Signature Men (Eau de Toilette) by David Beckham
Helpful Review    07/28/2012
Bottle 5.0 Sillage 5.0 Longevity 5.0 Scent 5.0
Good but not great
I am quite familiar with this fragrance. My best male friend and my boyfriend both wear Signature for Him, particularly when it's hot out or when they're planning to go to the gym.

They both love slightly sweet scents, so it makes perfect sense that they both wear Signature for Him. While this fragrance is nowhere near being sugary sweet, it has a lovely fresh and crisp watermelon accord, which can smell naturally sweet at times.

Signature for Him is best suited to the warmer weather, even though cypress, juniper and amber feature strongly in the base, creating a somewhat cozy aroma.

It's a simple composition with an aquatic touch, yet strangely enough the oakmoss and patchouli come through quite strong on my boyfriend's skin. It can be a tad spicy at times too. I think this fragrance as a whole could appeal to almost anyone. It's universally pleasing.

I'm not necessarily drawn to this fragrance as a female. I like it, but I don't love it. Summer scents in general don't really have the ability to get my blood running. I appreciate the fact that my boyfriend wears this in order to smell fresh when working up a sweat, but I'm also glad that he has other options to wear when he takes me out somewhere nice.