Signature Men (Eau de Toilette) by David Beckham
Helpful Review    04/24/2012
Scent 5.0
Sea breeze and watermelon
I normally dont care much about celebrity perfumes, its a snob thing of me. Like i believe only classics or niche fragances are worthy. But i suspect this is a mistake in someone who is seriously interested in perfumery. Celebrity fragances are the result of a very thoroughful marketing research, and the perfumers must attune to the pulse of the street so the product hits the target and, mostly,sells easily. Celebrity fragances are valuable tools to understand the modern history of perfumery, i believe.
How many times have we smelled Beckham Signature alike fragances? hundreds, probably. It is a perfume that would please a huge range of young guys, though, and i believe it is well done without having anything groundbraking on it.

It is VERY aquatic and ozonic. I would probably wear it only to the gym or maybe the beach, but i would enjoy it. Beckham Signature is quite linear. It starts with a very clear watermelon and sea note, and remains watery and sweet until the end. This notes are obviously sytnthetic, but please do not read synthetic like it is a bad thing. I was quite intrigued by the Lantana, since is a plant i relate to my childhood memories and have a very particular dry, pungent smell. I can detect it, although is not strong... it adds some dusty depth to the ozone and the fruit. Same does cypress and the moss, but they dont manage to completely tame the sweetness, they are a glimpse of a sophisticated umber, but the fragance keeps sporty and young and unapologetic about it.

The drydown is pleasant, still ozonic and a bit woody. The fruit is almost gone.