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Cool Cotton (Eau de Toilette) by Clean
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Cool Cotton (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Clean for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-floral. It is still in production.
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Submitted by Anessa, last update on 19.12.2019.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Cool Cotton & Grapefruit (Eau FraƮche) by Clean, which differs in concentration.
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Crested Grebe
Hm... you know, you could easily abbreviate this fragrance here with the abbreviation "CCC", i.e. Clean Cool Cotton, because the first letters of all three words are the same. Fortunately, the first letters do not consist of a "T", because otherwise it would be abbreviated to "TTT", which in my childhood stood for the term from my title at that time, thus for toilet deep divers. It's interesting that this term actually seems to exist, because Word didn't underline it red when writing this comment :D

Be that as it may, with that I have reached a clean scent again, and it is once again one of those "cotton" scents. So again something with cotton, soft and cuddly, freshly washed and so fragrant that even cats like it in the most extreme way and claim places with freshly changed (bed) linen for themselves!

After trying Fresh Laundry and Warm Cotton lately (of which Fresh Laundry is absolutely great and Warm Cotton was absolutely not my thing :D), I now try Cool Cotton and wonder if it smells as great as it sounds!

The fragrance:
As expected, the fragrance starts fresh and, in my opinion, slightly aquatic. I smell citric notes like grapefruit, which is surrounded by floral scents that also have a light, watery scent. By this I mean this scent that you can smell from florists, a kind of watery potting soil (and perhaps this scent reminds me of the aquatic notes just mentioned). I can't say exactly which flowers (except jasmine) smell good. Well, lime trees are easy to perceive and have a great, fresh spring-like scent.
In any case, the jasmine gives the fragrance a sweet touch, but without drifting too sweet. Because the citric scents remain quite long, even if they weaken quite quickly and therefore radiate less. Watermelon can also be smelled, but I only came across it because I saw in the fragrance pyramid that watermelon is indicated. After that you can smell the musk a little bit, which increases the pure impression of the fragrance, but does not necessarily make the fragrance itself even sweeter.
Even later the fragrance remains fresh and aquatic-floral. Although you can still smell the sweet notes for a short time, they become weaker and weaker. By the way, the scent of cotton itself is also weak. It is much less intense than Fresh Laundry or Warm Cotton and the fragrance doesn't necessarily smell like Fresh Laundry despite its clean aura and doesn't have the same "cotton look" as the other fragrances, but the fragrance in general has become quite nice!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
As almost usual and expected, the Sillage has turned out the same as with Warm Cotton and other Clean fragrances, so it started out mediocre and quickly became weak. You won't be able to smell this scent much on one.
The shelf life is okay, because the scent lasts for four to six hours already, but it seems less because of the weak Sillage (because it quickly gets close to the body).

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, slightly navy blue and quite simple in itself. On the front you can see the name of the fragrance without a label, the lid is chrome-plated and cylindrical. Due to the simplicity of the flacon, it looks rather functional, but at least it is not ugly, especially since the pastel shades of the Clean flacons are all very beautiful.

Cotton, cotton... hm, when I search Google for Cotton, one of the first search results is "Cotton Eye Joe", a song I always thought Rednex was American because of the music clip (and name), but in reality they come from Sweden! On YouTube there are of course more bands singing this song, and if you look at some of them, you'll (especially if you're a guy... :D) probably get stuck with the clip played or sung by the Country Sisters, because... argh... the one who plays this violin is ultra-sweet, waaah!!!! *SEUFZ* :DD

Be that as it may, this cotton scent may smell a little like cotton, but this scent is quite small here. By this I mean that you can't smell the cotton and especially the fresh laundry feeling (where cotton doesn't necessarily mean fresh laundry) as good as with the other two fragrances (Fresh Laundry and Warm Cotton). So it's more of a soft, spring fresh, slightly floral scent.

Nevertheless, this fragrance is also clean and fresh, which makes it a beautiful, but unfortunately due to the weak Sillage also a little more inconspicuous and more like a well made 0815 summer fragrance, in which you could theoretically bathe on hot days :D
Yes, it will not bother anyone and is therefore well wearable even on murderously hot days, for example at the workplace. It will even go down well when sprayed on, as these loose fragrances also have a certain refreshing effect on the surroundings.

So, take a look at him, or smell him, depending on
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