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Aventus Cologne by Creed
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Aventus Cologne is a new perfume by Creed for men and was released in 2019. The scent is fresh-fruity. It is still in production.

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Olivier Creed

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGinger, Mandarin, Pink pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesPatchouli, Indian sandalwood, Vetiver
Base Notes Base NotesStyrax, Birch, Musk, Tonka bean



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Greatly helpful Review    13
Game of Thrones
"Queen Victoria, who was also Empress of India, declared Creed to be the official purveyor of the noble perfumes to the high nobility. Under the patronage of Empress Eugénie, the House of Creed settled in Paris in 1854."
"Royal Mayfair - inspired by the life of King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor."
"Bois du Portugal was Napoleon I's favorite scent"
"For the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, the fragrance "Fleurissimo" by Creed was created for Gracia Patricia."
"The customer list reads like a Who's Who: e.g. Prince Charles, Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood are fans of the fragrance "Green Irish Tweed"."
"A bottle of "Erolfa" was in every first class cabin of the Titanic, and a few of them are said to still be on the seabed today."

A small note to the latter quote: "Ask one diver to ask another: Well, also because of the Titanic here? Does the other diver say: No! Because of the old Erolfa bottles!

When I look at the description of the fragrance and the advertising texts of the Cologne, Creed completely dispenses with emperors, kings, musicians, etc. Not even Marcus Prince of Anhalt is mentioned.

Applied to the back of my hand, a fresh, citric prelude welcomes me. Scent of lemon. I can actually understand the connection to Chanel mainstream box office hits, as the mandarin reminds me subliminally of my experience with AHS. Fresh and fruity, the pleasure starts off, to be underlined by very light vetiver in the medium term. The fresh top note is stretched out of the standard pot by the usual aroma helpers and supplemented with wood.

These "support substances" make you feel that you forget the fading of the top note and still retain a fresh impression. What remains is a dull-woody, synthetic-masculine freshness, which you have never been allowed to experience before, and which you balance so finely...*Örrgs*

Short, personal thought game:
Oliver to Erwin: Erwin, my boy. What do you mean? We'll create something really funky! Erwin to Oliver: Oh yes, Baba.
3 years later the fragrances are clear: lemon - tangerine - wood

Another sprayer went into the crook of my arm (on my sweater). Since you are supposed to sneeze into the crook of your arm, not only for current reasons, I thought it was a win-win situation The interesting thing here is that in the beginning a completely different scent impression is created. In the prelude I suddenly could perceive and almost taste authentic, tangy tangerine peel. Not sooo bad! The impression lasts for quite a while until here too, probably the ginger contributes to the fact that my great tangerine skin is drifting in the direction of canned mandarin. The freshness impression remains on fabric for a long time, but gets sweeter with time. A sweetness that I did not notice on my skin. In the base the two test versions resemble each other again, whereby the dull-woody impression is somewhat restrained.

With Aventus Cologne, Creed has thrown a lot overboard that might have been useful for the continuation of the journey (life jackets, whistles, etc.). Creed fragrances have always had a unique DNA for me. Whether you like it or not, it's not sure, but there was one distinguishing feature. Aventus Cologne is the first fragrance where this DNA was lost somewhere between Ambroxan and Linalool. When exactly was Creed sold to BlackRock Long Term Private Capital?
Not only sophistication, but also the previous advertising quote was deliberately avoided by Aventus Cologne:
"At a time when the fragrance industry is dominated by fashion brands and celebrity brands, it is a pleasure to discover that there is still a family business for which the highest quality standards are the benchmark and which still lives these values today."
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Lack of concentration (not only among pupils and students) ...
Yesterday at Breuniger:

Proudly the very attractive saleswoman, who is no longer the youngest, tells me that there is now the Aventus in the "fragrance direction Cologne". She attaches importance to the fact that it is still an intense perfume concentration and an elegant tangerine, as well as high quality ginger to lift the old Aventus Damit to a new throne :-) as it should be for a monarch, laugh ...

I was then also allowed to spray three times on my wrist. Quite nice, like a mixture of Dior Eau de Sauvage, Terre Eau Fraiche, Vibrant Leather and the original Aventus.

Three hours later there was really NOTHING to smell on my skin. Thanks a lot.
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9.0 5.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Less helpful Review    11
The little brother who disappoints

First of all I would like to mention that I am an Aventus fan and I will stay that way.
Accordingly, I was looking forward to Aventus Cologne.
When I first smelled it I was really disappointed, sorry.
But it's just nothing special.

A lot has already been written about the fragrance process. Nevertheless I can write that it starts fresh and fruity and that it stays that way. In the end it gets slightly harsher, but the fruitiness stays with me from beginning to end which I personally find very good.

In itself I find the scent really good and pleasant.

But hey, Creed is a non house of long tradition, a house that makes itself.
You're expecting something more.
To be concrete, I expect a fragrance that retains the Aventus DNA but has a unique, more interesting fragrance character. Hard to describe, but what I smell is personally not interesting at all, but totally mainstream.
Nothing against mainstream, but for that I don't pay 180 Euro and upwards....

What does the Creed want to achieve with this? A distraction to Aventus, more sales?
Or is it a fragrance that has been produced with love and the focus is more on niche quality etc.. than on sales?

Sorry for the satirical reproduction, but I can't help this scent.

Then there is the really miserable durability and projection.
It is as fresh as a cologne but based on eau de parfum. It's obvious.

Hey Aventus Cologne may be that you have your right to be here, may be that you are great, may be that you have many fans, may be that your name is extremely polarized, but I don't belong to it.

If I want to smell like you, I'll buy Zara vibrant leather. Which, by the way, came out in 2017, and smells like you. That even for 20 Euro plus a bit better durability.

In plain language: I don't need you, but your big brother does.
8.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    60
Status Symbol
Sooooo now I may briefly ask for your attention for a little review about Aventus Cologne. Actually I wanted to take a summer break, write and test with Kommis, but what are plans? From the notes 1 to 10 everything has been there in a short time and now the scent is under the nose.
Yeah, that's the way it is with the big-name scents. There is one side that is completely out of its mind and the other that rejects something like this. Where's the truth? Somewhere in the middle as so often I would say.
I don't want to rip anything apart here and my rating says the basic thing, but one statement was too little for me and I'll just take you with me (so far you're interested) and let the new creed pass for you to review.
But not much actually happens. I could now write according to HAHA and show a long nose to all Flankerhassers who are basically upset about Flanker and who are upset about appearing about it. It's only mainstream, isn't it? But I don't, even if Creed is scratching at the border to the mainstream at least for me, it's rather atypical in the niche, but the name Aventus pulls so well that Creed thought that the cow has to be milked more. One could have taken as always a new name, but and this is logical, if one knows the smell, the proximity to the big brother is too clear and now we finally come also then to the smell.

This begins for me with the typical Aventus DNA, say pineapple, penny smoke and then for me lemon. Now I read here mandarin and ginger in the top note, well that may be, in any case the whole thing is underlined citrically. This looks fresher than Aventus, so the name fits for now.
After 5-10 minutes I have calculated how often I could buy the Vibrant Leather from Zara for the price of 180€/50ml given in the shop today, because from now on Aventus Cologne reminds me of this fragrance. I could buy it about 9 times, with a size of 120ml I would have got more than a litre of perfume for it at Zara and would never have to smell differently until the day of my funeral and beyond.
Well, of course the Vibrant Leather is not a status symbol like an Aventus, but I don't really care because I'm out of age, or never at that age was something like this to need. I'm cool even without this.

If you don't know Zara's VL, you should know that this is one of the Aventus clones without a lot of smoke, that comes fresher and that I like to wear. And hey...that's just my comparison, some other clones have already shown here, so stay relaxed if you'd rather compare it with your clone.

I also deny borrowings from Allure Sport, Noir Anthracite, or Explorer, there is too little for me and only with a lot of imagination to draw a comparison. For the Chanel I lack aquatics and the powdery back, for the Explorer too much Ambroxan and for the Tom Ford just herbaceous and all others. Maybe a hint of Gentle Fluidity, which is normal, however, because he quotes Aventus a little bit. But our noses are all different anyway. For me it is simply fresh fruity/woody and also far away from a real cologne.

Well, that doesn't really make the scent bad now, but not very special either. Meanwhile there is a smell on every corner west of Entenhausen. Usually cheaper, but almost always just as good.
The shelf life is moderate for a fresh fragrance, here too I can hardly find anything better than with some cheaper products. So who finally needs it?

If you absolutely need an Iphone, if you stick the apple on your car to signal to everybody that you love Apple very much and if you have a product of this company, you also need Creed Aventus Cologne. If there was, you would also have a Creed sticker on the back, where there used to be so many Kenwood, or Pioneer.
I also don't mean that derogatory, because I know many people who need these signals outside to feel comfortable. That's ok.
I don't need it, I get along very well with my Zara fragrance and personally I would have a guilty conscience to pay 180€ for this fragrance. I am knitted exactly differently, even though I have already paid a lot of money for a fragrance. Only then this was not one hundred times on the market represented and sucked.
Creed has put this fragrance on the market with calculus and will also sell it properly, because whoever loves Aventus will like this one somehow, too, but I think that many Creed fans think a little bit about whether they get cupped, or whether this is still the ultimate and serves as a status symbol.

You should at least consider it.

Skin clean.
29 Replies
8.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

16 Reviews
Unmistakable relationship
Aventus' more easy going younger sibling. The relationship is unmistakable, but less stern and demanding. Doesn't sit at the party demanding everyone's attention like it's older brother, seduces by understated charm instead. I don't get the "sport scent vibe" that others are talking about at all, just a toned down version of Aventus. If it was made by Calvin Klein it would be called "Aventus Summer". Good longevity, albeit not as brutal as big brother's.
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9.0 8.0 9.5/10

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Helpful Review    14
Young professional
Aventus Cologne begins with a fresh-fruity tangyness that is very reminiscent of Aventus, garnished with tangerine and pepper. Smells boring at first.
Aventus Cologne ends with something fruity and woody, reminiscent of Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme - it lacks a little sweetness and warmth, the Aventus remains more fruity and fresh. Smells boring at first.

Once you've been through the odyssey a few times, more and more details become positively noticeable: How excellently the pepper is integrated into the fresh top note. Not too exaggerated and killing, like in a sauvage, but complementing the freshness. The mandarin goes perfectly with it, the composition is simply harmonious. Such a top note can only be achieved by Creed.
The fragrance is not unexpected, but also not boring. Facets of the top note remain until the end and ensure that wood, smoke and pepper do not become too dominant. The Dry Down may recall Chanel's mentioned mainstreamer, but it is obvious that Aventus Cologne is qualitatively far ahead. The fragrance remains transparent and does not become an indefinable masculine scent cloud, and it always sets its own accents, as with the fruitiness of the mandarin, which I perceive until the end.

For whom and for which situations is Aventus Cologne suitable? Is he an Aventus for everyone?
I don't think so. You need a little self-confidence and shouldn't be embarrassed to attract attention - because Aventus Cologne also has a strong Sillage and its own character. No scent for soft pedal. He's not unisex either. But the versatility is right: it has fruit for spring, freshness for summer, wood and smoke for autumn and pepper for winter. It can be worn daily and has enough power to assert itself in the evening. It's probably a bit too loud for the office according to classic ideas, but louder fragrances in the office are probably in keeping with the spirit of the times. If that doesn't bother you, you can wear it there.

How do you describe the feeling that the new Aventus conveys? I'll try a story.
The original Aventus is the boss of his own company. He doesn't have to work anymore, he lets work, he did everything there was to do.
Aventus Cologne is the up-and-coming Young Professional. He still has ambitions and goals to which he is working ambitiously. Despite his young age, he already has a position in middle management and it seems only a matter of time before he becomes CEO.

For me, the new Aventus is as strikingly masculine as the original, only in a slightly different way. In a direct comparison, the new one starts with much more edge and aggressiveness, probably due to the pepper. The old man quickly seems a bit harmless and antiquated; a description that would never have occurred to me before when I thought of the original Aventus. It turns around in the dry down: The old man turns up the heat and radiates a woody-smoky authority that few escape. The new one seems to have run out of air in a direct comparison. He still has some of the charm that he showed in the morning, but there is no more such a crass wow moment.

Nevertheless, if you take a close look at the performance of both, then the new is no worse than the old, even if many claim that. At least in comparison to my 2017 Batch Aventus original both don't take anything in Sillage or in durability.
The following thought remained in my head when I thought about Aventus and Aventus Cologne and what to write about them:
Aventus Cologne meets the zeitgeist perfectly and implements it flawlessly - a composition of undoubtedly very high quality and with enough independence to inspire.
But the original Aventus has redefined the zeitgeist. He set the direction for others and was therefore a masterpiece. I don't see that in cologne
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8.0 8.0 7.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
A few tests later
I bought 5ml Aventus Cologne through a sharing and, impatient as I am, tested it several times:

The quick test (test no.1):
On the paper strip, the top note is really extraordinary. I have to think of grated lemon peel, really dear and tidy fresh with undeniable closeness to my older brother. From the heart note, Cologne becomes somewhat darker and warmer without losing its freshness. The base note reminds me startk of TF Noir Anthracite in a little bit more citric, really highly interesting!

The skin test (test no.2):
On the skin I find the scent course strongly comparable with test No.1, only that on my skin Noir Anthracite much faster to skin (allusion unintentionally). After one hour the Sillage was already noticeably diminishing, after two hours only perceptible by nose-skin contact. But I would like to blame this on the summer temperatures.

The Mix Test (Test #3):
If Aventus Cologne smells so strongly like NA, why not even layering (on paper, because I don't know if this might create a fresh GAU on the skin, which then eats through to the bones). Thought done. So the first half hour really takes getting used to, but then the mix of Cologne and Noir Anthracite turns into a pleasant, silica-strong scent cloud, which brings out the best of both scents. The fruitiness of AC and the armor-piercing Sillage of NA.

The Endgegner-Test where already many fragrances failed on my watchlist (Test Nr.4):
My wife finds Aventus Cologne quite excellent.

If one compares the paper strips from tests 1 and 3 the next day, the strip from 3 can be smelled much more strongly. But not only to NA, but also to AC. The strip from test 1 is still smelling and smells really good, but much weaker than the killer strip from test no. 3.

In summary, I can say that Creed didn't have the big litter here, but Aventus Cologne is a fine shower gel fragrance with a great top note that came onto the market at the right time of year. As my birthday approaches, my wife gets a small list of fragrances (and where to order them best) that I would like to have, from which she then chooses one at her discretion. Aventus Cologne will be on the list.

By the way: Today I left the house at 6:15h and sprayed Noir Anthracite on me. Until 11:00 I was surrounded by a cloud, now it has subsided a bit. I love it :-)

Micro-exursus: The much-scrumpeted term "shower gel scent" is for me rather an incentive to test a scent. I'm currently using a shampoo by Paul Mitchel and if it was a perfume, it would be mine.

Thanks for reading
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10.0 5.0 6.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    23
Creed x Street Couture
I have to say, I found the marketing of Creed extremely exciting as far as Aventus Cologne was concerned. First the meeting in Berlin, with very well established influencers like Alex Costa, Jeremy Fragrance and Ari Petrou, known as UK,s biggest Hypebeast and many more.

For those who can't do much with the term hypebeast, by definition a hypebeast is someone who collects extremely expensive and up-to-date (designer) garments, shoes and accessories with the purpose of impressing others. If you like, the Itboys and Itgirls of the digital age, who are very interested in brand clothing and its prestige. But meanwhile it is not possible to generalize this because of all the subcultures, well.

Then there was the launch event about the cooperation with Highsnobiety, the largest breatwear blog founded in Berlin, which has grown into the GQ of cosmopolitans and alternative scenes, and an event in New York, where the remaining fragrance youtubers were grazed. And a few days later Aventus Cologne was already pre-ordered.

It is easy to see through that Creed is trying to establish itself more and more in the Mainteam market with Aventus Cologne and the upcoming creations. And the tactics, not stupid, no, even brilliant. Create a perfume that is mainstream, but not too mainstream. And then this niche? After all, if one lights up, it's a scene that's willing to spend 3000€ or more on shoes just to "flex", which means "let your muscles play" Then why not do all this to smell good? Of course, thanks to Jeremy Fragrance, most of these people are no longer completely unfamiliar with the Creed brand, although most of them still tend towards the Tom Ford fragrances or Bois Dárgent from Christian Dior.

What surprises me is that the Creed risks the leap from classic, traditional to new, young, untouched, modern, urban. But this is where they've secured themselves! What, are you wondering? By calling it Aventus and making it a unisex perfume. For him. For her. For all. In other words, the CK One for the upper class of buyers.

In any case, I am curious to see how the Creed brand will perform in the coming years. After all, I actually hear the main students in the back of the bus talking about how horny Creed is. And not a day goes by without a comment on Parfumo about Aventus a lá "...like my predecessors, I won't go into the description of the fragrance in more detail now..." and "...I can't say anything more about the batches now..." (of course, because you've only known about the perfume since the last Jeremy Fragrance Top10 video you saw a few weeks ago).

Well, how is Aventus Cologne? I have to say... it's even better than I expected. The first thing you smell is an extremely nice fruity top note, which fades away after about 20 seconds and then reminds you of Aventus, but only in very clean. I think Clean's very good at it. Where Aventus was very striking, Aventus Cologne comes along extremely smoothly with the typical citric signature of Creed. But the whole thing changes after about an hour. There it works and/or reminds extremely of Allure Homme sport. Really, you think you've got allure homme sports on it, but bullshit, I compared the complete allure homme series side by side with Aventus Cologne. They don't even smell nearly similar when you compare them, but you just get 1 to 1 of the same vibe. Once you have this picture in your head, you can no longer enjoy Aventus Cologne so easily. In my opinion Aventus Cologne smells a lot better and has a more beautiful fragrance, but it simply performs a lot weaker.

I had the fun to ask all the ladies about my new achievement on a very hot nine hour working day in the gym and actually the 8 on a scale from 1 to 10 was mentioned most often. Nice feedback, and, as mentioned above, a very nice fragrance that drifts into the woody at the end, but is also only well perceptible for about 6 hours. On a cool day, it feels like one or two hours more to get out. Nevertheless the durability and the silage do not make me really satisfied.

I'll put it this way, it's the typical Iphone / Samsung story. Who wants more prestige goes here with Creed, who wants more performance goes with Chanel, in my opinion both are excellent scents.

Without going into Creed's pricing policy here now: Afterwards I would not exceed a budget of 190€ for Aventus Cologne. Who has the patience, I think will find him for this price next year at the same time in some Douglas Fialen.
2 Replies
10.0 8.0 9.0 10.0/10

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Less helpful Review    14
ALL have done it! Why wouldn't CREED do it?
There it is now. DAS (unisex) Aventus Cologne. The Immergeher, the Universal.
Everything did it. The escape from the niche to the mainstream (or even to the ordinary)?
Parfums de Marly - Percival
MFK - Gentle Fluidity
Now CREED - Aventus Cologne. Bad?
No, it's a logical reaction. Also the Niche wants to sell more, and that exactly is possible with such scents!

One can integrate the three mentioned quite into a category - fresh - clean - without corners and edges - simply Immergeher.
After the other brands had shown the way, this reaction was more than logical.
But now to the fragrance itself, which starts as follows:

Aventus DNA, all right!
The mandarin is absent for me, but the pepper and ginger are clearly perceived. Very fresh, almost "shower gel fresh".
After about 1 hour the elements of the female version are added - it's something soap-floral, so I'd at least describe it.
But for me he still remains very much on the masculine side. In the DD something is added that strongly reminds me of the DD of Gentle Fluidity. (PS: Allure Homme Sport I never had)

Do you have to have the scent? Of course NO, but I personally don't think that the possession of Aventus makes this fragrance superfluous! He's a great addition. At the price (above all what the colleagues in the USA put down for it) this is of course total nonsense.
The UVP of 255€ is not worth it by far, one must also say that. Monetengrab ;-)

I like him, but I'm certainly not impartial here either and I admit that!
But for me a "good" release that you can buy, but you don't have to!

I'm looking forward to my first layering attempts with VIW. This could give the perfect summer refreshment.
So long, just my 2 cents!
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SergioT 58 days ago
If Aventus is a Saville Row suit, Cologne is a Supreme white t-shirt. Way lighter, less smoky, with added citrus and vetiver. Not impressed.+1
1 Reply
Itchynose 9 months ago
Lighter and softer than main Aventus, toning down the fruit, smoke & spice. Fresher and easier to wear, but also not as exciting or nuanced.+3

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