Millésime Impérial (Eau de Parfum) by Creed

Millésime Impérial 1994 Eau de Parfum

03.09.2021 - 08:54 PM

Following a lead

I can relate this to others, as mentioned here and there by many fragrance - hobbysts: Millesime > Sean John Unforgivable > Club de Nuit Milestone > Carolina Herrera CH Men > Natura Homem Verum.

Except for reports on two being quite similar, my observation does not support the idea that they are clones or dupes, just different takes on the same molecule. For example, Natura's feeling is synthetic, while CH is not; at the same time, CH has some notes in common with Millesime, however, this last one is an EdP while CH is an EdT, so complexity favors the CH.

The point being is that these points in common are a perfect reference about the way fragrance - design works, namely, a molecule that is adapted to a brief, be it the nose, the client or, simply put, the market's preferences.

As to the scent, marked spices, some fizziness, very nice longevity (my bottle's content evaporated, and as a consequence, the EdP might have become a perfume), very complex.

Truly enjoyable.

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