Night Garden - Ottoman Rose 2013

Night Garden - Ottoman Rose by Crabtree & Evelyn
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Night Garden - Ottoman Rose is a popular limited perfume by Crabtree & Evelyn for women and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition
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The rose crab
Aaah, once again a scent of this crab tree brand! Mu ha ha, no of course the name doesn't mean crab tree, but I like the name Crabtree because it reminds me of crabs. And the idea of seeing a tree populated by crabs is kind of cool to me. Especially since crabs of course also look cute :)

Furthermore, there are actually crabs (well, actually crabs, but let's not be so picky :D) climbing trees. More precisely, on palms, to open the coconuts there (of course, while the coconuts are still growing and therefore do not have such a hard outer shell and can therefore be opened more easily by the crabs) and to finally eat them. These animals are called palm thieves, colloquially but more aptly also called coconut robbers :D

So now I come to a rose scent of this crab brand. And who knows, maybe there are also rose crabs who like to eat roses? He he he :DD

The fragrance:
At the beginning I smell some pepper, roses and blackberries. The pepper has white pepper, but I have no idea how white pepper smells. Anyway, it doesn't smell like black pepper (that comes later and this also only weakly), and by the combination with the sweet scents, which come from the blackberries among others, the scent reminds me more of pink pepper.
Be that as it may, the fragrance is very beautiful at the beginning, mainly sweet-floral with a slightly spicy background.
I only smell carnations a little later, but they don't last long. Also the spicy notes from the background become even weaker, so that I now smell roses and there is a creamy touch in the fragrance.
Towards the base it remains creamy-sweetish and flowery. The flowery one gets heavier (and a bit sultry), though, since Ylang-Ylang is added now. But the roses are getting weaker now. I smell leather only slightly, patchouli much better. A little later one smells the almost typical base notes like vanilla (which makes the scent more powdery, which also goes well with the equally warm and soft creamy notes) and sandalwood. Tonka bean can also be smelled well, which is a great match for vanilla and makes the fragrance even softer. Yes, the base is quite sweet, and also very beautiful.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The radiation is above average and will (depending on the dosage) be perceived more or less from a normal distance. By that I mean that you could smell the scent in a small room on one.
The shelf life is, three times you may guess, with such a smell quite high. I bet there's 12, 14 or 16 hours and more loose in here (at least that's the way it was with me). I could even smell the scent after the shower, by the way.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and tinted dark blue. On the front side you can see a dark blue label with a golden frame, the lid is rectangular and transparent. It's a pretty simple bottle in itself, but it's okay.

This crab scent (yes, as I said, I like both the scent name and crab itself, so I call the scent crab scent again :)) smells really great! He has a beautiful and very feminine fragrance, which seems to be perfect for evenings, for going out. It looks elegant, lovely and even a little sensual. But this time I will not use expressions like sexy, tasty etc.. ... otherwise I get too much into it like always :DD

You can use the fragrance especially in autumn and winter. Too bad that the fragrance was limited and therefore no longer officially available. But if you come to a rehearsal or something, I would definitely try it!
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A Rose by Evelyn
It's difficult for a rose lover to find a rose perfume that thrills. Ottoman rose manages to astound. In fact, I am a lover of a strong rose mixed with spices/oud/woods. This perfume checks all the boxes.

First of all, the opening it strong and pungent with an unmistakable, strong rose. There is something truly beautiful lurking at the top: some sort of flowery/juicy goodness that makes the rose more full-bodied and rounded. This is not too sweet either, and a tiny piece of candied citrus zest makes the composition interesting. There is a spicy aspect to this but I would not say I can isolate the spices nor the blackberry. The leathery facets are so smooth, so complementary to the rose that the whole scent flows with beauty.

I am glad I blind bought this after searching for a good price for several years. Crabtree and Evelyn: great job!
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