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Fresh Laundry (Eau de Toilette) by Clean
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Fresh Laundry (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Clean for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-creamy. It is being marketed by Clean Beauty Collective Inc. / Fusion Brands Inc..

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6.9 (6 Ratings)


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Submitted by Anessa, last update on 15.02.2019.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Fresh Laundry & Lavender (Eau Fraîche) by Clean, which differs in concentration.
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Greatly helpful Review    13
If only the damn ironing wasn't...!!!!
Fresh laundry!
Who doesn't like fresh laundry? It's a great feeling to slip into clean clothes, well, at least I always feel that way. Of course all this also has its price:

You gotta do laundry and stuff like that *sigh* :D
Which wouldn't be too bad, but I'm one of those people trying to be a little tidier so I iron the laundry, and... I... HATE ironing it, because that's the worst housework there is! And anyway, who the fuck invented ironing, why can't clothes automatically wrinkle-free after washing and *creiii* you see, I just don't like ironing.
But of course I don't want to walk around crumpled like you :D
So I have to take on all the agony of ironing at least some of the clothes. Everything that is visible on the outside is ironed, underwear (which I never see *howl*) may therefore remain crumpled *sigh* :D

But once you've done it, your clothes will lie or hang clean in the closet and smell of the fabric softener, which will spray the whole thing with this familiar and hopefully very popular fresh laundry scent. And that's exactly what you can smell here with this scent! More or less, since fabric softeners have different "flavours", and admit, how many times did you catch yourself opening all the fabric softeners in a store to smell them? :DD

The fragrance:
Fresh laundry! That's exactly what you smell at first. Fresh laundry. I mean, you don't have to describe something like that in detail, everyone knows how fresh laundry smells. If you don't know that, then you probably have more dirt than you can love, mu ha ha ha ha :D
In any case, besides the fresh laundry note or the softener scent (variety: spring freshness or something like that :D), one also smells the fruity pineapple, even if only very briefly. Because this fruity note fades very quickly and is replaced more and more by the more bitter lavender. The bitter scent is also quite nice, but it gets weaker over time, especially when the sweet notes like jasmine become slightly more intense.
Later the sweetness comes more from the amber, then (from the base) from the musk. By the way, musk goes very well with the softener-like scents, because musk can also smell clean, like here. Together with the woods, which cannot be determined more precisely, one has a great smell here, which smells very clean and cleanly from beginning to end. Much later a little patchouli is added, but this is hardly noticeable due to the now very weak Sillage.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
So the Sillage is quite weak. After a couple of good smelling sniffers at the beginning you will only smell the scent very soon only from extreme closeness, and also only for a short time, because the scent gets almost too close to the body, which I think is a pity.
The shelf life is unfortunately also not so special, since one can hardly smell the smell after only two to maximally three hours, not even on the skin directly at the sprayed place.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and tinted pastel blue. In itself it's really very simple, but the glass seems to be of some high quality, at least that's how it seems to me when you hold the bottle in your hand. Nevertheless, the appearance of the bottle is unfortunately nothing special and therefore appears more functional.

Soo, Fresh Laundry has become an almost inconspicuous fragrance, as it unfortunately comes across so weakly (and therefore won't attract anyone's attention), but instead it smells wonderfully clean, quite pleasant and I think that most people here who like such fragrances in general will like it pretty much. As I said, however, this will most likely be a scent for yourself, so it is less suitable for going out. From the time of year I consider the fragrance to be an all-rounder that you can always wear, even if warm days are probably best suited for it.
From me there is here in any case a recommendation to try out the smell at least once!

Yeah, yeah, I had to iron again the other day. Oh how annoying it is when you iron one side and suddenly make wrinkles on the other. Or I stroke the fabric loosely with an iron, and suddenly three to five small lines appear, freshly ironed into the fabric, aaaargh.
And then sometimes even drips water out of the iron, together with lime pieces that make everything dull again, aAAAAAAAAAAAAARGRGRHHRGHGH, i'll be here no matter!!!!

Oh,... ah yes... well, anyway, as I said, this scent is very worth testing. Oh, yeah... I'm comfortable in Lenor... uh,... I meant Fresh Laundry! :D
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KingPin 14 months ago
Very true to it’s name. If you’re looking for a fresh laundry scent, this is probably it. If not - stay away.+1

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