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Warm Cotton (Eau de Parfum) by Clean
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Warm Cotton (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Clean for women and was released in 2007. The scent is synthetic-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCitric notes, Verbena
Heart Notes Heart NotesLilac, Jasmine, Orange blossom, Fruity notes, Marine notes
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Fougère notes



6.6 (76 Ratings)


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6.4 (59 Ratings)
Submitted by Seglein, last update on 14.03.2020.
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Helpful Review    6
Do you work at the dentist?
"Do you work at the dentist? You smell like that!" That's what the pharmacist asked me when I came in freshly sprinkled with warm cotton and wanted to buy ibuprofen. I wasn't offended. That's exactly the character of Warm Cotton that I like so much: absolute cleanliness. My day was saved after this beautiful compliment.

For me, however, the smell to the dentist lacks the disinfectant component. I smell there rather the induction chamber of the washing machine, where thick lumps of softened washing powder got stuck. And that's a compliment, too. That's how my laundry should smell, but no matter what detergent or fabric softener I use, it never does. Warm Cotton reliably achieves what no detergent in the world can. Pure, clear detergent fragrance.

Based on the declared scents, I would never have thought that this fragrance would be so clean and inorganic. Citric, maritime, flowery? Phew, you can usually hunt me down with that. But the interplay here is wonderfully synthetic, objective, fresh. If my gourmands are too playful for me and I want to wear something serious but nothing mad, then Warm Cotton always fits.

The Sillage seems to be quite strong, because I'm one of the most addressed by other people to this fragrance
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6.0 7.0 10.0 10.0/10

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Helpful Review    7
If laundry detergent manufacturers would bring out a perfume...
then it would be exactly this perfume !
It's been mentioned before, so I can only repeat it: Warm Cotton smells like washing powder and fresh laundry from the tumble dryer.
So the fragrance will only appeal to people who like the aroma that is in the air in the detergent aisle of supermarkets. With Warm Cotton, there's no in-between. Either you like him or you find him horrible.
I like him very much, but he needs to develop a little. When I spray it on first it smells very strongly of lemon and a strange scratchy metallic note. But when I have survived the beginning and the lilac note comes through, it smells soooo good like freshly washed laundry.
I have tested many fresh laundry fragrances and Warm Cotton is really the only fragrance that hits the nail on the head.

By the way, I also have the Warm Cotton Reserve. This differs already relatively strongly from the EdP. He's not that lemony. It also smells more sweet and powdery (towards Infusion d'Iris - I guess it's benzoin ?). In any case, the reserve version also smells very detergent, but not in absolute pure form, but rather like a "serious" perfume
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8.0 9.0 9.0 7.0/10

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Very helpful Review    8
April fresh!
In my childhood in the 70's our laundry consisted mainly of pure cotton and linen.
As soon as the temperatures in spring allowed it, this laundry was carried to the laundry meadow after washing and hung up there. For us children always a wonderful place to play between the laundry. The fresh laundry blew around us with its fragrance and the world was fine.

This freshly washed and then dried laundry was later "mangled" by my mother and a help in the laundry room as my mother called it. I.e. the laundry was sprayed with water and then let through the finisher. Depending on the size of the laundry, this was best done in pairs. During this work the steam of the warm damp laundry created the typical smell of freshly washed laundry/cotton that remained in the laundry for days: In the fresh, then cuddly ironed bed linen that you slipped into after bathing, in the clean towels that hung in the bathroom and in the clean laundry that my mother put in the closet for us. A world full of security and warmth.

Warm Cotton catches exactly this smell: This smell of fresh clean laundry in spring, this smell of carefree childhood and birdsong in the garden. Warm Cotton is citric fresh with salty maritime notes that give the impression of fresh air or even a fresh sea breeze. Orange blossom, verbena and musk further enhance this clean, fresh impression. Warm Cotton is a fairly powerful long-lasting scent. I think a single spray is enough to get that fresh impression on the laundry. Two sprayers are already too much for me.

I won Warm Cotton in last summer's competition on Parfumo. Thanks again for that! I wouldn't have bought it if I had. But in the meantime, I like him very much. It's the perfect scent to spray on your T-shirt before jogging and then be blown around by this fresh feeling while running. Unfortunately, modern high-tech sports fibres no longer smell like cotton. Surprisingly I have already been asked what I use for a fabric softener, I would smell so wonderfully fresh ...
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5.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    15
Hot laundry!
Yeah, yeah, my title might sound sexy, right? But unfortunately (as always) it's not like that! *sigh*

No, hot laundry here does not mean lingerie or rather perfumes in lingerie (*run away* :DD) or something like that, but actually laundry that is hot, i.e. that is washed in hot water, cooking laundry for example. And although in all the years that I've been spamming around on Parfumo and getting on everyone's nerves, I've found more and more favorites for clean, clean and soapy scents, there is a kind of clean scent that I don't like at all.

And that is, as already described with the EDT of this smell here, cooking laundry. I still remember how my mother used to cook or wash the dirty cotton kitchen towels in big cooking pots or so in hot water. And I hated that smell! Not the cotton scent itself, because when it smells fresh like... well, just like fresh laundry, it smells quite pleasant and beautiful, but when cooked it smells terribly stuffy to me. Then I always have the feeling that I can hardly breathe properly and have to leave the room immediately. The worst thing is, of course, when someone has the idea to cook something like this in the middle of the hottest summer! Only it's a good thing that today hardly anyone seems to cook the laundry at home, but throws everything nicely into the washing machine, only to despair which of the 1000 preset settings one should take... :D

Whatever. A real comparison with the EDT of the fragrance here I can't write directly, because I only have the EDP available at the moment, but maybe I can remember the EDT to some extent, because it hasn't been that long since I tried the fragrance.

The fragrance:
I have the feeling that the fragrance here starts much fresher than the EDT. I don't smell mandarins like the EDT, but I smell just as nice, but here much more tangy lemons, which leave a super fresh impression together with the lemon balm-like verbena. In addition, I don't find the fragrance as stuffy as the EDT at the beginning, but rather clean and fresh. It smells a little like washing powder, too.
A little later the scent gets a little stuffier, but not because of the warm cotton, but more because of the lilac, which is not so bad now and you ladies might like it. There seem to be synthetic notes in the background, but they don't bother me, because they are as beautifully scented as the pure synthetic notes, as you know them from Prada infusion scents (provided you like these Pradas of course!).
Of course you can also smell the warm or hot cotton here, it is also the theme of the scent, but its scent and above all its (for me) stuffy charisma is much less pronounced here than with EDT, which I find very great, because the scent smells more pleasant, even if the scent should gain a little more stuffness in the later basis.
With the maritime notes I'm unsure,... yes through the "washing water" it could have something aquatic about it, but maritime means with me mostly also that a scent smells a little algal, or at least a little salty, which in my opinion is not the case here! In any case, the scent remains slightly fragrant with cotton and flowers until the end, and is clean and clean... and well, as I said a little bit stuffy.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is okay, and for me it's stronger than the EDT. You can't smell the scent from a great distance, but still it's not that weak.
The durability is surprisingly long for a clean fragrance and can easily withstand six, seven hours and more.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and has a frosted, turquoise coloured glass. On the front you can see the name and the brand on it, the lid is chrome plated, high and cylindrical. Actually, it's more functional than beautiful. I find the crystal clear bottle of the EDT a little more successful.

Soo, I have to say that the EDP surprised me a bit, because I actually assumed that the scent would have been just as stuffy. No, the EDP looks fresher and simply more beautiful and is therefore the clearer recommendation if you want to smell after cooking :DD
It may be a bit stuffy, but by far not as stuffy as the EDT.

It's good for warm days because it comes across less stuffy (oh man, how often did I mention the word "stuffy" now? :D) and on such hot days it doesn't take the air out of your breath, he he he. Still, I find Fresh Laundry much nicer and fresher, but that's ultimately a matter of taste.

I also have to remember that when it's not so hot anymore, I have to do some laundry again (I'm lucky to have a lot of clothes until then, although some color combinations of shorts and t-shirts might not be so great anymore, argh :D).
And washing also means ironing, at least some of the laundry,... and ironing means -> IGITTTT!!! D

As always, the dirty finches among you won't like the scent, and since I think the scent here was wrongly rated so much weak, I assume more dirty finches wallow in the dirt,... uh, I meant hanging around on Parfumo here, than I had assumed, hey :DD

So if you like clean fragrances, you should sniff these clean fragrances!
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5.0 10.0 10.0 9.0/10

240 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Snuggly Fresh
This is a cozy warm dryer sheet scent with phenomenal sillage. This is not really soapy like many of the other fragrances from the clean line. Warm Cotton is much more of a soothing floral blend that will seem familiar and airy to most. On me it also seems to make me feel very sleepy and ready for naptime. Bring on the apple juicy sippy cups and graham crackers...I feel like I'm back in Kindergarten...and it feels pretty good to escape back in time once in a while, actually. I found that one spritz of this will fresh a whole 10 x 8 ft. room for 2-4 hours. I also found that this scent will sometimes induce a massive headache and cause people around me to start sneezing on occasion. Wear with caution a little of this juice goes a long way. The over all effect is a pleasant clean musky powdery scent, that can't ever smell dirty no matter how it might try. I keep a travel size of this in my bag, because if I found myself and 100 other people stranded some place without running water and soap, like on "Lost"...this would come in handy for at least the first 2 seasons.
5.0 5.0 7.5 6.0/10

1165 Reviews
Helpful Review    1
Damp clothes straight out of the washing machine
Clean Warm Cotton to my nose is the scent of clothes just after being removed from the washing machine, after a warm rinse and spin dry.

There's definitely a floral blend in this fragrance that reminds one of the scent of washing powder, but it's more the scent of washing powder after having gone through the wash. This is damp scented clothes, not the dry, lightly scented kind.

I like this fragrance much more than other scents in the Clean range because to me it smells a lot less clean and more musty. It's also quite intense and easily unisex.

I'm actually quite intrigued by the way in which the perfumer has created Clean Warm Cotton. I would liken this fragrance's accuracy to that of the house of Demeter, where every perfume smells exactly like its name. For what it's worth, I'm enjoying smelling Clean Warm Cotton.

If someone ever gave me a bottle of this, I don't think I'd wear it on my skin. I would use it mostly to scent my clothes, towels and bed linen. In other words, I enjoy the scent around me but not on me.

The most dominant notes to my nose in this composition tend to be pear, lilac and white musk. The blend is fairly linear, not that I mind anyway. In terms of lasting strength, Clean Warm Cotton will never let you down.


Blkbrd 2 years ago
Cozy, well-made, spot-on delight IF you get the appeal of a laundry detergent scent. If not, not. Textured bottle a nice touch.+4
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