Sandringham by Crown Perfumery

Sandringham 1873

26.01.2021 - 10:07 PM

Old world meets "modern man?"

With neroli and citrus listed, and based upon other scents I've tried from this company, I thought this would be sharp, but it's actually quite soft. Some (younger people, most likely) may say it's at least a little musty, but certainly nowhere near so many other vintage scents. The vanilla is not obvious at all, but that's true of the other notes too (though the mossy quality is clear), as this is apparently meant to be an appealing blend, sort of like the grandfather of Dior Homme type scents. While it's quite pleasant, my guess is that some will find it on the boring side. It's not sweet nor floral enough to be "dandy"-ish, but rather more suggestive of an "older gentleman" of a comteplative nature. It's totally natural smelling and lasts well, but unless I found a bottle at a great price, I'd pass, because I don't envision myself wearing this often. Venezia Uomo is probably a better choice, as it's a bit more interesting and the prices are still not outrageous.

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