Chloé (2009)Eau de Toilette

Version from 2009
Chloé (2009) (Eau de Toilette) by Chloé
Bottle Design Patrick Veillet
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Chloé (2009) (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Chloé for women and was released in 2009. The scent is floral-fresh. It was last marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Melon, Pink pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesFreesia, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesIris, Sandalwood, Tonka bean



7.8 (163 Ratings)


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8.2 (102 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    17
Please forgive me ... (The Rose War)
"You know... Not every story is meant to have a happy ending. If you'd known my wife, you'd have fallen in love with her too. She was full of mercy and inner strength. But then, then she made a mistake that I should never forgive her for...!"
Excerpt from "My sweet lie"

Monday, 07. October 2019
When I look out of the window, it's almost as if my blood is freezing in my veins, my brain is wrapped in cotton wool and time seems to stand still. Maybe it's a cold approach. Or also the dark grey rainy streets, the trees that seem to have adorned themselves in their most colourful clothes or the scent of the autumn timeless, which once separated me from my greatest love of fragrance.

Somehow today is a day like any other and yet everything is different from what it used to be.

You know, they say it takes 15 minutes to notice you've lost your cell phone, 1 hour to notice you've lost your wallet and sometimes a lifetime to find out you've lost yourself.

And you know, the day the decision about the color of my nail polish should be the most important decision of my day should be the day of my intellectual suicide. And maybe today is the day I should realize that maybe I lost myself a little bit too.

You know, sometimes we lose things that we don't realize are important to us. But most of the time we notice it way too late. And recognize the grey clouds on the horizon only when there is no return.

You must know, at the moment I can't choose a fragrance.

After a strenuous day at work, I test a few fragrances in Karstadt. I am unbelievable that the libre of YSL is a copy of Estee Lauder's White Linen. A dupe that couldn't be more dupe. The salesgirl's really trying to turn La Belle on me. On the test strip actually spicy delicious, it develops on my arm to a vanilla plum compote. Too bad actually.

From Guerlain I try the homme version of L'instant (actually all scents from Guerlain), but before I can notice the tasty course of the scent and the beautiful astringency and woodiness further on the test strip, the saleswoman pulls me away again. "Try the version for ladies that suits you much better," she says and I think the whole thing today is too much of the whole. I still remember the female version as a lilac bomb - female and quite beautiful, but too much of a good thing for me today.

It wouldn't do any good, I would have to dive into an olfactory meditation in the green temple tomorrow.

When I stand in front of my fragrance shelf in the evening, I am amazed at the variety. And as I look at every bottle, it's almost as if a film is running before my inner eye. Each fragrance represents a part of my past and a part of me that I am no longer today. Almost like an alter ego that has left me with the epoch of that time.

I'm facing my old great loves: Paris by YSL from the year 2000 (the vintage version), Tommy Girl, Hypnose Senses, J'adore, Coco and also Alaia. Phew, I've always been a scent punk who sprayed himself with all kinds of things. But after I was often asked about it on Parfumo, I really seem to be a rose freak.

And I was beginning to think I was going crazy. And with me, my whole world of scents. My ma gave me Chloe for my birthday. And I have to tell you, I haven't been a fan of this fragrance in years. But you know - "a gift horse...".

In a fragrance test, everything starts citrically fresh and something tingles. I actually find this tingling inspiring. Why, I don't know. Even if the lemon is not listed in the fragrance pyramid (here it's called mandarin), and yet I smell it, the lemon.

It is said that lemon in aromatherapy has a constructive, concentration-enhancing and liberating effect, which I can actually relate to. I even feel like she's clearing my head. Why, I do not understand, but it is pleasant.

And then starts my secret or shall I say creepy protagonist, the rose. As I said, for years I granted myself against Chloe and didn't grab the amber in the aftermath, couldn't stand the whole thing. Since this is the EdT, one seems to have renounced the Amber. I'm actually olfactorically excited. But why?

Why does this rose trigger such a feeling of happiness? With time it becomes more powdery (whether this is due to the iris?), but also stronger. There seems to be a little war of roses developing. Although the whole thing is fresh (allegedly freesia is included here and makes for the freshness), but at some point I only smell rose through and through.

When I am dealing with aromatherapy, I am not surprised that rose fragrances should be used to relieve migraine. The clear path in my head confirms this. In psychology, the scent is supposed to help patients to relax even in shock states. And this also confirms the appeasement of my soul.

And the Rose War is only in my mind.

When the door rings, I unexpectedly bump into my coffee cup, which goes to the floor and breaks. And suddenly I realize that this one time I am glad that the cup is neither half full nor half empty, but just empty
When I bend down to collect the broken pieces, after many years I find my bracelet with my name under my couch again. And I wonder if I might have found myself in this rose war.

And when I look at the broken pieces, I realize that I can't rely on my head. Even without this cup, I simply miss too many in the cupboard.

So I get up out of the shards and go to the door, knowing that I have to make this decision alone with my heart.

You can count on your heart. It struck before you could even think. - Author unknown
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7.5 7.5 5.0 8.0/10

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L'Eau d'Issey a la Chloe
Something very familiar here. What IS it? It took me a moment, but I found the link of familiarity. After a few minutes, CHLOE smells very similar to ISSEY MIKAKE L'EAU D'ISSEY! It shares that same watery quality in the dry down, and that said, I don't love the way this smells on clothes. That is, I really enjoy the scent, but I don't like opening a sweater from my closet when it smells of this because it's too "cool," no longer fresh and alive.
7.5 5.0 7.0/10

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A sweeter and girlier version of Chloe
While the original Chloe and Chloe Intense didn't rock my boat, Chloe EDT somehow manages to do so.

I find this version much sweeter, less heavy on the rose note and a tad fruitier. It still has that lovely, classic appeal that reminds me of old-fashioned, Arts and Craft stores with rose scented lotions and candles displayed on every counter in the shop.

Chloe EDT is Spring-like; bright, sunny and energetic. It is less like soap and more like a lightly scented powder or a scented hankerchief that your Grandmother so lovingly gave you many years ago.

I like its overall freshness. The melon and litchi notes stand out to my nose, giving this fragrance an interestingly light and fruity quality. The rose and freesia counteract with one another well, creating a slightly creamy, lotion-type texture.

I'm rather glad that I took the opportunity the test this, because if I hadn't I may have missed out on something so very lovely and delicate.


Trucklady 8 months ago
I regret not having taken this more seriously. Compared to the new edt, this oozes character and timelessness. Crisp and sharper+1

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