28.10.2017 - 04:43 PM
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Not a hard one

If one has a weakness for concept fragrances, Comme des Garçons is always in view: The balancing act between joy of experimentation and wearability (and - not to forget - availability) gets this house like almost no other.

So now the topic 'concrete', to which CdG has already approached; perhaps most clearly with "Series 6: Synthetic - Garage", which realizes ‘concrete’ as the aldehydic, petrol-drenched floor. How can the construction material itself appear?

Stupendous: The start may be called mineral; a slight whiff of the well-known garage floor appears. No "Petrichor"-asphalt, no "Nox"-clay. I rather imagine the smell of a mineral mask: not predominantly mineral, but flowery and spicy scented ooze. So this concrete has just been mixed; instead of gravel and lime, maybe cardamom and surely sandalwood are stirred into the mash, the floral remains soft, achromatic & abstract, the conjured consistency is highly viscous - or, maybe, creamy.

I surely prefer to let this concrete to my skin - who had the misfortune, to dive in fresh concrete with bare hands, knows what I mean. In any case “Concrete” is an exciting candidate for (blind) tests and layer experiments.

By the way: Anyone who misses the joy of the expected concrete smell, is compensated by the haptic encounter with the bottle.
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