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Royal Water by Creed
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Royal Water is a perfume by Creed for women and men and was released in 1997. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Clementine, Mandarin, Peppermint, Verbena, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesBasil, Cumin, Pepper, Juniper berry
Base Notes Base NotesAmbergris, Tonkin musk



7.4 (205 Ratings)


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Love at the 2nd glance
I used the souk here more and more because I see blind purchases from 30 Euro upwards so slowly as senseless. You can't buy a Creed fragrance that you can't get for less than 100 Euro blind unless you don't care about 120-200 Euro. So I received the Royal Water with several bottlings (Souk is really top, those I had to deal with were all absolutely correct, friendly and reliable). First I always read the comments here and get a picture of a scent based on the statements/comments. I often wonder when description and reality don't fit together for me. This was also the case with the Royal Water. Sprayed on the hand - smelled - and thought: Um necessary! That's Creed Number One I don't like. Petty, citric, a little old-fashioned. Not that I have to wash it off, but not as well as I expected. I put him on his side, then. After another test he got better. Most people will know that you just want a fragrance to please you because it's so well rated or in Youtube videos everyone says it's great (e.g. De Marly Layton, De Marly Herod) and you think "What's wrong with me that I don't like it?" These scents are then given several chances while others (Boss, CK, Davidoff etc) are quickly dealt with. With Creed, it's extreme for me. I often thought "Joa's ok but I'll never buy that for the price!" when I first tested it (so happens at Aventus, Viking, Royal Mayfair, SMW, MI, Himalaya, Bois du Portugal) and now I own them because they are all unique (uniquely good) to me at the 2nd glance. Unfortunately I notice that the more Creed, De Marly or other niche fragrances I test, the more of my former favorite fragrances (e.g. Dior Higher, Chanel Egoiste Platinum...) become more and more irrelevant. Not really worse, but less interesting. You get more and more into this obsession and then wonder why someone tells you that you stink when you wear Amouage Reflection while you often get compliments for JPG pour Homme. You don't want that to be true. The Royal Water - to get to the fragrance itself - is not citric/classical like Allure Edition Blanche but rather towards Dior eau Sauvage edt. Think you'll get less good reactions here wearing it. It's more of a classic fragrance for the fragrance freaks like me who are losing sight of the mainstream in the sense of "please everyone" more and more. With that in mind.
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10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

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Diana´s "laugh" and their calm aura, perfectly interpreted as "casted on" in Royal Water
Today it is about another proof of love of one of my dearest Creed´s next to Fleurissimo.
It is about the fragrance Royal Water, created in 1997 in memory of Lady Diana, for me the most beautiful and kindest princess we have ever had.
I even wrote a blog about Royal Water and Lady Di some time ago.

What feelings and associations do I have with this fragrance ?
It's a hot summer day in August. The whole family worked on the field. Slowly but gradually it gets dark. The crickets are chirping, it's all quiet and quiet. The beautiful smell of the warm field air mixes with that of one Zitronenhain´s.

Similar to Annick Goutal´s Les Nuits D´Hadrien I also have associations of night, moon and citrus in the air at Royal Water, like walking secretly through a lemon grove in Tuscany at night and inhaling the energetic air. It's not just this feeling of invigorating freshness, no there's also a harmonious sensuality full of balm.

Royal Water reminds me very much of my beloved Lady Di, this note where musk mixes with fern is unique and I never smelled this note before. But it smells also later still after noble citrus notes, fern, then this "special" note which one cannot describe, this on the one hand balsamic on the other hand homely smells
I spray the scent again only for you...... and I am sure that my back of the hand will still smell for a long time, So Ziiiiiiissssch :) ¶

Immediately noble citrus notes smell my wrist. Immediately I have to close my eyes and see myself on an evening in Tuscany. I walk along the groves, it smells so liberating and also so relaxing. So intensely loud lemons, clementines, bergamots and mandarins, clarify my senses, they sharpen them.

I can also smell slightly herbaceous notes that definitely come from peppermint. And also a little note I know from Spring Flower. Royal Water smells a little floral, but very cleverly mixed. So it remains then a long time.

Later, the note described above is added, which is actually the main feature of this elegant Creed fragrance. It still smells of the top note, but more subtle, mixed with musk, balsamic notes, lightly spiced, but so that one can only guess it. The spices have been mixed in here like a pinch. Also the green soothing note of Farn´s is well integrated.

Royal Water is very homey, rustic, on the other hand also very noble and has a high recognition value. Once you've smelled that scent, you never forget it. You can see it under 1000 of scents.

I'm sure the Lady Diana would have been a perfect match for Royal Water. I literally smell Diana, or imagine how she could have smelled with this scent. She would wear a turquoise dress with emeralds on her neck and fingers. Royal Water would complete this peaceful aura. One would ask Diana, what do you smell so good, so dynamic, so lively but also sensual and grounded?

Even though Royal Water is often called a light citrus scent, the scent is by no means so light. The fragrance has boom, dynamic boom. Although declared as summer scent, I see Royal Water all year round to wear. It doesn't smell like dextrose-lemon as you know it from other cheap and cheap scents, no it smells like noble lemons, limes, mandarins, clementines selected for this scent almost beautifully royal.

It seems as if Creed had wanted to have hundreds of acres of the finest citrus for this fragrance, to be able to imagine Lady Di better for those who never knew her (which I find hard to imagine). On the other hand, Diana was driven by optimism and the hope and conviction to help others.

Creed has succeeded in capturing this beautiful, timeless beautiful woman and her soul in a fragrance. Because as the scent smells, so was Diana. It could be cheeky, peppy and optimistic (citrus notes) but also dormant, relaxing and thoughtful (fern, balsamic musk note).

My 6, 75 ml bottles from the year 2005/2007 and 2008 smell like on the 1st day. I have the version in a milky bottle. Royal Water lasts up to 15 hours. Sillage is very good for a specialty of this fragrance genus.

Diana, will live forever in our hearts, her laughter, her gaze, her calm aura and her soul are united in this fragrance. I am proud to own this fragrance, to be able to enjoy it and to remember Diana.

I don´t say goodbye england´s rose, because you live on as the angel of the poor in our hearts.
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AntonioPORT 6 months ago
Royal Water is an enchanted bright light in the forest after a spring morning rain.
Green grass by the river & tiny flowers. Royal Class!+1

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