Cool Water (1988) Eau de Toilette

Cool Water (Eau de Toilette) by Davidoff
Bottle Design: Peter Schmidt
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Cool Water (Eau de Toilette) (Davidoff)
Cool Water (Eau de Toilette) (Davidoff)
Cool Water (Eau de Toilette) (Davidoff)
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Cool Water (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Davidoff for men and was released in 1988. The scent is fresh-aquatic. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Pierre Bourdon

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen notes, Coriander, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary
Heart Notes Heart NotesGeranium, Jasmine, Neroli, Sandalwood
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Oakmoss, Musk, Tobacco, Cedarwood



7.1 (887 Ratings)


6.9 (585 Ratings)


6.6 (566 Ratings)


6.6 (569 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

Currently actor Scott Eastwood is the face of the advertising campaign. Previously actors Josh Holloway and Paul Walker (†) were faces of the campaign as well.

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Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
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Future, Present & Past
September 2018: My Past I have exactly one single perfume with about 5ml remaining. Never purchasing a perfume myself, but always receiving it as a gift, I set out in search of a new and above all my first 'own' perfume. Naive and unsuspecting I browse through the vastness of the internet to get advice from various YouTube experts and tip sites. Of course, to go to Faul to the local D and to expose yourself to the air, in which 1000 smells are mixed, and to go home again with headaches, one prefers to look at the webstore. You yourself simply want a low-cost Saubermann fragrance. Of course, the bottle must not be too big either, because I like variety and don't always want to be reminded that I have to consume 100ml before I can put something else in the cupboard. So it's all very pragmatic.
While scrolling this "Cool Water" suddenly appears, of which a well-known Jeremy has pointed out to me during my online consultation that this is a cheap alternative to Creed's Green Irish Tweed. But somehow the name looks familiar to me... Mhm, well, a fresh aquatic scent for relatively little money. If I don't like him, I'll send him back. Choose size: 75ml, should do. AGB confirm and off for it. Then everything went pretty fast. After two days, the package was there. Quickly unpacked sniffed at the atomizer and already there get light emotional flashbacks, like an army veteran has them from Vietnam. In contrast to the brave soldiers, my nostalgic feelings are not marked by a post-traumatic stress disorder and the most important thing of all: they are positive! Just one or two sprays on the back of the hand and close your eyes again and inhale the scent.
Zack! An indescribable feeling captures and takes me back about 15 years to my childhood. I can only think of one word to describe that feeling: Nostalgia.
Did my father wear it before? No, he's not really wearing perfume. My already deceased grandfather? He died when elementary school started. I might. Of course, I could also know it from the small lottery shop run by an older couple, where perfumes, after-shaves and tobacco were also available. Whenever my mother was about to buy new cigarettes, I was allowed to fill out a scratch card in the shop. Every Saturday. I have no idea when, where or from whom I smelled that scent. I only know that he is very very familiar to me and gives all those memories when writing this comment.

I can't get enough of this smell. This is not only because I associate it with positive 'memories', but also because I find the fragrance simply fantastic. But now I have a day scent. Don't I also need a night or date scent then? And so it began, my passion for perfume. Four months and nine fragrances (more in my "collection") later I write my first comment on this website, which I used until about two months ago only for purchase advice and Duftwikipedia. I will not go into the fragrance of the perfume in more detail below, as many others have done so before me. I won't advise you to do what I did then. If you are interested in a fragrance, you should have smelled it yourself before purchasing it. With many scents this is often not possible, because they are not in the assortment of the 08/15 dealer. This is not the case. The fragrance is a classic and can be tested in (almost) every perfumery. I spent four months working intensively on the subject and can say that you shouldn't put all the opinions that are expressed here (or at other perfume communities) about many fragrances on the gold scale. I'm certainly not an expert, but you don't have to be to be able to say that you should always trust your own nose and tastes are quite different.

In this sense, I just wanted to share my thoughts, feelings, my fresh entry into the world of perfume and some suggestions. I don't know how many more scents will be added to my collection. There won't be many of them anymore, because I want to keep the overview and use my scents fairly. There are fragrances that are good, but I will not buy them again. Accordingly, my collection will always be in flux. But despite this uncertainty I can say one thing: Davidoff's Cool Water will always be with me and accompany me in my past, present and future collection!
(I would be very happy about comments and remarks to this text)
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Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
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Greatly helpful Review    20
Hurray for the reformulation !
Huh? What's that supposed to mean? understand that, we better start at the beginning: If I remember correctly, Cool Water was my very first perfume right after its launch, which i.Ü. proves to be not 21 anymore, as a perfume erroneously concluded from my username ( nevertheless thank you very much for the flowers ;-)

Back then this fragrance was really so different, so hip! Unfortunately, every second person wore it. Anyway, so did I... This stuff had to be simple, I had to have it. And so this was somehow a violent fragrance entrance for a young guy, with a never before seen Aqua-Wummser.

But as great as his severely undercooled, almost piercingly clear BlueGreen VIBE was, I always felt this new fragrance DNA a bit too much for me. That's why I was always torn: On the one hand so super, so clean, so deep and gaaaanz different, but on the other hand also a little too different! ... The years passed, I remained divided, and the desire for other fragrances made me increasingly lose sight of the blue aquatics, which I then no longer bought. Thus Cool Water remained unnoticed for more than two decades ...

But when I created my profile on Parfumo in February of this year and clicked on the earlier fragrances in the Hatte I collection, this cool CW feeling immediately went to my head again, but also the memory: "that was the one with this extraordinary over-the-top note, better leave it alone" ... On the other hand Cool Water had so many beautiful fragrances ... Shit, again this ambivalence, and already I was on my way to the miller. Arriving there I immediately took a long breath in joyful expectation of being able to deepen this CW-boost-like. But what was that? The deep green-blue ocean had obviously ebbed into a turquoise lagoon. Where was the previous "is it too strong, you're too weak" effect?

Gone! -r-e-f-o-r-m-u-l-i-e-r-t- and only mainstream? No doubt about it. But it couldn't have been that, could it?! As I now had to find out, I was probably still a little behind the Ur-Cool Water. Do what, then? To make a long story short: Green Irish Tweed was too expensive for nostalgic fun, and I ended up at Étoiles Silver, a very distinctive twin fragrance(?). When he finally arrived at my place, I immediately noticed: "Yes, there it is again, that mega-fresh, crystal clear aqua note with which Cool Water landed the worldwide surprise hit back then. So I had found in Étoiles Silver a great counterpart that came pretty close to my former favorite.

All's well?

Not quite yet ... because in fact it seemed to become a never ending story with both of us: Already after 1-2 months of Étoiles Silver the effect of that time caught up with me again: Too much of a good thing !


"Rin inne Kartoffeln, rausse Kartoffeln", as they say here, or is this indecision a sign of an unsteady personality? No, no, this is still only about perfume ;-) and then I come to the last act. Because as it is in life, some things return to you again and again, until they finally become right for you ... That's why I finally found out in a new attempt of extensive tests that today's Cool Water is probably exactly as I had always wished, namely with throttled cooling water performance ;-)

Therefore I end here with the nearly unique final sentence, which might have certainly large rarity value, but actually once on a smell applies - at least for me:

Hurray for the reformulation !

Edit for the Ur-Cool-Water fans: see the tip in the side story [my Étoiles Silver Kommis]

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Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
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It grows on you!
At first I loathed Cool Water. Shrug, what kind of chemical broth is that? Quickly get out of the perfumery and find a public toilet to flush the stuff. Somehow smells like cleaning cupboard.

Last year I got a dubious gift - one of these well known Cool Water gift boxes with EdT and shower gel. "Oh, fuck," I thought to myself. Bravely I sprayed a splash on my wrist in the presence of my patron and thanked myself politely as it should be. This time there was no chance to disappear, so I had to wait on my wrist with Mr. Proper in scented water. After 30 minutes, I had almost forgotten the scent in the meantime in the hustle and bustle, I unexpectedly took a pleasant fresh scent was. Which one of my guests smells so good? Oh, wait a minute, that's me! But that could be it? As it turned out, behind the stabbing top note there is indeed a decent perfume. You have to give Cool Water a little time to unfold its true nature, then it turns out to be a fresh, pleasant, sporty scent. I was a little ashamed that I thought so badly about this established classic all these years.

In addition, there is the extremely affordable price, which naturally makes me especially happy as a Swabian.

Cool Water - give him time!
Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
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Less helpful Review    1
The epitome of freshness
Timeless and the epitome of freshness.
I remember the first commercial spot from the 80s. And I still associate the scent with it today. When it comes to conveying freshness and feeling fresh, Cool Water is always my first choice.
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Helpful Review    5
I first came into contact with this fragrance in 1990. I was infected from the beginning and I still wear it today. Although it is a synthetic fragrance, it radiates freedom, adventure, wilderness and nature better than most natural fragrances. I'm not the type to break down and define a perfume by its ingredients. What counts for me is the overall impression and here it is perfect for me. I'm not interested in what you can taste out of a wine, as long as it works and this perfume works. One more, the other less.
Bottle 6.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 7.5/10
Men, it's summertime!
This one is my best friend's favourite fragrance in the hot season. Me too I like it more than the version for women.
It's a well balanced fresh-aromatic-watery fragrance with an unusual flowery heart very kind and pleasant.
You spray it and you feel immediately a sensation of freshness on your skin . The longevity isn't bad for a summer scent and the price isn't too high. I recommend it as daily fragrance in the hot season.
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Fanta 4 feat. Cool Water ... an almost impossible comparison! ;-)
For years I took what I had bought myself: Ultraviolet Man, Allure Homme Sport, Terre d'Hermès, Xeryus Rouge and Bulgari Pour Homme Extrème. With this station wagon I drove perfectly, carefree ... past her. I guess I flew up a bit, unlied ... until a few things came to an end after all. So I looked around and after a while I registered. Because somehow I thought: There must be more. And in fact I came across highly rated fragrance giants that I didn't know or just heard about, because so far I've been running through this world ... without discovering anything new! Everything that kicked me, of which I never got enough, I (currently) prefer to let it be, because I feel ... two split! ;-)

The Fantastischen Vier found each other in the same year when Cool Water came onto the market: 1988. Now their 30th stage anniversary is coming up and I decided to buy a fragrance that marked a milestone in the perfume world, just as German Hip Hop would hardly be conceivable without Fanta 4. I'm not really into mainstream, but I like to acknowledge musical and olfactory high performance also thanks to more mature synapses! :-) To this day I like both and to this day both "products" have been successful on the market ... for which there are of course excellent reasons!

There would be this extremely high recognition value, just like the sympathy for a phenomenon suitable for the masses, to which one simply cannot be angry that so many contemporaries have survived. I hadn't seen Fanta 4 or Cool Water on screen like that, so the band released a new album and I came across a favourite from times long gone. Free according to the motto "I liked the old things, not the new ones" from the song "Popular"! :-)

And so I, "Oldschool" as I am, land at the end of the 80's, beginning of the 90's, and I realize: "And we will become brothers with the day at the sea!" If I can still hear, I can still smell! Cool Water, you are almost "too horny for this world!" and so I just want to say "Thank you!" at the end ;-)
Bottle 6.0/10 Sillage 6.0/10 Longevity 6.0/10 Scent 7.0/10
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The Ford among fragrances
which doesn't mean it's bad.
It is cheap and does a good job.
He does what he was bought for
It gives you the feeling of having done everything right Cheap, reliable and always available.
Can also be bought as a gift without annoying the recipient.
But somehow you don't want to have him again :-/
1 Replies
Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 8.5/10
Helpful Review    4
Industry icon.
I think that everybody agrees on a couple of statements about this frag:
- It's a classic Industry icon.
- It's reliable.
- It's quite lovable.
- It's cheap (I mean inexpensive)
On top of it I would like to add that it has quite an above average performance for its notes, and atracts a lot of compliments, it's quite fresh and totally adequate for warm days and nights, and costs 10 times less than similar products from niche designers.
I will not comment about how well combined are the watery, lavender and mint notes to give you one of the best openings in the perfume industry (and without the easy to use citrus, apple or pineapple scents). That´s known to everybody.
Use it day or night in mild or hot weather.

My rates for Davidoff Cool Water:
Scent: 8.5
Longevity: 7.0 (It's not a beast)
Sillage: 7.0 (It's not a beast)
Uniqueness: 7.0 (Green Irish Tweed was launched 3 years before CW; Aspen from Coty is one year younger than CW)
Wearability: 8.0 (avoid cold weather days and nights)
Versatility: 9.0 (beach, park, office, restaurant, movies, club...)
Quality: 9.0
Presentation: 7.0
Price: 10.0

Overall rating: 8.06/10.0
Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 9.0/10 Scent 8.5/10
Helpful Review    1
The Magnificent Breezy & Fresh Fragrance for Men (8.875/10)
The first note come is surely breeze, fresh, and active. The freshness of mint and a strong scent of green notes make the scent superb power on top notes.

The longevity is so superb by Davidoff Cool Water.
For non 4-seasons countries, the scent is suitable for anytime and any place. The longevity is around 6-7 hours. even after 7 hours, the base notes still hold the scent.
For the 4-seasons countries, the longevity is around 6-7 hours.

The performance is super good. The scent projection is wide and satisfied the wearer. The breeze and fresh scent are the keys of the scent.

The sillage also good. Either in a crowd or not, the sillage is smoothly perform well.

The signature mens' fragrance by Davidoff. The breezy and fresh scent are the uniqueness of this fragrance, even its a bit similar to Alain Delon signature.

Bottle Design
The bottle design is ordinary. Simple and not so much compliment on its signature bottle. But for the bottle collections, there are some of nice art printed on the same design bottle, the trademark of Davidoff Cool Water.
Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 7.0/10
Greatly helpful Review    5
Refreshing and carefree...
This is a fragrance which I can wear very easily. It's very laid back and carefree. It does smell similar to a lot of men's fragrances out there, but in it's own way it does the job really well for the price.

I get lavender, vetiver and mint, but along with a very "mossy" vibe. I also get ozonic, slightly calone vibe. I don't really get the ocean so much from this as I get a river flowing through the forest. It's that fresh.

One thing I would say, is that it is shockingly similar in smell to Green Irish Tweed. The similarities are striking. I would say at least 70% similar. It is really shocking how close those two are. Having said that, I think the Creed has two notes which Cool Water doesn't have, and those are iris (orris) and ambergris. Apart from that, almost identical. I would also say that the Creed smells a little more natural, but projects less, whereas this projects a lot more.

Overall, it's something I wouldn't mind wearing and recommending to others. For the price it's great value and distinctive. One to try definitely.
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 5.0/10 Longevity 5.0/10 Scent 6.0/10
It has became a reference for any fresh cologne.

It used to be unique, but has already been ripped off by many other designers.

It's a nice option for summer with a nice price too that's worth it for sure!

I smell a great combination of mint and lavender mostly.

Updated January 2014
Scent 9.0/10
Very helpful Review    5
This Is One Where The Vintage Juice Is Far Superior...
I used to wear this scent 20+ years ago. I loved it back then, and while I have moved on to other scents, I still have fond memories of Cool Water. It still smells great, and while it is an obvious self-clone by Boudon of his original creation Green Irish Tweed, I will disagree with most by saying I think it is a good one. Considering the superior vintage version of Cool Water can now be had for 1/4 the price, I feel it is an outstanding value for those who love GIT but can't afford it and are willing to get near that classic's greatness. 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 for the vintage (and a still solid 3 to 3.5 for the current juice).
Helpful Review    5
Created its own genre by the brilliant use of an aromachemical.
Somehow I managed between 1988 and about 2006 not to have to smell Cool Water. I have managed to smell the generations of clones and wanna-be's since, and was just waiting to hate Cool Water. But you know what? This stuff is copied for a reason. It's really spectacular.

I'm in the enviable position Luca Turin refers to in The Guide. I don't have to associate this with half the male population of the 80s-90s. Smelling CW in this context is a great lesson in perfume history. If a new aroma technology is introduced with intelligence and artistry, it changes the status quo. I know that compositionally CW is a contemporary variation on the fougere, but qualitatively I think it's something distinct. This, followed by a slew of copy-cats, means a whole new genre. And I guess like the original Chypre and Fougere Royale, the first can remain the best.
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 10.0/10
Helpful Review    3
Really COOL
WOW Wonderful perfume. The smell gives freshness. Projection: Very good for 5 hrs & Longevity rocks. The best fragrance for summer, its cool, Great for white shirt with Blue jean. I LOVE IT. I get many compliments when ever i wear cool water.
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 5.0/10 Longevity 5.0/10 Scent 7.0/10
Greatly helpful Review    6
Classic aquatic
I once dated a guy that wore this cologne all the time. It was through him wearing this fragrance that I realised that some masculine scents are specifically designed to attract women.

This perfume is amazing and the after-shave is just as good. I actually have a bottle, because I bought it for an another boyfriend but decided at last minute that he didn't deserve gifts.

You can really smell the lavender scent in this, but it is in no way a girly scent. Cool Water is so masculine and sexy. On a man, this fragrance drives me wild.

It is indeed a strong fragrance, however it is refreshing and quite summery. My current boyfriend now wears this scent to tease me because he knows the effect it has over me.
Bottle 7.5/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 10.0/10
Helpful Review    4
King Aquarius !!!
Cool Water surely deserves this title, it is THE aquatic fragrance. Like a lot of other fragrances, Cool Water should not be blamed for users, dosing it too high, that others are annoyed by it (which shouldn´t be too easy, given the enjoyable character of the scent).
The fragrance itself is hard to describe. Cool Water starts with a light and fresh citrus note, which quickly fades. The remaining fresh and spicy scent I cannot really describe other than that is the perfect synthesis of a pleasent "being showered feeling".
Absolute classic, which should not being missed in any collection. I like to wear it, whenever I want to smell "being showered".


Attlas 7 months ago
A very strong (confident) opening. Don't overspray. The opening can be overwhelming indoors. Longevity was disapointing. Still, no regrets!!+1
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 7.0
Longevity 6.0
Scent 8.0
Brightstar 11 months ago
Fresh and a bit breezy scent. Daily use is recommended, especially on day. One of the signature fragrance for men.+2
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 10.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 8.5

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