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Happy Chopard - Lemon Dulci by Chopard
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Happy Chopard - Lemon Dulci is a perfume by Chopard for women and was released in 2018. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by Coty.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Mandarin orange, Primofiore lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesShiso leaf, Ginger
Base Notes Base NotesPeppermint, Apple



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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 18.06.2020.
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Very helpful Review    6  
Here, here... a workaholic
Here he is.
The workhorse, the scent for every day,
the scent that doesn't disturb anyone, stings, pinches.

But now ordered:

Bottle in the 100 ml version very simple, I like it.
But watch out! Risk of injury!
The cap does not only look round and heavy like a paperweight. Nope.
That thing's also heavy.
So don't drop it... like me.
Cap heil, foot hurts.

Spray head, sprays a not so large amount, atomizes fine.

The scent.
Now with the heat I find it rather tender and volatile.
First I smell happy lemon. Similar to the shower gel from Kneipp Lebensfreude.
Oh, great. I like.
A fine hint of the typical Cologna smell is immediately added. But disappears quickly.
Something tiny little green scurries by. A lemon leaf maybe?

You can already spray properly, it is not so durable.
At least not in tropical temperatures and student air.
I'll have to test that even more when it gets cooler.

A really nice workhorse for my workplace. Discreet, no large Sillage, unobtrusive, but clean and well-kept.

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Very helpful Review    7  
What can the scent do for me to be too old?????))

For some reason Chopard scents have not yet appeared on my radar. Don't know a single one from the start, haven't tested one, and certainly haven't commented on any of them.
But when I was strolling through the perfumery today - more in search of a functioning air conditioning system, I have to admit - two cute bottles caught my eye. Cute is otherwise for me not exactly a test impulse, but the two were simply ZU cute, as they stood there so next to each other. And - what was even more important - the last time I rummaged, they definitely weren't there yet. Ohhhhhhh new fragrances, instant Pavlovian reflex sets in. No, of course not drooling and slobbering in public, but a, as I imagine, discreet twitching and vibrating of the nostrils with simultaneous pleasing lifting of the eyebrows. At the same time, the brain is working at full speed: "What perfume have I put on today, and where everywhere?" The fact that I actually still had two arms completely fragrance-free and that my "Chant d'Arômes" on in the morning had already capitulated to a large extent to the abnormal heat and/or my body's own climate system running permanently at top speed, i.e. transpiration/vulgo: sweating like a pig (and yes, I know that pigs cannot sweat... ), I immediately regarded as a hint of fate. So Happy Chopard Lemon Dulce - from the sweetest yellow bottle with green ball cap - on one arm and Happy Chopard Felicia Roses - from the pink bottle with red ball on the other.
A cheerful, fresh breeze of neroli and citrus aromas spreads out from my arm and hits my nose. So actually exactly what I expected from the name and the bottle. Really beautiful, not too synthetic and in the heat a welcome refreshment. When the first attack of the killer lemons has vanished, it suddenly becomes more interesting: Apple spreads out and brings a non-sticky fruit sweetness and a fresh fragrance. Another green-spicy, a touch soapy note (but as basil can sometimes smell a bit soapy) is to be sniffed at. Interesting and for me not at all assignable. A look into the fragrance pyramid is the order of the day: shiso leaf ??? I don't know anything at all and don't tell myself anything, in case it smells somehow like a kitchen spice, it could be what I have in my nose. It doesn't smell bitter like sage, nor like basil or thyme, perhaps a little in the direction of green coriander, but (before all coriander traumatised people flinch and secretly vow never to contaminate their poor noses with this scent) maybe I'm completely wrong. It's definitely a spice direction I've never smelled before. So far I really liked the cheerful scent, in the further process it becomes a little bit like apple candy (or a trace like the shampoo "green apple", which we as children sooooooooooo found great.... :)) But that fades away with time and the scent becomes something more, let's say more mature, the bergamot, which was previously hidden from me, now also comes to light. Happy Chopard Lemon Dulce then just gets weaker and weaker and I can't make out such a real base. But with such a summery refreshing scent I don't mind that either.
Hhmmm, what is my conclusion to this fragrance from the (I just have to say it again) especially lovely cute bottle (and also the outer packaging is sooo cute!!!!!!!)?
I'm afraid I'm not the target group, but, let's express it diplomatically, but already a bit richer in experience! On my godchild (14 years old) I would find him super and almost elegantly grown up, on the daughters of my girlfriend (15 and 17) I would find him an incredibly pleasant change to the olfactory boobies, with which the two mercilessly shoot their environment even at temperatures above 30 degrees - probably to keep all the boring adults off their backs (with success, by the way, as I can assure you... ). Now when I say it's a nice scent, it sounds worse than I mean it does. Happy Chopard Lemon Dulce is exactly what it promises: a cheerful fragrance with a lemon note and sweet-fruity sprinkles in a bottle and packaging that goes perfectly with it. So actually everything done right!
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