Viking by Creed

Viking 2017

27.08.2019 - 01:10 AM
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A bad joke.

My review is about a 100ml bottle, batch S9618B01

Honestly, I am somewhat perplexed ... I think we are facing one of the biggest teasing of modern perfumery.
Once again, the "fanboy" effect reaches unrepeatable limits.

Totally bland, ethereal fragrance, without body or charisma.

It is a classic, citrus / herbal scent that is clearly reminiscent of Silver Mountain Water, with that synthetic white musk background that the brand likes so much and the truth is that it does not have much more to tell. All that if the pink pepper, mint and I do not know what, is pure literature, but cheap. Eye, I do not say that they do not smell, in the drying if a clear note of pink pepper is appreciated, but come on, nothing special or striking.

Below other fragrances of the brand, such as Aventus or Silver Mountain Water or Virgin Island Water, to name a few, which are not holy of my devotion, but that seem better than this Viking.

The Creed hype is really amazing. I am surprised to read in the community of perfumery fans, how fragrances are defenestrated with 30 times more quality (and presence) than this, to then extol launches of this brand, but I have the feeling that any "thing" that Launch these gentlemen, it will be a reason for worship in any way, as long as it bears the "CREED" label.

I have come to see bottles of this Viking at € 500 and although for a few months, curiously they have already cut the price in half, it really seems like a real tease. Anyway, in these price reange, perfume quality feels very low, and I think that this is the big problem in Viking. All smells cheap.

The performance is simply unfortunate, with a totally ridiculous sillage and longevity, well .. well, like any everyday perfume.

On the other hand, I find it difficult for anyone to say that it smells bad, or that it is not pleasant, but I think that in this price range, this is totally insufficient.

To say that I see it indicated for daily and office / formal use.

Really, I have used perfumes of $ 20 or less, with more soul and substance than this Creed and for this, I think we will be better off with many current designer perfumes.

In short, insulting, without body or soul. A ghost of these times of perfumes that do not smell, great marketing campaigns, in the case of Creed, many times based on lies, and trendsetters that tell us what we should buy and what not.

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