Royal Kinam Oud 2023

Royal Kinam Oud by D.S. & Durga
Bottle Design Kavi Moltz
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Royal Kinam Oud is a new and limited perfume by D.S. & Durga for women and men and was released in 2023. Limited Edition
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Top Notes Top Notes OudOud Sichuan pepperSichuan pepper Air accordAir accord
Heart Notes Heart Notes Vietnamese oudVietnamese oud Oak woodOak wood CistusCistus
Base Notes Base Notes OudOud LiquoriceLiquorice StyraxStyrax


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Submitted by Chizza, last update on 17.01.2023.
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An oud unlike any I've experienced..
After hearing about this, I went into the D.S. & Durga boutique in Manhattan and asked to sample it. I tried in vain to procure a sample vial but, considering the pricetag and availability (only 7pcs made), I understood why they couldn't.

Upon spraying this on a blotter card, I fanned it about, pulled my mask down and smelled it. My initial reaction was I must have sprayed the other side as I couldn't smell anything.

I flipped it and smelled: nothing.

I went into the light to see if I can see the spray mark. Ah, there it is.

Sniffed: nothing. Sniffed again. Now I get it, but it's faint.

In it's defense, I was wearing 3 sprays of Nefs by Nishane and that was at full blast. Even that late in the day. So it had competition and it may have been distorting my sense of smell.

But what I did smell, I liked. A lot.

So I put it in my wallet and waited until I got home where I can smell it again.

Upon smelling it again, it was more distinctive but yet still very mild. But it still confirmed my strong like for the scent profile. In fact, I can't associate it with any oud or scent I've smelled before.

It has a slightly animalic, but smooth profile. Also something mildly leathery, which could perhaps be attributed to the licorice and styrax.

I wish I could offer an approximation of what this smells like but I can't think of one thing. I can say, however, this smells high-end niche.

I would love to try on skin to see if it brings out other facets with the interplay of my chemistry. Perhaps even better longevity.

What I can say is, considering the pricetag and overall quantities made, this is definitely targeted towards collectors and rich people who love exclusivity.

Anywho, take my assessment with a grain of salt and try for yourself. If it's still available, that is.
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