Canoe (1996) (Eau de Toilette) by Dana

Canoe 1996 Eau de Toilette

Version from 1996
24.11.2021 - 02:33 PM

Old but not outdated

First of all: this review is for Canoe, but it can apply to Pinaud's Clubman, they are almost the same. As far as fragheads go, Pinaud's has kept its qualities through time, while Canoe did not. As per my experience, this is true.

Now, as to the blend (both'), its floral and herbal qualities are evident to the nose, in that sense, no one can complain as to lack of complexity, floral topnotes morphing into a very discreet kind of sweetness.

Something that gets my attention is that the composition does not feel dated, at least to my nose; something that does not happen with other classics, like Guerlain's Vetiver or Knize 10. Maybe it is because it is very original, it is not something easily found somewher else - not the case being a common pattern in perfumery, in which one is the inspiration of many others, if not blatant copies. Yes, Canoe and Pinaud are almost identical, but that is where things end. As far as I know, Creed did not come up with its own version.

A mistery lurks behind this; what would happen if there were not any reference to its origins? What would happen if no one could refer Canoe with a blend launched in the 1930's? Would it be considered a breakthrough?

I am sure it would.

Not for blind buying, unless you do not care spending pennies.

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