Private Collection - C: Woody Leather by Clive Christian

Private Collection - C: Woody Leather 2017

17.04.2022 - 01:41 PM

One of the best leathers out there...

Clive Christian, overpriced? (100%), reviewed much? (not really), in the top 100 on any forums? (not that I have seen, reviewed much by those so called YouTube experts? (a little). But, this has a rating of 9/10 with 34 reviews and I totally agree with those who have bothered to rate this gem.
I have probably every leather fragrance that has been hyped, highly rated, said to be the best and some I totally agree with this but C-Woody Leather should be in everyone's top 5 leather fragrances.
This is so smooth. I mean it's compiled by Christian Provenzano that should say a lot. It lasts perfectly. You walk around with a gorgeous cloud surrounding you. It's on a par with Memo, Tom Ford, Widian, Roja Parfums, all those houses that produce great leathers. This is one of the greatest ever created.
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