Water Scorpio (2012)

Water Scorpio by CnR Create
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Controversially Rated Scent
Water Scorpio is a perfume by CnR Create for women and was released in 2012. The scent is powdery-sweet. It is still in production.

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Olivier Funel

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesDate, Magnolia, White blossoms
Heart Notes Heart NotesBenzoin, Lily, Tuberose, Vanilla
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Oakmoss, Musk



6.0 (4 Ratings)


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2 Reviews
a massive surprise
This was one of my magic moments - by all truth. My husband got me this fragrance - which was actually hard to get. He found it only in Moscow so far !!!! (not sure why) although the company, a french perfumery shows it on their website. Maybe my husband was not smart enought to search well.
Never mind.
So this was the christmas gift for 2011/12 and i took some time to decide to write this review - simply because i liked to evaulate all aspects of this perfume.
First of all:
The packaging is super deluxe and worthy a gift to me !!! and this is not where it stops - once you open the box you find a soft cushion to protect the flacon and the fragrance - what a sweet idea and a way to create a WOW effect. Now to the flacon - this is as to the description an artist creation by a glass maker in France - they say that Biot is like Murano - in fact i think it must be even better, because in Murano i saw only cheap tourist stuff, but this flacon blows my mind away - in a way it is a piece of art by itself - even without the perfume so in case you ever have a chance to see this flacon - i would be surprised if you are not excited. They are all different i heared and hand made.
With all that already great and impressive - comes the most important part - a 30ml Container with the Extrait de Parfum - in my case the Scorpion Perfume.

I have to say, I was sceptic - especially when later i found the article here on parfumo which was sort of ambivalent about the fragrance. Well, everybody has his taste and preference but in my case I have to say this perfume suits me really well. The more i use it (now 9 month already) the more I like it and feel good about it. Of course an extrait needs to be applied in very small quantities but more so - I love the scent. It is like a journey - opening with some more oriental aspects and then becoming a bit spicy - and soon adds the Vanilla flavour. The perfumer must be a real master to take me to this journey of fragrances ! It never adds a scent i don't like and keeps its base notes for more than 8 hours on me. It's simply wonderful.
That's all I have to say here - congratulations to the perfumer and the brand.

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