Bois de Filao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique
Helpful Review    03/09/2014
Scent 2.0
A Hairspray Bottle, a Pepper Grinder, and Unwashed Shells
Bois de Filao goes on with the smell of wet hairspray -- close, damp, hairspray. Doesn't smell like violet leaf to me (at least compared to Rugby by Royall Lyme of Bermuda). There's also pepper. The pepper recedes and underneath is something like chlorinated pool residual -- calcium maybe? This is supposed to summon up images of the beach, and it does, to an extent, if you care for the smell of sun-bleached, rotting driftwood, or the smell of shells brought home without washing them. It's THAT smell. Ugh. Maybe beaches smell skanky like this in France, or generally, but it's not something I like to smell like. I sprayed with one spray on each wrist, so I know I didn't overdo it.

It gets worse. One hour in and it becomes aromatic, so cube neighbors can smell unwashed shells, too, mingled with hairspray. The projection must be three feet at least! I want to hide.

Later on, musk shows up, combining with the hairspray smell to make it feminine-leaning, and at five hours, it mercifully becomes a skin scent.

I ended up giving this away by leaving it on the bench outside a Sephora. Men beware.