Italian Citrus (2011)

Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga
Bottle Design Kavi Moltz
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7.8 / 10     87 RatingsRatingsRatings
Italian Citrus is a popular perfume by D.S. & Durga for men and was released in 2011. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLemon, Chinotto, Blood orange
Heart Notes Heart NotesGreen mandarin, Violet leaf, Frankincense
Base Notes Base NotesCopaiva balsam, Ambrette, Oakmoss



7.8 (87 Ratings)


7.1 (68 Ratings)


6.0 (68 Ratings)


7.5 (58 Ratings)
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7.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

9 Reviews
Chronologie IX - Looking For The Summer
On the trail of Armani Acqua di Gio and Acqua Azzurra Ferre, and for those who are a little more modest they can find a similar scent in Oriflame Ascendant Aqua. Small nuances that make the difference are felt in a slight smell of oranges.

Perfume of moderate stability and projections, but the most popular summer perfume style of all times, which already says enough.

Based on knowing the content, comparisons, highlighting key wearing time, place of application and continuous monitoring, and taking care not to jump to conclusions, I'm reducing the subjective impression, not giving importance to rumors that it reminisce of chewing gum and that it smells like an ordinary summer citrus edt, and I'm giving the strongest recommendation for wearing this perfume at all summer occasions.
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

3 Reviews
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The Italian Job
The name says it all, because the prelude to this little masterpiece comes rich and juicy with citric notes of lemon, blood orange and mandarin - fresh from a seemingly lush sun-drenched Sicilian garden, but not too crisp or sweet.

No, a few lemons radiate a tart seriousness that makes the scent look quite adult. And it is precisely in between that the quite light incense wafts out, which distinguishes Italian Citrus from many common Hesperidia waters and makes it appear extremely exciting to noble.

But it's not too clerical, because all ingredients work well dosed and complementary, whereas in the base area something more towards oakmoss prevails - just nice and clear with a little strawiness, a bit soapy and with a slight tendency to masculine.

I had to think a little of Eau d´Hadrien by Annick Goutal, but I like Italian Citrus even more because of his long lasting determination. To date probably one of the most exciting citrus scents I have encountered so far and one that can actually serve as an olfactory symbol for Italy alongside Profumo Uomo from Isotta Fraschini, who goes more into the elegantly spicy and herbaceous as an olfactory symbol.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Dit is pomforzjonnöös!
Take a seat, Mr. Jeheimrat!
Feel like you're back home! What can you do?
Like imma? Fassongk? Shave jefällich?
Abe jern, aba jleich ...

Well, I haven't been able to greet you here in a while...
Kiek an, moved? Out in the green...? Dit can vastehn ick. When ick thinks so of my little Jarten ... without him I'd only be a half human being I've got to get to me, corianche, I've got to get to rest. Son bite Aholungk needs everyone.
A popo Aholungk, how about some coffee?
Cream...? Zucka?

I am touched, so Mr. Jeheimrat is still loyal to me. It's not the next change from jottwehdeh to my small Salongk ...
How do you like?
Aba da jeb ick you sowat from right!
Et sin die schön Dinge, die dit Leben übahaupt erst lehmswert machen, da hatme ick Sie unumwunden hat!
Feel me honored, dit Mr. Jeheimrat my services to the beautiful things of life count ...

Yeah, that's how I see it. Allet becomes imma schnella un thereby imma unvaständlicha. Keena has more time today, oda bessa - keena takes more time. All the same time, fourteen hours to Taach.
So, little Momang, now please turn the Neese here rüba ... so, long see, nu mach ick Mr. Jeheimrat wieda city fine. It's like a janz andas ...

Where was ick...?
Oh, well, let's see...
I've been thinking, corianche, I've been thinking, what does a man bring when he's in such a hurry?
As you like, Mr. Jeheimrat?
Richtich, eat like this! If imma are in a hurry, hamse jar keen look more for the beautiful things of life. And they're not big and big, but often clammy and modest.
Take only ma jute scents.
Mr. Jeheimrat already notices that this is my way of riding ... The really jute parföngks aren't the noisy roar of bellow, the uff een look like clubs uffn Kopp. So this is a sweet stuff that neuadingks so ville Männa practicing the something from the form jeratene Fijur tilt. I am an extra man and not a Schäntel man, because a Schäntel man would never not bother his environment with such a broth. Dit is often a Plörre, dit the Piepmätze into the trees row by row from the branches tilt ...
Like my ...?
Aba yes! Bite decent and fine shall et already sint. Jrade at the summer Tempraturn! But watering it must be perceived as an anjenehma scent and not as a nuisance!

So, please Mr. Jeheimrat, nu ma the noble character head bite far back to lean ... here to the side still kürza or enough dit so ...?
Where was ick...?
Oh so, smell un anjenehm ... i see, and it's now so, that a perfume is in the air, which is shed on the human being, who is with this stuff So jesehn doesn't want ick jar to know what it means when there eena sweetens herself with son jiftich sweet Jebräu lita-wise ...

Thank you so much for your help. Sure, to a gentleman of the world, you need a fine, classic scent. Whereby classic does not automatically mean old. Schäntelmänn is not the same as Grandpa ...
For Somma et aba should be citric and fresh. How it works. Un neuadingks will be touched there in addition all possible rinjerührt. Just take the idea of fucking dumping incense on it. Sounds funny at first, but it's extraorijinell Feinet! I couldn't imagine it, but I had to be taught a little better
If you want to get an idea of the italian way of life, you should try this water here!
Italjen Zitruss hamset benamst. Sounds like you already know it, aba thinkst!
Yeht yeht yeht yeh, unusually loose, so with lemon and orangksche, un denn kommt da wat dazu, dit heißt Tschienottoh. Is sone Art Bittaorangksche. Kanntick jar nich, is aba jroßartich!
Janz leicht bitta, juicy, bite green, wundabar! In addition to this, a cool, white note of incense is added in no time at all. Nah, it doesn't smell like a church, you don't need to worry. Dit Zeuch is bitta, but not very. Will uffjefangn by eene green mandarin, which makes dit elejant and fresh.
Sniffing unusual, aba knorke!

How do you like it, Mr. Jeheimrat ...??
Well, I knew you knew what this is Tschienottoh is. Kiek, from this fruit jibt et vier vaschiedne sorts? Oh, dit sin jar keene Orangkschenbäume, sondan die wachsen an Sträuchan? Wat et nicht allet so jibt ...

A popo shrubcha. Gooseberries grow on bushes, especially in my small garden. Un Trudchen happily baked a gooseberry cake like that. Do you want to officiate a little bit?
Please, please, please ...

Where was ick...?
Oh, Sträucha and dieset Tschienottoh ...
Ulkija name. Watse himself in the process nu wieda every night ham ...
How do you like?
Aha, hence the Benamsung. So Jestrüpp is in the seventeenth year of Yahundat from ollen Tschiena eekomm. For this reason, Tschienottoh is known I've got to go to my place, corianke, I've got to go to my place, I've got to get an education I can only give Mr. Jeheimrat a compliment.

Where was ick...?
Oh so, juicy, green, cool.
So with this ye shall witness, this ye shall Chienottoh, hamse nu sone Mengkenke with the incense jemacht. Scented idea, it's a fresh jelejenheit.
For shall you, as I have been told by unusually uniformed circles, even tangerine with rinjepellt ham.
Probably wejen the Fittamiehne.

Bißken blümerant is supposed to be in wide Valauf, because violets are on it. Can't confirm. I have my difficulties with violets, ick can't be sorry, not in Jesichte and not in Parföngk. Aba here doesn't eat like that to the hiatus, so these things are annoying ...

Like mine?
Yeah, that's how it stays. This watering no longer changes, but must be changed, so that the janz jroßartich comes to fit me. I want to keep this nice bouquet because it is so fresh and cools so well In the base note, as we name carob dit to pflejen, is then janz discreet un jefleecht sone orntliche ladle oakmoss inside.
Make this Jebräu durable, for the man who is true to it rejoices.
The coolness of the incense is supported by sone feffrije note. Come from wat, ditse call Ambrettasamn. Sounds mighty each time a bit pomforzjonöös, is aba nüscht fara than dit oil of the kernels of son shrub. So, however Jestrüpp smells. So take the seeds and make oil out of them, and because it doesn't sound so good, if you call it the right name, a muskrat, and put it in the advertising of "Ambretta".

So, now you will bite me with the Jesichtshobel unta dit Kinne jehn ... If Mr. Jeheimrat ma could lift the jeradeßu aristocratic neese as weiland Kaisa Heinrich on arrival uff silicon ...?
Long live, now all this will be like this, and it will be like this for a Lord of the world ...

Where was ick?
Oh, Ambretta and pomforzjonöös ...

So I'm right in the middle of this water! At son called Wetta like today is dit jenau dit, watse need since jeb ick you my word druff!
Aba, I've got your parföngk here Wollnse ma ...?

Naaaa...? Have ick Mr. Jeheimrat to ville vasprochn?
Yes, this is noble! I'll be damned if that's what you're doing! Well, I'm glad to see her...
Allet for the dear customers! Korianke always at your service ...

Most binding thanks, Mr. Jeheimrat!
Hourn me soon wieda!
Un greetings to the woman Jemahlte!
18 Replies
10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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One must give him time... first I thought...yes ...quite nice, but that was it. Since the lovely perfume "DerHoelgi" always tempts me to "think in drawers" ("put him away and get him out again after a few days...") I did that and have to was good that way!!!

The sophistication and beauty of this creation is not immediately apparent...but if you are then bound.

Wonderful citric start...finely ground by...after 45 min the fresh one shrinks a bit and goes over in the warm one...exactly in the right dose!

Wonderfully suitable for warm but also somewhat colder springlike temperatures!!

Considerable durability...Sillage exactly right to the fragrance...he does not scream...but is not too quiet either.
Fine creation that conveys understatement. At the moment I can't imagine any situation with this fragrance where it would be inappropriate! Great job!

Should be on the test list of everyone who is on the fresh-citric but still complex direction!!
4 Replies


Itchynose 6 months ago
A crisp opening full of fresh citrus –bitter chinotto, sharp lemon, green mandarin– over a layer of masculine oakmoss, ambrette & olibanum.+2

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