Pistachio by D.S. & Durga

Pistachio 2022

12.02.2022 - 01:28 PM
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Addictive and nutty

Pistachio is a unique and very gorgeous fragrance. I had been expecting gelato but this is not milky at all. The opening is strong - green notes, nutty and woodsy. It is a rather unidimensional scent. This comes as no surprise as the top, middle and base notes are all pistachio x 3.

I’m especially impressed by the longevity. I liberally sprayed myself before bedtime and it is still going strong, albeit a skin scent, 12 hours later. The dry down is addictive. I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm throughout the evening. As the scent progresses, it mellows quite a bit. Hints of pistachio waft through the air. I even detect hints of coffee.

I think Pistachio would pair well with many other perfumes. For example, pistachio and chocolate , or with any boozy scent. I’m eager to layer with my Burning Barbershop or Handbook for the Recently Deceased to get smoky roasted nuts. I think Bowmakers would also provide a strong woody backbone. I am delighted to have a bottle. I think it would work best in the colder months. It is a fabulous gourmand.
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