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Concrete is a perfume by Comme des Garçons for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-spicy. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCumin, Cardamom, Clove
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose oxide, Jasmine sambac
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk



7.3 (102 Ratings)


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8.1 (90 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 11.11.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    9
sweet concrete dust or ...
Suuuper dry (scratches the airway) and synthetic sandalwood + a little creamy ylang-ylang, which smells of peach, banana & rose at the same time.
This "sandalwood and ylang-ylang" chord looks somehow familiar... hmm... hmm... Bois des Iles? Almost... Ooooooder... Samsara?! Guerlain's Samsara?!! That's right!!! CONCRETE = the modern, urban version of Samsara. The "Gen-Z" great-granddaughter of Grandma Samsara.
But you can actually use this scent with concrete as well... or BetonSTAUB. Dry & sweet concrete dust.
Simple and linear, but it has many faces.
All right, I like it, but different than you'd expect.

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Greatly helpful Review    15
Full of bananas, yo!
What's going on?
Start: Banana.
Banana and a little pear.
After 15 minutes: Banana.
Banana, a little pear and fresh concrete.
After 60 minutes: Banana.
But rather than Milupa baby porridge.
Pear also only as a baby-no-knowing-what.
The concrete is cured.
But still perceptible.
After 120 minutes: see "after 60 minutes".
After 240 minutes: see "after 120 minutes", only closer to the skin.
Everything exactly as in the first and second test of this fragrance.
When my wrist approaches my nose, there's still a concrete hunch after 300 minutes.
The banana also remains in the background.
And the joke is: I like that.
And you feel comfortable with it Generally well received, without wanting that explicitly.
Biedert not on, null.
Can this simply, this CONCRETE.
*Hearts in the eyes have

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6.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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Helpful Review    8
Freshly stirred
The first thing you can notice is an intense greenish and herbaceous note, which also has a sour note, which, by the way, runs through to the first part of the heart note and is due to the caraway.

At the same time the cumin is surrounded by a strong aromatic sweetish, slightly creamy note, which in my opinion is responsible for the fact that the sour appearance of the cumin is softened, but not suppressed and comes from the cardamom
In the background, a subtle light spicy note sets a very delicate accent, where I tipped on nutmeg instead of clove.

Already in the top note a very light pinkish breath is perceptible.

This constellation is perceptible on my skin for 20 minutes before the heart note unfolds.

The bright rosy breath has now completely built up and smells so brightly rosy that you could almost call it transparent, but this is not the case because I almost perceive the rose oxide as extreme.

The rose oxide also seems to me to be chemically constructed, where in addition a light waxy tone can be perceived on my skin and I suspect here that the rose oxide was extracted from the Turkish rose.

I would like to address the chemical construction a little more here:
And this is exactly why I cannot include the "chemical aura" of Concrete in the evaluation, since we know what we are getting ourselves into and what can be in store for us.

The rose oxide is enveloped by a very strong floral note, which ensures that the fragrance is lifted up into the air and also brings a very delicate hint of dark spicy honey with it and at the same time gives the fragrance something tangible and comes from Jasmine - Sambac.

"Yeah and how does it smell - does it smell like concrete"?

"Ick sach' ja, aber didd ist nicht' der jetrocknete Beton, sondern eher würd' ick dat als frisch anjerührtet Beton, i.e. Mörtel wollen wollen und ick sagen muss, dat didd schon wirklich authentisch jemacht ist." (Ick sach' yes, but didd is not jet-dried concrete, but rather would like to call it freshly touched concrete, i.e. mortar and have to say ick, that didd is already really authentic jemacht.) :-)

Already in the heart note a quite fine creamy breath is to be noticed.

The heart note is perceptible on my skin for 4 hours before the base asserts itself.

Concrete is incredibly creamy in its base, very discreetly spicy in its breath and is due to sandalwood.

At the same time the sandalwood is surrounded by an intense light, sweet and powdery note, which in my opinion is responsible for the fact that the base gets something very fluffy and comes from the musk.

In the background, a very delicate wooden nuance is perceptible, which ensures that the fluffy aura simultaneously receives a pleasant smooth finish and comes from the cedar wood.

In total, the fragrance lasts 7.5 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is conceived from the outset in such a way that one is perceived very well at a whole arm length and this is maintained also 3 hours in such a way, before it reduces itself in quiet steps, until the smell finally completely fades away.
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1 Review
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Less helpful Review    19
Unexpected, weird incident.
He wants to be hard, very hard, like reinforced concrete.
He may pretend that his brand gives him this title.
Such a button on the chest has still let each chin rise up.
Let's make him concrete.

His skin, calcareous, dry and pale, just like his humor.
Its charm, wood hammer method, without wood and without hammer.
His temper like his bottle, unround, flat and simple.
Short cap.
Big flap in which sweetish milk porridge has been standing for days, but nothing comes out.
Fermented, slightly vomity, stable lateral position applied, no doctor in sight, far and wide.

Gallstone slingshot.
Far away from concrete.
An intermezzo.
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9.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
Blocks, spills, concentrating
With "Concrete", Commes des Garcon captures a moist, fresh and warm urban jungle on the buyer's skin. Concrete in its most cuddly form. A new building that you like to be in close contact with. Gender-neutral and anything but a cold block. It's modern perfume architecture.

For singles and couples, for doers and do-gooders, for greens and grey. Futuristic and fantastic. A cardamomster from the fog Milky Way. Soft and robust, gentle and functional. Experimental but not experimental. For city monkeys and sweet toothers. Excess of silence. Woods that soothe and are not yet invented.

Flacon: Concrete lies well in the hand.
Sillage: softer and more extensive than expected
Shelf life: 9-12 hours are solid

Conclusion: hopefully not like concrete in the shelf - CdG doesn't disappoint and delivers the shell in the flacon. Hard as stone and yet as comfortable as a TV sofa. Cool part. Nobody else does
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72 Reviews
Bona-Fide Quasi-Petrichor
As far as I can tell, this might not actually accurately reproduce the 'smell' or olfactory ambience (as is it really a smell atall? but then there _really is_ a 'salt ' note!) of concrete; but I would say that it is a true quasi-petrichor fragrance (if you like), as it _does_ strongly evoke, to me anyway, rain & wetness of earth, etc. It is like Xerjoff's ~Birdie~ in that respect: in fact, I would say it's very similar to that. I haven't sampled ~Rain~ by Marc Jacobs, but it's probably similar to that also, from what I have read of it. Certainly I would say this is truly a fragrance _of that genre_. I am astonished at anyone saying that not only is it gourmandy, but a cloyingly sweet gourmand at that! I do _not_ get anything _remotely_ like that from it. No, to me, this is a bona-fide quasi-petrichor fragrance - and a good one at that!
9.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

4 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Not a hard one
If one has a weakness for concept fragrances, Comme des Garçons is always in view: The balancing act between joy of experimentation and wearability (and - not to forget - availability) gets this house like almost no other.

So now the topic 'concrete', to which CdG has already approached; perhaps most clearly with "Series 6: Synthetic - Garage", which realizes ‘concrete’ as the aldehydic, petrol-drenched floor. How can the construction material itself appear?

Stupendous: The start may be called mineral; a slight whiff of the well-known garage floor appears. No "Petrichor"-asphalt, no "Nox"-clay. I rather imagine the smell of a mineral mask: not predominantly mineral, but flowery and spicy scented ooze. So this concrete has just been mixed; instead of gravel and lime, maybe cardamom and surely sandalwood are stirred into the mash, the floral remains soft, achromatic & abstract, the conjured consistency is highly viscous - or, maybe, creamy.

I surely prefer to let this concrete to my skin - who had the misfortune, to dive in fresh concrete with bare hands, knows what I mean. In any case “Concrete” is an exciting candidate for (blind) tests and layer experiments.

By the way: Anyone who misses the joy of the expected concrete smell, is compensated by the haptic encounter with the bottle.
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7.0 6.0 7.0 5.0/10

213 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Intense raspberry but not much sandalwood
I dived into Comme des Garçons Concrete without prior knowledge of the press release, and Concrete does not smell like concrete the material, nor like sandalwood to me. At least not the characteristics that I associate with the sandalwood from smelling its essential oils and a few sandalwood-centric fragrances.

I do sense a discreet plaster-like smell upon spraying Concrete, but the fragrance is mostly dominated by a sweet cloud of raspberry and red berry jelly, oily artificial rose, an ionone-like violet note, muted vague spices and musky elements. The whole effect, especially when I get a whiff in the air, is reminiscent of a flattened, less layered, and more synthetic-feeling Féminité du Bois.

A nebulous, white flour-y wood starts to surface after about 1 hour. With the heavy sweetness of raspberry and rose, I don't associate it with a particular material. Instead, it's more like an underlying chalky texture beneath the rose raspberry jelly. Actually, the bubblegum sweetness of the raspberry and this clean chalky texture combining together, Concrete smells more like a deconstructed fruity tuberose perfume rather than a deconstructed sandalwood to me.

Concrete has barely any change afterwards. The sillage is moderate and the longevity is at least 7 hours.

I was aware that Concrete does not aim to replicate the cement in literal sense, therefore I'm not disappointed on this front. But reading about its "sandalwood" after wearing Concrete, I'm first puzzled then upset about the lack of sandalwood characteristics and the overbearing raspberry sweetness on me. From what I experience on my skin, I would not recommend it as a sandalwood fragrance, but rather a gourmand, intense raspberry/rose/violet fragrance, with a nod to Féminité du Bois in the opening and a clean, sugary fruity tuberose dry down.

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