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Fresh Laundry (Eau de Parfum) by Clean
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Fresh Laundry (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Clean for women and was released in 2005. The scent is fresh-synthetic. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBrazilian orange, Key lime, Mown grass
Heart Notes Heart NotesNight-blooming jasmine, Rose otto
Base Notes Base NotesHeliotrope, Musk



6.3 (70 Ratings)


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5.9 (53 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    2
Yes, sometimes the eyes are bigger than the stomach and you load yourself a little too much on the plate; in this case Clean has loaded itself a little too much on the plate.
It didn't fail because of the good idea, because smelling like sun-warm laundry fresh from the line all day long sounds really wonderful.

I had already expected that the fragrance would not weave an insane sillage around me in general, would come across as very subtle, because fresh laundry fragrance is rather flattering and mild. How right I would be...
The fragrance was very promising, green and fresh in the garden, the orange was very mild, but somewhat synthetic, with.
The top note quickly vanished and the fragrance became wischi-waschi mildly heliotropic. I really like the vanilla flower, but together with the mild jasmine and musk base it could be a harmonious composition, but not for the scent of fresh lingerie. The fragrance retains its fine synthetic touch, which I don't really know how to attribute, until it disappears after about 1.5 hours on the skin and can still be smelled from very close on the clothes
The fragrance is not unpleasant, but unfortunately does not smell as I imagine "fresh laundry fragrance" and has a below average shelf life. So you better just buy a laundry perfume or an additional fabric softener.
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8.0 4.0 5.0 4.0/10

3 Reviews
Perfect fragrance for people who doesn't like wearing fragrance.
This is the safest smell on Earth. All genders in all ages can wear it. Why? Because it smells just like clean clothes. It's a little sweet, a little aquatic and really fresh. Perfect for a day "without fragrance" for a parfymista. Perfect fragrance for people who doesn't like wearing fragrance.

It opens up with freshness, stays like that for about 5 hours on my skin, dries down to a sweeter version. After a total of 8 hours it's gone.

Personally I found it ok, rather dull - but that's just me. My friends ex was really shining in it, while I just feel like "we're out of laundry detergent again so I'm just gonna spritz some all over my clothes et voila!"
5.0 4.0 6.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    10
Another wash!
After trying Warm Cotton's EDT and EDP in the last few days (or weeks), and of course Fresh Laundry's EDT, it was clear that I also had to test Fresh Laundry's EDP.

Some will now say that this is wasted time and that EDTs and EDPs would never really differ from each other. I'll just say to those "some of them", "RUN!" (that's the more polite word for "snout" :D), because EDTs and EDPs can sometimes even be quite different! For example, I found the differences in Warm Cotton quite noticeable, so I'm also very excited about this fragrance here!

Well, now it's about fresh laundry. Again! But then I'm (for now) through with the clean scents, I promise! D
Hm, already funny, in fresh laundry, which hangs or lies cleanly and cleanly and freshly ironed in the cupboard, everyone slips in gladly. Because it is pleasant and gives you a clean feeling. But washing and ironing this laundry... most people hate it because it's a tedious job. And as if it weren't already annoying and boring enough, the same happens often where the other side of the clothing gets creases when you iron the opposite side. That is, if I iron the back of a T-shirt, sometimes I suddenly see long stripes on the front, which I can iron again, and then stripes are created again on the back, especially with more complicated clothing. God, I hate it when something like this happens, so I usually iron the front as good as I can and prefer to be crumpled in the back, hö hö :D
Or in short: I just can't iron properly... and I don't want to!!!

Anyway, I've talked enough again and so on, so I finally get to the description of the fragrance before you all die before the heat or so!

The fragrance:
Fresh laundry! How wonderful. Well, actually, you smell more like washing powder. And that's exactly the fine powder in the thick, unwieldy boxes. The one that smells so great, you'd like to lick it with your tongue. And then shortly before it must remember that it could "not be so healthy" to lick washing powder. So you shy away briefly, strike your arm briefly as a reminder and notice by the signaling of the Ruffini bodies under the skin that you have hit too hard, whereby the brain as a reaction to it makes you curse violently! :DD
Be that as it may, besides the washing powder I actually smell oranges very slightly (which is a difference to EDT, because EDT smells pineapple instead). Unfortunately I smell the limes and cut grass rather less, they could have been much more intense (because I love the smell of cut grass!) If I wasn't such a lazy sack, I'd mow the lawn every day :DD). I also find that the washing powder described above smells a little stronger here, but the softener note is a little weaker than with EDT.
Besides, there are some synthetic notes, but what do you expect from a fragrance that is supposed to smell like fresh laundry or detergent? It's deliberately done that way and to be honest I don't think these synthetic notes are as bad as everyone here writes.
There is still jasmine in the fragrance pyramid, but I don't notice it, just like the heliotrope, which often reminds of almonds. Musk, on the other hand, can be perceived faintly, it sometimes smells a little clean as well, so that it goes well with this scent, but as I said it is a little faint and in my opinion it can only be smelled in the later base when the "washing powder" becomes a little weaker. But the musk does not make the fragrance really sweet. Otherwise it remains predominantly like washing powder, somewhat synthetic and cleanly powdery.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Hmm... I would say that the scent is a bit stronger than the EDT, but is generally still weak and can therefore only be perceived at close range. Unfortunately, it also becomes very close to the body very quickly.
The durability is significantly higher than with EDT and lasts five to six hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and consists of a semi-permeable glass coloured in light pastel blue. There is no label on the front, the name and brand are directly on the bottle. The lid is cylindrical and chrome-plated. Not a very nice bottle, but rather a bit functional, the colour of the bottle being quite pretty.

Soo, based on some of the comments and statements I have to say that the fragrance is not as bad as it is or has been rated here. I actually liked it pretty much. It's just a fragrance, but only those who like clean, detergent fragrances will really like it. For all those who don't like cleanliness and prefer to roll around in the mud, well, they won't be able to do much with such a scent :D
Oh yes,... since we're talking about mud... I may find many things sexy, but I don't find women's mud cats very stimulating, no matter if the crunchy butt should shine a little through the wet mud,... um, I just wanted to mention that, hmmm... :DD

Anyway, I think the synthetic notes here are okay and by no means stinging chemically corrosive or something like that :D
In general, the fragrance has to be synthetic, after all, it's supposed to smell like washing powder and fresh laundry. But it seemed to me that the EDT of this fragrance smelled much better and was hardly stuffy (although the stuffness here at EDP is minimal and hardly noticeable). Well, the fragrance is beautiful nevertheless and is by its pure fresh aura a summery fragrance, but I find that it is even like an all-rounder, which could be used for itself in each season.

So... for all who like Saubär fragrances, you can try this one here, and should test the EDT if possible.

Soo... *sigh* tomorrow I have to iron again... at six or seven in the morning! Because at the same time I also ventilate the apartment before everything gets unbearably hot again... NO LUUUUUST!!!
And no more desire on the cruel heat!!! 30 degrees is all well and good, but everything about it takes the fun out of the summer and is just disgusting! :DD
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Fembotnik 16 months ago
- "You smell like your clothes are pretty damn clean!"
- "Heck yeah!"
Curtain drops.+2

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