Hylnds - Isle Ryder (2013)

Hylnds - Isle Ryder by D.S. & Durga
Bottle Design Kavi Moltz
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Hylnds - Isle Ryder is a popular perfume by D.S. & Durga for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPoplar bud, Fir cone, Meadowsweet
Heart Notes Heart NotesBroom, Jasmine, European spruce
Base Notes Base NotesMead, Woodruff, Rush



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6.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    10
Um... can you steal an island?
Isle Ryder means island robber and sounds strange, but interesting. Either it means that you raid islands, whereupon you would be a pirate or something (which would be less adventurous and romantic in real life than in the "Pirates of the Caribbean"), or that you steal whole islands,... however that should work :D

But to steal such an own island, um, I thought I had of course, only for myself, where one can completely detach oneself from all others (yes, among other things also from you perfumes!), that would be something. In the long run certainly boring for long term stays, but as a home with a fast connection to the mainland certainly a dream (and of course with fast connection to the Internet...! No one needs to deny that. 30 years ago this would have been imaginable if someone had said that he would like to retreat to the mountains or to a lonely island, but today you are already biting the grass, you should be "only" 48 hours on Internet withdrawal, or you go insane if it fails for 10 minutes!!).

But enough stupid talk, as always... I finally come to the scent!

The fragrance:
At the beginning I smell flowery notes, which smell a little sweet and also diluted, or like flower water from florists, as I sometimes describe it here. Anyway, it's a pleasant, beautiful floral scent. I can assign the sweetish one to the jasmine, I know this note meanwhile somewhat well, as far as flower smells concern :D
But I'm not so sure about the watery one, so I guess meadowsweet (I really have to see what it is!), because I can exclude the other flowery notes. Fir trees are also present, the resinous woody scent of these great trees smells wonderful as always, but the flowery scents will soon be a little stronger again.
In the fragrance pyramid there is also woodruff, and I have to say that I had been looking forward to this note the most, because I love woodruff, but unfortunately you can't smell this out here, at least not me.
Later in the base, the fragrance continues to smell of woody pines and floral notes with a slight sweetness of jasmine. That's a nice smell.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
In the beginning, the fragrance is still fairly strong, but it quickly wears off and, like most fragrances from D.S. & Durga, becomes rather average, which you cannot smell at a greater distance. The shelf life is quite good, because you can still smell the scent on your skin after more than eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and filled with orange scented liquid. On the front there is a label with the name of the fragrance and also with the inscription 'Hylnds', since that is a particular series of fragrances within that mark and there are therefore several Hylnds fragrances. Without the big black lid, the bottle would look even simpler than usual.

Okay, so the smell doesn't smell like an island to me. Cause I'd expect a more exotic scent for that. But it still smells very nice with floral and woody notes. All this mixed with a beautiful, flowery sweetness. But because of the flowers and the sweet notes he smells a little feminine as unisex.

Although the fragrance is not soo special now (since one has sniffed out such similar scents often times, especially in the mainstream area, but the mainstreams are mostly sweeter), but it belongs to the better scents of D.S. & Durga for me and is therefore worth a look or smell. Weak for going out, but still suitable from the smell (you can spray yourself again if necessary). Of course, it is also very suitable for daily use, and best of all on warm days.

Hmm... ah yes, my own island... To be honest, it has always been my dream (one of those rather unrealizable dreams :D) to own my own island:D Where I can breed dinosaurs and such...hm, I think I've seen too much Jurassic Park and now that there are new movies of it lately, this passion has flared up again, just like back in the 90s when the first movie was released and I wanted to become a paleontologist (yes, you can already make sense of it): With Indiana Jones I wanted to become an archaeologist :D).
Don't laugh...! You know I'm a little childish anyway :D

So, enough nonsense talked,... as I said the smell is beautiful and worth a look.
And I wish you all a nice evening and a nice beginning of the week, see you soon :)
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
Early summer in the archipelago
As you know, I'm always drawn to the south: Italy is the home of my soul and the climate there also suits me better.
And yet Scandinavia has its very own charm: especially the light above the water, especially over the archipelago and in the fjords. I don't want to rave about the winterly mysterious northern lights here at all.
All this I know only from pictures and of course from television: Crime thrillers that play there are booming, but are usually either too lengthy or too brutal for me.
(Yes, that's right!) Even if I have been mumbled at several times for this opinion, even described as ignorant.)
I prefer the Sunday evening pleasure that Inga Lindström (alias Christiane Sadlo: also known to me as a scriptwriter) offers us in beautiful pictures with nice stories.
Every little animal - well, you know!

"Isle Ryder" could well have been composed as a fragrant embodiment of Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood". So bright and floating, and yet earthy, both fit together perfectly for me.
Do you hear and feel that too?
The flat land, illuminated by the first rays of the sun; the lark rises straight up, greeting the day, into the clear, cool air. She loves this morning.
The island flora is in its maturity just a step above the awakening of nature: everything is still virgin - becoming!

The poplars have already unrolled the first light green leaves; the light wind plays in them.
Their reddish-brown parchment-like caps form a soft carpet on the still somewhat hardy soil.
They grind easily under the steps of the morning walker; also fir cones are there again and again.
The increasing power of the early summer sun begins to warm and powerful spicy aromas develop from all this awakening nature.
Also the spruce - here a little "into the wet with Badedas!" is reporting; it is something very "fiddly": less would be according to my feeling perhaps nevertheless more!
The mostly half-height vegetation next to our path, which is actually rather a beaten path, is home to original, not overgrown herbs with their own spicy scent.
But first broom and jasmine blossoms gleam; both enjoy the sun's rays and develop their own aromas, which always take some getting used to.
Broom and jasmine! How good it is that so much resinous-spicy green lies around both scents; this combination of both flower scents would be too much even for me!
But lively and lively woodruff mixes entertainingly in this concert of scents; meadowsweet is also there. When was the last time I met Mädesüß? Was it in our Botanical Garden?
Where meadowsweet is, mead also belongs to it - these two are the "ideal couple"!
And mead is also honey, of course; some beehives may hide here, from which the creamy golden honey comes? The vegetation for bees would be available; the encounter with a beekeeper would not surprise me.
After my fine nose really a nuance of honey pervades this natural mixture.
Actually Met belongs to "the old Germanic tribes" (if you can believe the crossword puzzles).
But who says that they didn't hang around here and bring in their honey schnapps.
Already in former times the migration of peoples was cross-border; we did not invent it.
(I can only remember that "Bärenfang", that was the name of the stuff brewed from honey and spices, enjoyed in the early eighties in the morning in the first cups of coffee, warming up wonderfully.
But sometimes the start of the day became a little more blurry. Especially natural, if the get-together in the morning lasted longer, the telephone disturbed more rarely and the boss did not appear, slight headaches were pre-programmed.)

All in all "Isle Ryder" is a bright, very nature-loving fragrant creation, which I like very much It brings a lot of light and pleasant spice to the wearer's day, without stressing or disturbing: a beautiful companion for a few hours whose fragrance does not get boring.
It is as if, after a first walk through this Nordic landscape, sitting on a blanket, enjoying a small snack, a good book next to me, the warming sun in fragrant surroundings.
Edvard Grieg with his sound paintings remains in the back of the mind; music would be out of place in such a place.
Here it is more fitting to listen devoutly to nature, its rustling and whispering and whispering.

I am glad that the bottling, which Heikeso has again so generously left to me, is still rich.
So on these grey, wet winter days I can travel with Edvard Grieg and "Isle Ryder" to a country I wouldn't otherwise visit.
Scandinavia - here I come!
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8.0 8.0 9.0 6.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    28
Everything tries
A fragrance, of which several ingredients are unknown or at least not sufficiently present, can only be approached from the other side. I take the bittersweetness of Isle Ryder as an opportunity to refer to a recording of Scottish and Welsh folk songs in an arrangement for voice, violin, cello and piano by Joseph Haydn (youtube.com/watch?v=hu8mIKaH2D8)

"Papa" Haydn is... not my favorite composer. Many of his works I find ('sorry...) simply boring. As justification for this, I would like to point out that the situation is sometimes similar for professionals. When Gustav Mahler introduced the conductor Hans von Bülow to the first movement of his Symphony No. 2, he said that Wagner's Tristan was a piece by Joseph Haydn. By the way, this remark, which is by no means meant as a compliment for Mahler, is merely incidental, it is merely intended to explain that Haydn... let us leave it at that.

For I greatly appreciate the aforementioned recording, and this is due to the fact that the already wonderfully unpretentious setting by the exceptional voice of Fritz Wunderlich, who died at an early age, also received an excellent, possibly exemplary performance: Wunderlich was always able - for all the almost unreal beauty of the performance - to provide the more cheerful songs with a cautious, lamentable melancholy of quiet, subliminal melancholy and, in return, to protect the sader pieces from the pathos by wise restraint in tone
Is the fragrance supposed to have a similar effect? I've started to search.

A medically bitter herbaceous prelude on a scratchy ground, to which sweetness is quickly added, which reveals a honey-like origin. A bunch of old foliage comes into olfactory range. Mushrooms have spread to it. After ten minutes a medicinal impression, almost like a kind of natural cough syrup. As I continue, the (already mentioned) lime-tree and the poplar seem to me to be comprehensible. I smell both in the environment of my office at the relevant times to a considerable extent.

Unfortunately, I cannot deny that I increasingly perceive the scent as musty, at the latest when a dull, needle-like woodiness follows the same direction in the middle section. Nevertheless, this does not exude depression, perhaps it should convey a quiet, homely melancholy - that's exactly why I came across the music. However, I would not be able to follow this approach. The scent is now too much "just there" for that, without anything more touching happening. Except that in the afternoon I want to attest him a potato-cereal shoot at the border to the stinky. From far away the sheep muff from '100 Tweeds' by Euphorium Brooklyn comes to my mind, here only without the cheese-prick.

Well, it's not gonna work out. I've tried everything: Warmer days, cooler days, hotter days, colder days; more cautious and offensive application. Nothing helps, the smell remains strange and nebulous to me.

It just can't always fit, after all, the Durgas are very individual - it would be more amazing to like them all. In addition Isle Ryder is far away from a failure; he looks well equipped like his siblings and is of course worth every test.

I thank Gerdi for the rehearsal.
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6.0 6.0 9.0/10

130 Reviews
Very helpful Review    4
Adventure Calls You
This is another winner in the Hylnds collection. Isle Ryder smells like leather, with a mineral-woody base, but it's more than that. Stone and moss are also present. There's also a touch of something medicinal, not camphorous, just what might emerge from a medicine bottle - dusty, musty - it just screams adventure. Unfortunately it lasts about 5 hours with at most 1' projection and it becomes a skin scent after that. However, I have only tested a pipette, so perhaps it lasts longer as a spray.


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