Baie de Genièvre (1982)

Baie de Genièvre by Creed
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Baie de Genièvre is a popular perfume by Creed for men and was released in 1982. The scent is spicy-woody. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Cinnamon leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesClove, Juniper berry
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Vetiver



8.2 (44 Ratings)


7.4 (33 Ratings)


6.7 (32 Ratings)


7.0 (34 Ratings)
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516 Reviews
Another discontinued Creed scent way superior to the near majority of their current abysmally insipid range. Baie de Genièvre is an impressively solid masculine spicy fougère straight out of the early 1980’s (still quite 1970’s-inspired, with all that herbal-stale dryness) with some quite peculiar features making it surely worthy a sniff at least – not a purchase at those “vaulted” prices, but surely a try. I mean, it’s very good, it’s a Creed, that’s already quite something.

What I really enjoy about Baie is how simple, robust yet very inspired it smells: basically it’s a crisp, tasteful blend of citrus-infused, herbal juniper notes with their recognizable sort of very aromatic, edgy, bitter, metallic, super dry and dark-boozy nature; then some sharp, earthy, smoky and salty vetiver (“the vintage kind”, rooty and dirty, such as in Maitre’s Route du Vetiver or Goutal’s Vetiver), some very well-fitting sort of sweet-spicy dash of Oriental aromatic powder (they say cinnamon, I trust that, although it smells a bit more generic to me – just something slightly sweet, lukewarm and exotic, even slightly fruity at first) and a light note of lavender - which isn’t listed, but I think I smell it. A sharp, dry, distinguished and very aromatic blend with a palpable sort of “antique” vibe – rusty metal, smoky old woods, sharp herbal spirits. With just the right amount of late-1970’s mojo. There’s some evolution, too: it gets progressively warmer, gentler, powderier, less dry and bitter and a bit smoother and smoky-sweeter, with vetiver and herbs creating a sort of “powdery barbershop” mood. Nina Ricci’s Phileas is maybe a distant relative of this, mostly for the same bold herbal-spicy vein and a very similar sort of “rusty” feel – Phileas is more complex than this, but I think they’ve something in common.

So that’s it, a very old-school, refined yet quite “rugged”, extremely vibrant and very natural-smelling gentleman’s scent with nothing wrong in it – it smells just very good, period. Maybe not overly exciting, but truly impeccable, with solid materials (juniper and vetiver especially!) and a totally neat composition. Very “vintage”, and probably a bit dated for many fans of today’s Creed’s offerings, but definitely a nice option for all fans of classic masculine stuff (nothing macho, but definitely a “virile” blend). By the way, by “vintage” and “dated” I don’t mean generic or boring, though: it’s actually quite of a “statement” scent, due to its metallic-smoky-spicy edginess and sharpness which creates a dark, “raw” vein brilliantly contrasting with its subtle, warm Oriental sweeter side. Extremely versatile as well, it projects quite good without getting too obtrusive. Totally recommended – again, not at full vintage prices though: it’s good, even very good, but not a Holy Grail.

2.5 5.0 5.0 6.0/10

153 Reviews
Baie de Genièvre
Opens with sharp bergamot and cinnamon leaf notes. The cinnamon leaf note gives it a certain depth and spiciness. From further away the fragrance is pleasantly fresh and reminds me of a pine forest through which a fragrant summer wind blows; very different from the dark pine forest of Fille. Closer to the skin this fragrance smell almost exclusively of clove. The dry down is a dry but fresh vetiver accord. Although the overall impression is good, this fragrance is very quiet on my skin. It also does not last very long, roughly 3 hours.

88 Reviews
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Edwardian England in a bottle
There are occasions when novelty in a fragrance is not a desirable quality. For those occasions we need to have as part of our wardrobe a fragrance of conventional elegance, sophistication and formality. Baie de Genievre is just that, my tails and tuxedo scent.

Men’s formal dress has remained largely unchanged for well over one hundred years and, in my mind, Baie de Genievre has that same timeless, formal quality. Why do we adhere to the traditions of formal wear? Because it’s a kind of uniform that recognizes the demeanor and conventions appropriate to special occasions. In my idealized world Baie de Genievre fits that mold perfectly. At the very least, I feel as though I need to be well groomed and properly dressed to wear Baie de Genievre. Spray it on with blue jeans and it will match your denim as well as a black bow tie, cumberbun and patent leather toe caps. At the risk of taking this to the level of parody, I can imagine Baie de Genievre existing in Edwardian England with P. G. Wodehouse and his beloved characters, Wooster and Jeeves.

Out of my head and back into the real world, Baie de Genievre possesses so many wonderful qualities: the coniferous junipers lend a lightness to the complexity of its oriental genre. The clove, cinnamon and vetiver are perfectly balanced and, with just a hint of smokiness, create something of an elegant and sophisticated liquor accord.
5.0 10.0 7.5 10.0/10

362 Reviews
A Bavarian Beauty
This refreshing scent reminds me with acres and acres and acres of pine trees
in the Bavarian Forest the Juniper berries transport to a vision of a medieval germanic knight like in those
wagnarian dramas where he plege his love for the fair haired maiden he loves and he promised the'll will be together in union right after the crusade of 1189 in palestine. so he placed a weath of juniper on her long
golden locks and with heavy hearts
and tears he kisses his beloved on the cheek and rode off. so she slowly
walked into a beautiful cathedral
knealed in front of the blessed mother took off her juniper weath and prayed for his safe return.

or Karin from the VirginSpring before
her innocence was lost.
you'll find a sense of purity back to
nature a cleasing of all the stresses in the moderen world in this scent.

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