29.08.2019 - 06:49 PM

censer of senses

This was given to me as a gift by someone i love without me testing/sampling it before i received it. It is one of my favorite perfumes, if not my most favorite.
The "FLORIENTAL" constellation has incense drenched in labdanum as its gravitational force and all other notes are satellites orbiting around them.
The initial plum note has a honey/gourmandish trail that is omnipresent through out the life of the constellation. Another satellite would be the sandalwood that gives a powdery hint with balsamic facets. I don’t really perceive the pepper note, but i think i get an aromatic feel...
The beauty of the "FLORIENTAL" constellation is that although it is fully artificial and monodimensional , it's almost innovative and surprisingly natural-felling.
I am surprised that it is so under-rated by us.
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