Aventus (Eau de Parfum) by Creed

Aventus 2010 Eau de Parfum

22.10.2021 - 08:25 PM

The King

One of the best scents out there. If you can get a batch from before 2017 then you are in for a treat. Great fruity woody scent. No clone except Pineapple Vintage Emperor comes close to this amazing scent. Longevity is for me between 6-18 hours depending on which batch I use. Some find it annoying that batches can be very different. I find it highly interesting and something that makes me come back to this frag again and again. Impossible to get tired of.

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Aventus Cologne - Creed

Aventus Cologne Aventus Cologne
Aventus Cologne was released in 2019, 9 years after it's big brother Aventus. To me it was a great addition to the King. Instead of pineapple & apple in topnotes we here get a lovely Mandarin note that suits warmer weather great. I find many Aventus...

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Pineapple Vintage Noir - Parfums Vintage

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Parfums Vintage has for some years been known for making the best aventus clones. Pineapple Vintage Noir was one of their first releases and it's a great scent. The Pineapple note has been boosted up and at the same time it has lovely sweet woody notes in drydown....