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Happy for Men (Eau de Toilette) by Clinique
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Happy for Men (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Clinique for men and was released in 1999. The scent is fresh-fruity. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen notes, Green lemon, Mandarin, Marine notes
Heart Notes Heart NotesFreesia, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesGaiac wood, Musk, Cedarwood, Cypress



7.2 (190 Ratings)


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6.1 (141 Ratings)
Submitted by Sani, last update on 24.11.2019.
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7.0 6.0 7.0 7.0/10

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#Nostalgia glasses ? Not everything was Happy? JUST USE ME!
Happy was for me, as for one or the other, all forgotten.
I can still vaguely remember now that I have "found him again" and the memories of him are sprouting up, it was one of my first fragrances which I may call my own.

If my memory doesn't deceive me, I got it as a present from my grandmother, who unfortunately died already.
That's why this fragrance will somehow always have a special place in my heart
--The "Nostalgia Glasses" for a simply beautiful time....without worries; without obligations Since I am a "summer child", this would come as a birthday present from my grandmother quite well, because the fragrance unfolds its full potential at high temperatures.
I can't answer why my grandma chose this fragrance anymore, it must have been a mixture of price performance and advice, which perfume would suit a pubescent :)
From then on Happy was my faithful companion, be it after football training (of course without taking a shower, Happy takes care of that) or at school (dosage ? yes 10 sprayers have to be)

And then he was gone...
how erased from memory ....how does it actually smell ? why ? why ? why ?
To be honest, I can't say it anymore, probably because Happy didn't fit to my "childish" self anymore and you wanted to be "MAN", which is also reflected in the scent.
END Part 1 ?

Time jump..... approx. 15 years later, while browsing through relevant online perfumeries, I suddenly become aware of this orange bottle through advertising on the side and from the back corner in my head the memory is there again.... "You know him, don't you?!"
Just Happy.
Since I would like to order a fragrance anyway, I think to myself: "Oh what the hell, you simply order it with...don't cost the world"

Said done:
Of course, how could it be any different than when I hold the package in my hands, I only have eyes for the other scent, which I really wanted to have....Happy is not happy at all about it and after a short smell test on the sprayer, is stowed away as "Aha, a citrus scent" in the back of the scent cabinet END Part 2 ?

No of course not...let's fast-forward the time...summer 2019
It's weekend
Me and my sweetheart want to go hiking again.....everything is packed, the shoes laced only one is missing....a light summer scent.
So I rummage around in my scent cabinet and who laughs at me all of a sudden, like the sun, in your brilliant orange at ?

If not now, when then...cap up and down with you on skin and shirt.
"Okay..." I think, "But you're a very fresh one...
Synthetic ? Yes, but well done....I like you.....why have I spurned you so long !
It was you who was my first "Duftfreund" !

And what can I say:
We were certainly 6 hours on the road and Happy did what he always does, then as now...he just underlined a nice snapshot to me once again.

Be it in the gorges, with small waterfalls or on the alp with meadows.....always I had this light, fresh breeze of mandarin and green shades in my nose.

Some would say he was monton ?
Maybe, but what he does, he does well !

Some would say he doesn't last long
On the T-shirt he was to be heard really the whole day and always easily present !

Too much nostalgia and rose glasses, where does the objectivity ?
remain? As mentioned above, he will now again have a place of honor in my heart.
I'm sure he's not an "over-scented." Happy knows that, I know that!

But if a fragrance manages to convey the same beautiful emotions over the years, then I think you can just be Happy !
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6.0 3.0 3.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
The Happy fragrance was gone again...
Who doesn?t remember the delicious comedy "The Thrill Of It All/Was diese Frau so allestrieben" from the 60s with the unique Doris Day as housewife Beverly Boyer, who does a bit of involuntary advertising for Happy Soap?
Grandios for me the scene "Hello, my name is Beverly Boyer and I am a pig"
In this film there is also a wonderful scene with the children of the Boyer family, in which both of them are standing on the stairs soiled with soap foam and soaking wet. They absolutely wanted to bathe again with the Happy soap, because the beautiful Happy scent was gone again and you wanted to smell like the piano teacher again.
Yes the beautiful Happy fragrance.
That leads to the happy scent of Clinique. At the beginning of the summer it fell into my hands for little money in a 100 ml household bottle. Actually I didn't really need a new fragrance but something summery-clean-happy-fresh like the comedy can't hurt the collection either.
With the scent direction given here you can't do much wrong.

Yes, and so the fragrance also starts off cheerfully, freshly, summery lightly and carefree like a nice and not particularly sophisticated comedy. I don't smell like a piano teacher, I've never had one and generally don't know how piano teachers should smell.
The fragrance is as pleasantly pure, clean and shiny as Beverly Boyer's bathroom. Light citrus elements with somewhat indefinable green trimmings, sunny and cheerful, followed by a pretty bouquet of flowers decorated in summer, but which is also kept white, it should remain pure and friendly. In the end it gets a bit harsh, the window to the garden is open and delicate smells of wood blow into the bathroom, but remain in the background.
The scent remains as cheerful and bright as Mrs. Boyer's smile into the camera and the Happy Soap is presented But unfortunately the whole clean cheerfulness does not remain completely without hook.
Unfortunately, the whole fun doesn't last much longer than the 10-second commercials, for which Mrs. Boyer is also in front of the camera. You have to hurry up and concentrate a lot to get everything, the scent is passing by so fast.
The funny comedy, which you should watch again, has a length of about 105 minutes. And I also feel splendidly entertained after the umpteenth time viewing.
The Happy fragrance is wonderful, but if it doesn't even last the length of a feature film, it's a pity. And unfortunately it's the same with me and I can only sadly say "The Happy fragrance is gone again"
But at 100 ml I can spray a lot and still feel happy again :-)
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8.0 5.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
My Millenium Scent ... sooo good !
It was around the turn of the millennium, when my ex-wife gave me this wonderful scent, and obviously it was a good omen concerning our relationship ;-) Because as several reviewers have already said here: "The name is the program". Right, this Happy makes happy - whether before the divorce, in the middle of the divorce or afterwards ... ( As you can see, he makes really happy! )

But enough fooling and raving about happiness, because what smells so good about him that he (obviously not only) enchants me for so long?

Maybe it's the unbiased straightforwardness that makes Happy his main note: the mandarin in particular grooved wonderfully fruity and linear right to the end, yet very juicy and fresh, somewhat sweet, albeit a little artificial. But this fragrance is open and transparent, not a book with seven seals, but rather a symplify-your-life chapter of uncompromising fruitiness.

Yes, Happy delivers! Although discreet, but reliable, it always gives its wearer a smile - at the touch of a (spray) button, so to speak. And only one person can do that with me, namely this one here ( as you can see, it even makes me rhyme ;-)

In addition to the delicious mandarin, a light aquatic fragrance can be seen in the first 1-2 hours, which underlines its bright freshness. But with the insertion of the heart note this Happy becomes really round. This is because a soft, very well-balanced floridity is then added, which discreetly creates a fine balance to the strong fruitiness of the fragrance. Simply wonderful!

That's why I allow him to be stingy with a weak 4-5 hours shelf life, which makes him more expensive, but he gets out with his good mood DNA again. Because otherwise an additional purchase would be hardly worthwhile with this warm H & S (on skin).

So you have to like this fragrance pretty much to use it permanently. With me it is simply his constant cheerfulness, which probably suits me, and not only his freshness, which stands for my username godfather. And Cliniques Happy always reminds me of an important milestone in my life. He is and remains

My Millenium Scent ... sooo good !

P.S. If anyone's thinking of splitting up, too: Just let her give Happy as a present, and everything will be fine ... ( sorry, but I just couldn't resist him ;-) ... and before there are any complaints: Maybe it works the other way round, because the scent is unisex.

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6.0 4.0 5.0 8.0/10

12 Reviews
The hot summer sun is here inside this bottle
The fragrance is a combination of refreshing citrus aromas and the scent of the sea breeze that makes you fly in the sky far from the nuisance of the earth ... Perfume for personal enjoyment only as the majority of summer perfumes
5.0 2.5 2.5 5.0/10

339 Reviews
Wonderful but...
Citrus and marine notes blended in a great way that turns this fragrance into one of the best for summer.

There's also some fruity notes and a faint wood note that gives it an edge.

Opening and middle phases are really great, very fresh and comforting.

My only and big complaint about this fragrance is about the lasting power... the scent is gone in one hour.

Sillage and projection are also low.

Unisex for sure.

Updated January 2014
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KimJong 79 days ago
I think it is the highest peak of mandarin scent. If I only evaluate the opening, it's better than Aqva Amara or even Creed MI.
StarA1 19 months ago
Water refreshing summer fragrance in a bottle
For personal enjoyment only
Don’t expect more than that+3

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