Clean Reserve Avant Garden - Galbanum & Rain (2018)

Clean Reserve Avant Garden - Galbanum & Rain by Clean
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Clean Reserve Avant Garden - Galbanum & Rain is a perfume by Clean for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is fresh-aquatic. It is being marketed by Fusion Brands Inc..

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSichuan pepper, Star anise, Aquatic notes
Heart Notes Heart NotesFrankincense, Galbanum
Base Notes Base NotesWhite moss, Clearwood™, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Haitian vetiver



7.4 (26 Ratings)


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Helpful Review    8
Shower in the woods?
Well, you perfumed ones! What are you smelling like today? How about something aquatic, woody, woody? Just like Galbanum & Rain from Clean Reserve, the more exclusive and environmentally friendly fragrance range from Clean. Yes, Clean's reserve fragrances are said to be particularly environmentally friendly, as they are not only based on natural fragrances, but also the entire production consists of sustainable materials, including not only the bottle and packaging, but also the operation of the fragrance workshop with solar energy and so on.

Clean is a beautiful fragrance brand at all, which has generally beautiful or mostly beautiful fragrances to offer, many of which come across softly and cleanly. Of course, the brand name "Clean" already spoils that you could expect something "clean", so if you like to jump around in the mud or just dust and vacuum your apartment every leap year, you should rather avoid the clean air :D
Most fragrances are highly recommendable to all others, because many of them smell nice in my opinion, but mostly with the disadvantage that most of them are quite weak in their sillage... well... you have to live with the fact that some fragrances are so weak.

Okay, Galbanum & Rain it is. Sounds good, because the smell of rain is often nice to perceive and Galbanum with its resinous woody scent also smells quite nice. Let's see what the scent is like!

The fragrance:
The scent begins aquatic and slightly peppery. An interesting combination, since one would normally not expect pepper with freshly coming over smells, especially not a clearly smellable pepper. Nevertheless, the fragrance is quite fresh at first, despite this spice as well as other spicy (and woody) scents such as cedar wood.
The aquatic smells quite nice, but it also looks a bit like (well done) shower gel, but it doesn't sound as synthetic as it might sound right now. This shower gel impression disappears however soon for the most part again, since the aquatic notes smell much better later above all with the now more intensive woods and the incense and the smell now also generally beautifully after a pine forest smells (because of the Galbanums, which exudes a resinous conifer-like smell).
Much later, the scent becomes more woody-spicy and pine, but is still loosened by occasional flashing green notes. The sweetness is also quite nice and lies pleasantly in the nose. All in all, the fragrance is very successful and smells very nice.

Sillage and shelf life:
The fragrance starts rather moderately strong, but then becomes quite intense and is in my opinion also good to smell with others, which is quite unusual for a clean fragrance, by the way, at least all clean fragrances that I had tested so far were relatively weak. That's probably why the shelf life was so long, because I was able to perceive the scent well for more than eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and clear. On the front you can see a square label with a golden frame and the name of the fragrance. The lid, which is also almost square, is black and made of wood. A simple but nice bottle.

Okay, I have to admit that at first sight the scent seemed like a normal, but fragrant mainstreamer, which was due to the typical spicy-woody-aquatic scents. But like I said, I think the scent smells pretty great here. He may not be anything special now, as his fragrance already seems very familiar, since you have probably noticed such fragrances somewhere else before, but he is a solid all-rounder, who somehow looks slightly autumnal, but could actually be worn anywhere and at any time, both during the day and when going out.

Because of the intensive woods, combined with the aquatic resinous one, the fragrance doesn't seem unisex to me, but rather masculine. And although it looks clean in the background, this clean note is not very pronounced in this fragrance, so you wouldn't even think of Clean if you were sniffing blindly. So even those of you who like to dig in the dirt, as written in the introduction, can access this page without hesitation and test it, because the scent only makes you fragrant, but not very clean :DD

That's it from me again. I wish you all a great and beautiful evening, see you soon :)
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Greatly helpful Review    11
Today is THE day for Galbanum and Rain
Sometimes Northwest Germany is a challenge in summer. We don't have most of the sun straight, the days are often cloudy.
Today's another one of those days. It rains heavily again and again, the air almost stands still. Due to the long dryness it steams everywhere, but it is quite warm.

This morning a feeling crept up on me that this is a day for Galbanum and Rain.
And I was absolutely right. It smells spicy, damp, green and woody outside. Just like Galbanum and Rain. I wear this beautiful fragrance and feel like I'm in a steaming, damp, fresh, mossy forest. I don't think it's aquatic, but it's fresh. And also warm and balsamic, I guess by the vetiver. It's just like this weather.

I've owned Galbanum and Rain for a few months now and it's funny that it never seemed right to me. Today it's just perfect, made for this weather, for this day.
Maybe I can even come to terms with Northwest German summer weather.
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Greatly helpful Review    24
And outside the rain's pouring
I always stored the firewood in a small concrete shed that the Germans used as a shelter for their motorcycles during the Second World War. The flat roof was camouflaged back then, whether with grass or camouflage nets I don't know, I'm not that old yet. The wood was delivered in October at the latest at the beginning of November. The farmer and timber merchant (and probably had even more job titles) dumped the contents of his dump truck on the meadow in front of the shed. I carried the wood into the shed and left a beautiful area around a large slice of tree free. I hacked at it. I had such a little wooden sawbuck. A cheap electric chainsaw belonged to the lock inventory.

The servants' house was heated with wood and electricity. Wood was to be preferred if one did not want to hear a lecture about electricity consumption. The actual winter with temperatures down to -14°C usually came at the end of January. It rained a lot in December. The relative proximity to the sea increases the humidity as well as the frequency of a weather change. Sometimes it poured out like buckets and the concrete roof of the woodshed already had some holes that had to be skilfully avoided when stacking and working. I operated the chainsaw with one (or more) 50 meter long power cables. The plug was plugged into the operator entrance area of the lock.

I liked to chop wood but was reluctant to saw it with an electric chainsaw. I have too much imagination and can imagine what can be separated with it. Friends also knew how to tell stories about people who had sawed themselves in the head with a chainsaw. Very encouraging. But you have to heat and therefore you also have to saw wood.

But, like I said, I liked to chop wood. The sawdust smells good. The meadow outside smells good. A dog might come by and look for me. Or everyone runs barking to the gate because someone's approaching. I miss chopping wood. I miss the dogs even more. It's been my winter sport for years. The blood rushes in your ears, it warms you when you chop wood. But at least there is no smell of sweat yet, because you are much too clothed. Your hands may sweat a little and then you can smell the metal or the whetstone.

Clean Reserve Avant Garden - Galbanum & Rain" reminds me of that. It is like a view from the door of the wooden stable to the meadow after the rain. The air's clean. Maybe there's some geosmin floating around. You can smell the firewood, the green, the rain, the concrete. The physical exertion was relaxing in its meditative uniformity.

I can recommend Clean Reserve Avant Garden - Galbanum & Rain to anyone for a test. The perfume is a bit aquatic. I rarely like that, but I don't mind it here. I used to wear it to work once in a while. It was very comforting and it lasts 9 hours on my skin. Nobody has complained.

You can wear Galbanum & Rain even in winter, because it is the season to chop wood. But I think it's best in spring or autumn. It is suitable for both men and women. At least for women who also chop wood.

You can layer it with other clean fragrances. I don't really do that kind of thing. Rain without Galbanum I sprayed myself once in the drugstore and found it very boring and one-dimensional. I had thought that Galbanum & Rain might have emerged from Rain. But I didn't smell it. So it's probably bullshit.

The bottle is clunky, otherwise quite nice but unfortunately totally stupidly hugely packed. Why I threw away the packaging.

I had originally created this as a blog post, but then found it a pity that there is no comment at all. That's why I'm posting this now and deleting that
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