Acque Odorose - La Sorgente di Ninfee 2016

Acque Odorose - La Sorgente di Ninfee by DFG 1924
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Acque Odorose - La Sorgente di Ninfee is a perfume by DFG 1924 for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is green-fruity. It is still in production.
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Roberto Dario

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit, Herbaceous notes
Heart Notes Heart NotesWhite blossoms, Tea, Mango
Base Notes Base NotesFrankincense, Musk, Coniferous woods



7.7 (6 Ratings)


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Light, warm summer, on a flower meadow with tea and citrus fruits
Here comes one of these scents again, which hardly anyone has heard of, let alone sniffed out. A fragrance whose description surely no Schwei... uhhh... I meant of course no Parfuma or no Parfumo here probably ever will read. I'll describe him anyway! And not because I, like evil tongues here and there, would like to claim that I have absolutely nothing else to do, but to test it and to introduce it here. Maybe someone is interested and she or he would like to read something about it! See that? I am nice (... on the other hand, nice people would never stress that they are nice, ahh ha ha ha ha :DD).

And yes, the scent is fresh. Of course it's more suitable for the summer, but the last days here with me (in Mühlheim... nobody knows that again, so let's just say near the beautiful Frankfurt am Main! D) were occasionally quite mild (at least about a week ago when I had tried this fragrance), sometimes even up to 15 degrees, so I tried the fragrance. Of course, because he was lying around with me. And also because I have nothing else to do :DD

Whatever. Read it or leave it. The description of the fragrance now follows one way or the other :)

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins quite citrusy and tingling. There are grapefruits in it as indicated, but it also smells of other citric notes like lemons, at least for me. There are herbaceous notes that go well with this, they smell like sage and basil to me, well, a little at least.
The fragrance is also slightly floral, but here I can't tell what kind of scent the floral notes remind me of the most. You can also smell the white tea, which I personally like very much.
From the citric notes you can still smell the grapefruit best later on. The floral notes also become a little stronger, the tea slightly wears off, but the fragrance becomes slightly sweeter because "a dash" of musk is added.
This sweetness becomes somewhat stronger over time, even though the fragrance remains largely less sweet. However, it also makes it a little warmer.
If the scent smells like water lilies by the way (because of the scent name), I can't say that, because I'm not sure how water lilies smell like, but maybe the scent among the for me unidentifiable flowery notes is somewhere in there :D
Much later, the fragrance is slightly more resinous and, as already mentioned, also more sweetish-warmer, whereby the sweetish also later is not very high. The citric notes can still be smelled, but now more than beautiful citric-warm notes as refreshing fragrances. An overall beautiful fragrance with a nice blend of citrus, flowers and some musk.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Sillage is moderate to rather weak, as with most fresh fragrances, although this fragrance is a little stronger than most of these due to the herbaceous notes. A fragrance cloud, especially one that lasts longer, should not be expected!
After all, the shelf life is above average for a fresh fragrance and lasts five to six hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is oval and slightly inflated. Matching the fragrance style, it has a nice green colour gradient. On the front you can see the name and logo. The lid is black and cylindrical. Looks a little simple, but still nice.

So, that's how this fragrance is described now! Have you read it beautifully? Hmpf... of course not, because there's nobody there and I'm talking to myself again...!
But if somebody got lost to this Kommi here, then I can still say that the fragrance is of course a summery fragrance. Hmm... although it actually begins quite tingly, this of course only remains so in the top note, especially since the floral notes quickly overshadow this tingly feeling. But that doesn't matter, as the fragrance generally remains fresh and loose.

It is just one of those fragrances, which you can literally spray on yourself in rough quantities in summer, because it neither smells badly, nor radiates disturbingly strongly, since its sillage leaves a little to be desired anyway. I particularly like the mixture of citrus notes and herbs, the tea looks like an icing on the cake and yes, I like the scent quite well with it. The only negative thing is that it still comes across a bit simple, even though the mix is pretty good for me. Yes, he can be tested.

So, that's it again. Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow... or something! :D
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