still easily perceptible in the room after one hour. After 4-5 hours I have to look for it practically on my skin, this bad durability certified also test persons, whom I asked for their opinion and/or nose: one perceives the smell only weakly, after I have dabbed it 3 hours before several times on my skin. This durability and Sillage I find shockingly bad for an Extrait in this price range. No comparison to EdT or EdP, which are after 2-3 sprayers in the morning still clearly perceptible in the afternoon... Also the overnight test of the Extrait showed: what was dabbed in the evening was practically gone the next morning.

i expected a kind of Coromandel under a burning glass, a sparkling version with less patchouli, which gives other scents a chance to shine. This hope has only been partially fulfilled. The Extrait does without most of the Patchouli, but also without the complete top note of its predecessors - and above all without their durability. The Coromandel followers sworn in from the first hour may be horrified to ask themselves where the other half of this great fragrance has gone...
Coromandel has lost its edges in the Extrait, especially its complexity, which most fans love so much about the fragrance.
Would I have bought the bottle if I had tested the Extrait before? Probably not, just because of the poor durability. My favorite will therefore remain the EdP. But I have to mention in this context that I have a pronounced preference for so called Wummser and of course my estimation here only reflects my very personal condition... I am very curious how other users will evaluate the Extrait here.

Those who will be disappointed: those who mourn the clear statement of the Eau de Toilette will probably find no comfort in the Extrait. The angularity that was softened in EdP has now completely disappeared here.

Nevertheless, Coromandel Extrait will also find its lovers, and they will be numerous if you read the comments and statements about the EdT and the EdP.
Who will love it: all those who have hoped and prayed in recent years that a softer, more pleasing, softer (quieter?) version of Coromandel will eventually appear, where Patchouli will be put in its place - there is good news and bad news.
The good news is Chanel has answered your prayers. This should be the Coromandel version you've been waiting for.
The bad one: 15ml for 225 Euro - you have to pay dearly for the fulfillment of some wishes, this fragrance is no exception ????
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