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Coach for Men by Coach
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Coach for Men is a perfume by Coach for men and was released in 2017. The scent is fresh-sweet. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen nashi, Bergamot, Kumquat
Heart Notes Heart NotesCardamom, Coriander, Geranium
Base Notes Base NotesHaitian vetiver, Suede, Ambergris



7.3 (92 Ratings)


6.7 (83 Ratings)


6.5 (82 Ratings)


7.6 (94 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 15.05.2019

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is actor James Franco.

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9.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Helpful Review    8
The Coach for Men was the first perfume I bought on my own!
First the prehistory:
You know it... birthday or christmas, often you get a perfume as a present. At that time I didn't really deal with the topic, I just wore what was there. "It just smelled good," that's all. For me it was nothing special and too expensive.
At some point, however, the time came: I was getting older and all the money was suddenly no longer too good for "a glass bottle with liquid", but just the other way round. It gave me a lot of pleasure to try out all the different brands and their scents.
And it all started with the coach.
I bought it blind after seeing it on Mr. Fragrance's channel ;)
I didn't know the brand before, neither the perfume nor the clothes.

The first time I smelled the fragrance I found it very pleasant and a little sweet and if I may say so, I think it's just always and everyone's, because it's a simple but very solid fragrance, no more and no less, with younger people I think I'd rather enjoy it.
Notes like cardamom and especially coriander I take was good ( two wonderful notes).
The bottle is nicely made with its trailer and the unique spray head, which I am only optically enthusiastic about, because it is a little bit difficult to operate.

The reason why he will still be one of my favorites for the rest of my life is simply because my perfume trip started with this great fragrance, and even if there are other fragrances that last longer, etc., the Coach for Men remains the number one in my heart
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8.0 7.0 9.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    10
Pleasant daily fragrance
Coach - a brand from New York. I have to google myself because I didn't know this brand before. Seems to be an extremely high-priced brand for clothing, shoes and accessories. Especially leather. Jackets cost there fast times around 2000 euros according to their homepage. The scent is rather inexpensive there. Bought 40ml for 30 Euro. Fair. The fragrance is an insider tip for many Youtubers on the way and not at all unknown. After a few months on my wish list it was due this month. Also because the pyramid with pear and some other pleasing notes convinced me. I didn't expect the big wow scent and I don't think you can get it here. One gets a very good daily smell without many corners and edges. Must beu understatement day scents also not be umbedingt.

When the fragrance came onto the market I thought of the coach at Coach. Only after looking closely at the bottle did I discover the carriage. The bottle is nicely made. Beautiful glass, beautiful spray head and the company logo attached to a chain. Elegant and chic.
For me, Coach is not a fragrance that scores with its top note. At least the first five minutes. There appears a rather pungent synthetic pear note. However, this quickly subsides and the fragrance becomes softer and more supple. Not comparable to Ultra Male, because this bulb is not so penetrating and offensive this JPG note. It is also very fresh and fruity paired with bergamot and pear. Even if the heart and base are added, it harmonizes a lot. What I particularly like is that there is something of many facets to it. A pleasant freshness, fruity with pear cumquat, spicy with cardamom, soft and aromatic with geranium and ambergris and perfectly rounded off with a not too present leather note. Very well-balanced divided and thus serves many facets which makes it extremely suitable for everyday use. Especially after approx. 10-15 it becomes very gentle and one feels beautifully accompanied with this fragrance. With this fragrance you don't stand in the center of attention, also because of the rather discreet Sillage. The Sillage is perceptible through the skin, but not the strongest and the fragrance DNA is very gentle. Especially suitable for people who do not want to spray a giant fragrance cloud. For me, the feel-good factor is very high. As said before, no great corners and edges, because it has little polarizing in itself. Therefore perfect everyday fragrance for job and leisure. For more, I think he's too subtle in DNA and Sillage. Also usable throughout the year. From the fragrance DNA one of the safest when it comes to meeting the taste of the masses. Whether one meets thereby his own taste must each for itself decide.

I like it extremely much and am glad to have it in my collection.

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77 Reviews
A Safe Reach
SOTD: Coach for Men: As of 12/27/18
I like the scent is pleasant and safe, a possible dumb reach fragrance. For me to my nose I detect the fruity notes like grapefruit, bergamot, pear, cardamom and a hint of the suede. Not groundbreaking, but is a nice fragrance built for all season and very versatile.


Scent: 7.5/10
Presentation/Design: 8/10
Performance/Longevity: 8/10: Lasted on my skin between 8-12+ hrs
Overall: 7.5/10
10.0 6.0 7.0 8.5/10

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A top mainstreamer I had to learn!
I have Coach for Men (by the way, I would NEVER have referred the name to the coach... for me it was always a sport mentor, coach...) Ordered for him because of the hypes. I am always very curious about sweet/aromatic-fresh woody crowd pleasers. You can wear them well when it's hot (or you get sweaty), they please a lot of people and you always feel comfortable, fresh and not overdressed. On the other hand I think it's not so easy to find something generic enough to be "pleasing" in this sector, but individual enough to make you stand out and not smell like everyone else, and then the whole thing should be made olfactory-aesthetically beautiful. By the latter I mean high quality ingredients, well balanced, etc..

And I know you can't overestimate the opinion of the people on the Interweb, but in that case I had the feeling - I want to know! ;)
And yes, it's a mainstreamer, so nothing that makes us throw party hats around in the first place because it sweeps us out of the water in an avant-garde way. (as "Le Male" would have done it with me in 1995 definitely... if I would have been there already 30 ;P )

But when I tested it for the first time, I was immediately SO RIGHTly disappointed. My first impression was that it smells like trying to create a fragrance that just smells like SUPER artificial. Like a cheap alcoholic top note.
But I quickly understood why this is so: The pear. For me, pears in fragrances often have an artificial touch, it's the kind of sweetness that a pear has naturally! (Except the ones we screw into the lamps.. :D) And in the top note there are 2 different kinds of bulbs... screwed together, and another Kumquat. Well, there must be a lot of pears in the area! ;P

It annoyed me so much that I forced myself to test him again and again during sports or before showering full-on. He was so popular with so many people, there had to be something to it! And lo and behold, I got used to the bulb, and find it now really cool!

To the scent, to the preserves.
The mentioned fruity, slightly sweetish peary-stoneoby top notes, are fanned out by the spicy heart notes, especially the cardamom that I so appreciate and love! The leather in the base gives you a gentle opponent that makes the whole thing a bit softer and gentler.
The pear-vetiver axis makes the perception slightly sharp when you bury your nose in your arm. However, in the Sillage this only makes a concise impression, i.e. it looks beautifully accentuated and is not disturbing, but makes it interesting to smell. A really pleasant, and sometimes a bit different, more modern, and yet independent fragrance.

Don't let the first impression fool you, because it can be very trivial and mainstream as described.

Clear test recommendation, up to blind buy recommendation! Because with what it costs, you can still give it to your nephew / brother to someone else, if the pear does not go into the pear after all.

And I have the feeling that only a few of us wear it, because it is not available in the big European shops.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    15
The Coach
Of course, Coach is the carriage, as you can easily recognize from the imprint, but the smell reminds me of my coach in the fitness center.

I'm not an ambitious athlete - I'm more interested in the joy of movement.
The fun should not degenerate in work - I prefer to stay muscular instead of muscular.

My attitude is also known in the studio, and is generally accepted benevolently.
So I adjusted the " run " tape leisurely, and strolled in the Kurgang over it.
The coach looked amused at my actions, and threw in that if I had ever had a drop of sweat on me, then certainly not my own !
General cheerfulness.

And the fragrance is as sympathetically cheerful as it is cheerful.
He's already masculine, but doesn't take himself seriously.
Well suited for men with humour and happy senses.
Coach starts friendly with fruity, but then gets spice from coriander and cardamom.
The rose geranium is slightly flowery and the suede appears nobly soft.
The sweet ambergris finish is soft and supple.

A pleasant fragrance for the same gentlemen - with a touch of elegance.

I can also imagine coaches as sporty ladies - if they don't take sport too seriously.

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SmellGoodGuy 83 days ago
Definitely not for me. Typical male scent.
Firasmalanzy 14 months ago
I like the smell it's delicious.+1
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