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Resonance by Chris Rusak
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Resonance is a popular limited perfume by Chris Rusak for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is resinous-spicy. It is still available to purchase. Limited Edition
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Mandarin orange zestMandarin orange zest Yuzu zestYuzu zest GalbanumGalbanum FrankincenseFrankincense MyrrhMyrrh PinePine CypressCypress JuniperJuniper

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Submitted by M3000, last update on 23.10.2022.
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125 pieces were made.
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Way of Wood - or the way through wood
The rain had been heavy the last few days. Nature had needed it. The earth was dark, almost black and stuck to my shoe tread like a second sole. By now it had warmed up again, the sun squeezed through the old pines and I walked on, away from the sea.

At an overgrown tangerine plantation I stopped and sat down on a stone. Burst fruit, disemboweled by animals, lined the ground. The tangerine peels had been, by the already strong spring sun, almost baked hard. With a stick I scraped the dirt from my shoes - the almost black, sticky mire smelled of peat and clay.

From here on, the pine forest thinned out. The sun blazed down and I walked on a carpet of pine needles - bobbing, soft and warm, poking ethereal - flashing fresh summer clouds around my nose. The rain and mire of the last few weeks was forgotten.

Gently swaying Monterey cypresses lined my path back toward the coast, the gnarled old and misshapen trunks had turned almost white from wind, salt and sun.

Here it was warm, breezy, damp and light - a few chunks of clay still peeked out of the ground here and there and I found myself heading towards a coastal village. A scent of freshly milled wood assaulted my nose. Fresh, caked-on sawdust tumbled from the machine and covered the ground. Warm, spicy and smoky - there was something sacred about the smell of dead trees.


Chris Rusak has dared to combine his Io and the Timbre Eau de Parfum with this new work. IO enjoys a kind of cult status among artisan perfume lovers. Effectively, I unfortunately never had the pleasure with the IO.

The perfume starts very dark, earthy and peaty. In fact, it reminds me of the old Bat (2015) at the beginning. The earthy, wet, mineral cave smell, but without the exotic fruits.

With the shrill citrus comes the brightness, and with the pines and cypresses at the latest, the warmth of the sun. An exciting, even if it takes some getting used to! The smoke is warm and clearly we find a good dose of incense as well. Spicy, but light and airy with the woods. Here it reminds me of Woodcut but without the caramelized sweetness that Woodcut had.

In the drydown, we find cool cedar. The durability is exceptionally good with +10h

A great fragrance study by Chris, not as easily wearable as Timbre Eau de Parfum but still well wearable. For the not so hard-boiled, it applies to survive the earth-morass part ;-)

many thanks to M3000, which has instigated me to this spontaneous purchase. Merci!
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