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Aromatics In Black by Clinique
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Aromatics In Black is a popular perfume by Clinique for women and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-oriental. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPlum leaf, Pink grapefruit, Italian bergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine sambac, Osmanthus, Neroli
Base Notes Base NotesMyrrh, Vetiver, Tonka bean



7.9 (53 Ratings)


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7.6 (58 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 16.08.2019
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Very helpful Review    12
Valentine's Shrike :D
Soo people, good evening!

It's Valentine's Day!
No no, don't misunderstand me, I'm neither insensitive, nor unromantic, nor anything else, but... well, I'm single and I've been single since the earth was created or something, and you know that anyway, so what did you expect me to react to? :DD
"Events" like Valentine's Day are for some singles sometimes rather the horror. I have nothing against loving and so (even if these can be sometimes really damn annoying! :D)... but as a single such things can then be extremely annoying, especially if you see days before many many things like offers and advertisements with lots of roses and hearts and chocolates and guys who play sounds (is it even a lute? Or guitar? Have a quick look in google and... neeeeee, also google just has a Valentine's Day logo with insects in love... and I have to admit that this looks cute too...) and everything else that has to do with this shit... with this stuff. Therefore please excuse me if I react to this topic leeeeeeeeicht irritable and just *wüüüüüürg* write :D

That's why today I don't describe a scent with *wurgh* stuff in it, like roses or something, but just any scent. I wish I had a nerdy scent here, or something that doesn't smell like going out and flirting and so on, to completely distract from the subject and not have to think about romantic stuff, but I'm still not in Germany and therefore have a limited choice of scents. So today I come to Aromatics in Black from Clinique and hope that the fragrance is simply a beautiful fragrance, without being reminiscent of too much romance. Luckily the bottle is already black as my soul, mu ha ha ha ha ha :DD
*bitch* *bitch* *bitch* *bitch* I always know the same lyre... naaaaaa and??

Well, I'll finally get to the scent...

*The fragrance:

The scent begins with wonderful, fresh citrus notes. I smell lime and some grapefruit and bergamot. Shortly afterwards, these citrus notes blend with beautiful resins such as myrrh and powdery and sweet scents such as jasmine and tonka bean.
A little later the citrus notes fade away as so often, myrrh and especially jasmine become stronger and are currently the main scents here. But the fragrance still appears fresh.
A little later, the fragrance becomes even sweeter, in a beautiful, gentle way. The Neroli with its beautiful fragrance goes well with this. Of course, the Neroli weakens over time and fades into the background, but can still be perceived as a nice, fruity note every now and then. The fragrance itself ends with the main scents of jasmine, myrrh (or resin) and powdery notes. A very nice fragrance, which you should have tested in any case!

The Sillage and the shelf life:

The charisma is quite good, so that the fragrance can be smelled lightly and extensively on one for a (short) while without becoming too strong and thus crushing. However, I had the feeling as if he had weakened a bit too fast afterwards. I would give the durability with the typical eight to nine hours, whereby it is clearly weaker in the last few hours.

The bottle:*
The bottle is oval-cylindrical and glossy black. On the front you can see the name of the fragrance in golden letters. The large lid is cylindrical and also black. It's a nice bottle.

Soo, so I like this smell. It starts fresh and then becomes increasingly sweet, but not really heavy, so that it looks like an all-rounder to me, like a fragrance that is suitable for every season of the year. Also olfactory it is suitable for many occasions, whether during the day at work or in the spare time, or also in the evening when going out. Or also for Valentine's Day... *wurgh* no no no, he he he *sigh* is not suitable for that, he he he ... but, he certainly lies wonderfully on the skin of a lady, and is suitable with it also to be eaten up .... argh :D
Anyway, I think you can't go wrong with such a beautiful fragrance! Therefore it is worth a test in any case!

So, that's it again from me... Hmmm,... to all of you who can do something with this Valentine's Day, I wish you a nice day, or rather that you had a nice day, since I'm releasing this commi now in the evening. All the others, who can't do anything with this day either, will surely understand me and forgive me my many *würgs* :D

Either way, I wish you a nice evening :) See you next time.
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

320 Reviews
The dark (but gentler ) side of the elixir
A dark and shining bottle hides hides a potion inside: it's the dark side of Aromatics elixir. Maybe stronger? maybe deeper? maybe meant for the night' who knows? attracted by the container and by the name, I sprayed this scent on the mouillette and on my skin waiting to smell something really powerful...
...but what a surprise! The jus was very gentle, a little bitter, dominated by a quite biytter flowery accord with a touch of plum. Not at all the spiced bomb I was expecting! At my nose came, finally, the base notes: soft and warm, a good balanced resinous accord made of sweet myrrh and tonka bean.
The sillage and the longevity seem to be lighter in comparison with the historical Aromatics elixir, anyway, this pleasant scent can be worn in every season, expecially by night and everytime you want to feel sexy but Always with class and discreption. The price for a 100ml size is quite high (about 80€ ) , but if you're lucky you can find it on sale . If the classic elixir seemed too ladylike and heavy to me, reminding my aunt's historical scent, this is my cup of tea, although not so powerful. Lovely, this " dark side of the elixir"!
8.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    21
The sensors
Somehow the heat's been bothering everyone.

The husband has headuaua, the doggy is unfunny and I bump into the furniture without concentration.
The alarm system is also indisposed.

I sat on the phone during a cozy chat when an unpleasant beep came to me, which I ignored, because something always beeps here in this over-electronic household.
But the husband rushes up from the sofa - with the exclamation: The sensors !
For me this is the recognition word that there are either intruders in the house or the alarm system is rehearsing the uprising.
But maybe it is also a programmed test alarm, as you know it from school.
at any rate, the Holde peeks at the control box to avoid the siren howling.
Meanwhile I crumble with my telephone call into my "quiet corner" not to be infected by the restlessness.

Aromatics in Black, which I spray on by the way, helps me.
I really appreciate the Ur Aromatics and also the Aromatics in White - but the Black is going in its own beautiful direction.
I can't find a family resemblance, but I don't need one.
Here an almost gourmandiger smell nestles to my skin, deeply, softly and sensually.
Jasmin Sambac has this erotic charisma, refined by Osmanthus.
Lightly smoky myrrh blows over it and a delicate caramel note appears in the background.
Black radiates peace - but awakens all the senses.
A sensory scent - which brings us back to the core word mentioned above.
Also the husband cooled in my " Dunstkreis " down - and the alarm system remains silent.

In Black has magical powers
10 Replies


Jazzy76 10 months ago
Dark outside, but gentler than the classic elixir: a bitter fruity-flowery jus with a warm touch of resins art the base. Average sillage.+2
DorothyGrace 3 years ago
Fruity, plummy opening. Developes toffee like vanilla/tonka. Reminds vaguely Hypnotic Poison. Low in projection, sillage, and trail.+1
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