Hylnds - Spirit of the Glen by D.S. & Durga

Hylnds - Spirit of the Glen 2013

07.11.2017 - 11:04 AM

Tha mi a 'cur fàilte oirbh!

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are tasting the last perfumalt of the evening. I see that now the last ones have come back. – No, no, you’re welcome; following the tasting of Kilian’s "Single Malt" some may get rather soft knees and irritation of the mucous membranes. We try to counteract this with Mugler's "Pure Malt" as an entry, but it does not always help ...

“So I now announce the culmination of the tasting. Are you ready? Nice!

“Do not forget - for the first impression you have to move the malt around the tip of the tongue ... yeah, a full sherry approach and a clear, yet a bit austere woody note, which have already been suggested during nosing ... hardly any smoke or peat... but an uber-fruity pear note, which leaves a Glenfiddich standing flat against the wall, hehe ... - Here's an almost archetypal start for a, say, 20-year-old Aberlour from the Sherry-Hogshead. Very beautiful.

“Now carefully over the palate... Very good! Here we get even stronger oak notes with just wee hints of vanilla. That’s far enough time in the barrel for that spirit, I think – and obviously a finishing in refill Bourbon barrels – does that make any sense? Anyway - if you like oak, that’s... Oops! The gentleman back there got something on the back of his tongue… we’ll just wait, until he’s able to breathe and you can hear me again.”


For the finish, which develops as a surprise, I recommend to close your eyes: this takes us from the Speyside to the middle of the bushy-herbaceous Highlands, far away from all maritime - and if you suddenly see yourself sitting in the prairie - it’s nothing wrong with that: there’s "Cowboy Grass" peeking around the corner!

Thank you for allowing us to fly with Durga-Air, Mr. Moltz!

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