SeeByChloé by Chloé

SeeByChloé 2012

23.10.2020 - 11:03 AM
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The bird in this cage is pretty ugly
This is a fragrance which doesn't reflect the spirit of the young label "SeeByChloé", because it is a dull and somewhat screechy scent I wouldn't recommend to anybody, no matter if young or old.
Topnotes are still okay (apple and bergamot), but heart and especially drydown are of rare unpleasantness. Coty's Almairac used some ugly combo again I already perceived in "Florabotanica's" drydown, some artificial sandalwood which makes me frown. This is the kind of scent I can't stand, but I suppose it's allergy-tested and will "adorn" many other new fragrances in the future. SeeyByChloé is devoid of any new ideas, it's neither an Eau fraiche nor a sparkling Eau de Toilette, the "flowers" (if there are any) are weak and hardly characteristic... and the drydown is just a scrubber. Well, the bottle is cute. It's a "miniature bird's cage" - but the juice contained in it is so bad that I'd recommend leaving the ugly creature locked inside.
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