Noble Vetiver 2010

Noble Vetiver by Chopard
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7.4 / 10 78 Ratings
Noble Vetiver is a perfume by Chopard for men and was released in 2010. The scent is spicy-woody. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Top Notes Top Notes CardamomCardamom BergamotBergamot Red pepperRed pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes VetiverVetiver Clary sageClary sage MahoganyMahogany
Base Notes Base Notes TobaccoTobacco LeatherLeather


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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 30.01.2023.
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Another Gem about to Go
Hurry up, if you want to have Noble Vetiver! It is not listed any longer at the Chopard site, but you still might find some of it on the net for a snippet price.

Chopard's Noble Vetiver is a little mainstream gem. However, only perfume users with some experience might be able to handle it correctly.

Like so many other mainstream gent's colognes, Noble Vetiver is sharp and bitter on skin. So, sniffing it directly on the hand where you sprayed it is not a good idea. The usual way of testing a perfume at the shop will very likely make people put it back on the shelf. Assumed, mainstream fragrances are aimed at the less frequent and less experiences customers - I wonder how this kind of colognes sell at all.

The fragrance of Noble Vetiver establishes itself in a distance of 10 inches and more. It has some sillage, and it only works out in its sillage.

Noble Vetiver is not a classic Vetiver, in spite of its name. Vetiver is detectable as one note among others. It colours this woody fragrance with a dark green shade but it works from behind. The main character of Noble Vetiver, however, is woody-aromatic.

The top note is a surprise. The citruses used here are aromatic in a very special way. I feel reminded at the taste and scent of Pepsi and Coke! Such an accord is very rare, both in niche and mainstream perfumery. The Atlas Cedar set "Alla corte del Re" by Nobile 1942 comes to my mind, with its beautiful colognes "Cola" and "Robinson". Having Mark Buxton listed as a perfumer, I have to think about "Wood and Absinth" from his own collection. Both fragrances seem to share the same base structure: Two woody fragrances, with discreet vetiver notes providing an elegant, distached and indeed noble touch plus a cola style aromatic accord defining the perfume's individuality. Both fragrances share the clary sage in the heart for a very welcome herbaceousness.

Wood and Absinth is niche, Noble Vetiver is not. Buxton's own fragrance IMHO additionally introduces an oriental touch that is left out in Noble Vetiver. In doing so, Noble Vetiver is the more accessible fragrance (if you know how to) as it is closer to the clichée of a typical man's cologne.

One thing I find hard to describe is a certain physical touch especially in the heart of Noble Vetiver. It is in relation to the cola impression, and it provides something like a near presence of a man's body. I like that, it is sexy!

Listed base notes of Barenia leather and tobacco arouse expectations that are maybe not quite met. For me, this is one of the usual woody-ambery mainsteam bases, but brilliantly refined by vetiver and the aromatic vibes that keep Noble Vetiver in a firm grip for a long time.

Noble Vetiver deserves to be remembered. Blind buy recommended!
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