No. 88 (Cologne) by Czech & Speake

No. 88 1981 Cologne

22.01.2014 - 12:21 AM
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Retro does it… Or does it?

Not foolproof by any means, especially with today’s modern molecules, but the colour depth of the jus tends to be a good indicator of the strength that lies within.
“The bottle is opaque black you silly!” I hear you say.
Yes, well, I have a sample in a clear vial and it’s dark brown, so there.

Turns out to be a wrist-sniffer, but one that is centering on the “Do I like it?” question.
I’m not sure, is the answer.
It reminds me of those French soaps made by Roger & Gallet one would find adorning the side of a porcelain washbowl.
There is something somewhat charming about it.
Something traditional and old school.
It summons wartime notions of coquetterie when resources were scarce and girls would get creative.
Sadly, even expensive soap can turn into populace soup.
The former is meant to leave a barely there veil on the skin, whilst the latter, if you get trigger happy, will be anything but.

Probably won’t wear it again but as a one off, it’s pleasant enough.
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