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Defy Gravity by Gejo Staša 2018

25.04.2019 - 09:42 PM

Imagine Syria and Iraq in the past

This is one of those evidence scents for people saying every fragrance is unisex. This is really cool fragrance that I imagine wearing on a black suite in some evening event. In the beginning it's flowery, fruity and sharp... that sharpness disappear into sweet creamy beautiful scent. On skin, projection is really good and I can smell it for hours. I could smell it after shower too... as for the clothes that I don't know, but I imagine it lingers for days.

It reminds me of evening or night time in the middle east, heavy dark richness of coffee, cigars, dried fruit and sweets, mixed with that fruit and flower gardens surrounding you with the help of dry hot desert air. I think it's great choice for women +20, but if you are a guy who likes all kinds of fragrances you should try this. It's very erotic in mystical kind of way.

Images like night at Arabian bazaar keeps popping in my head, overkill of sounds around you filled with music and people yelling, but you are concentrated on one point, following girl in front of you that looks like Ophelie Bau and she turns back to see you and then she smiles while her eyes sparkle from life and happiness. That girl smells like Defy Gravity.

Talking about concentration, fragrance concentration is eau de parfum. And sorry if you expected review about notes and stuff and got this. I'm just giving my thoughts, someone else will probably go into it with more expertise.
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