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Cool Water Intense by Davidoff
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Cool Water Intense is a new perfume by Davidoff for men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-fruity. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Annick Ménardo

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen mandarin
Heart Notes Heart NotesCoconut water
Base Notes Base NotesAmber



7.4 (108 Ratings)


8.1 (102 Ratings)


7.5 (99 Ratings)


7.5 (113 Ratings)
Submitted by Morpheus1, last update on 20.08.2019

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is model Christian Hogue.

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10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

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Very helpful Review    12
and when one suddenly feels reminded after many years of the rain of Sumatra
Granted: I always liked Cool Water and I still wear it today. I hadn't hoped much for Intense. Too often these whole scent variations were already an absolute flop. Not this time, not this time, not this time! I bought immediately and Intense throws me way back into the '90s. For the FIRST time in soooo many years I recognize in a fragrance such a great resemblance to a fragrance that I miss so unbelievably. And now in 2019, I don't know what to say, I'm just overjoyed. Sumatra Rain! The resemblance is so amazing and I am so grateful that I can sniff a scent of this kind again. I can hardly remember when a fragrance ever threw me off track so much. He'll stay with me as long as there is, hopefully forever! Thank you Cool Water Intense
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Helpful Review    5
Stories from childhood
There were two things I loved very much as a child. Everything that tastes fruity, Rafaello and my father's shaving cream.

That's exactly what Cool Water Intense reminds me of...

Manderines and apricots mixed with shaving foam and defused by a light creamy coconut note.

Very tasty, quite durable and the Sillage is also difficult in order.

Younger than the normal CW, more fruity and less soapy fresh. But somewhere in the shaving foam note I can still see a small trace of the calmer grandfather, even if this was made more modern by the father Night Dive (who is clearly playing along in the shaving foam note).

Great fragrance, good price, good performance
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6.0 7.0 8.0 5.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    21
The darn seventh comment ;-)
Man, what did I get so excited about Run Wild? As someone who grew up with Cool Water and for a long time only associated the name Davidoff with good things, this annoying synthetic sweetheart now stood for me completely for the crash of an already weakening company in the last few years in terms of perfume.

That's why I teased even before the introduction of the CWI in a statement "Next Flop after Run Wild? Please don't" ... But unfortunately that's exactly how it should be, in my opinion. And because all comments so far have been exclusively positive, I wanted to call mine first:

Don't be serious ;-)

Sure, I'm often a little bit mischievous, and I always entangle tears in a funny story. But at Cool Water Intense I am simply too disappointed and too tired to do so. Because this alleged coconut water is not dissimilar to the longest part of its fragrance course of L'Eau Majeure d'Issey, which is only rated with an average of 5.5.

But first, a short description of my fragrance of the CWI: starts fresh and bright, whereby I imagine something different under a green mandarin, but o.k. Then it dazzles into a typically sweet-smooth mode, as one often perceives (too) in cheap drugstore scents, but here probably stands for the coconut water. Okay so far, but nothing for me. But then the shock: after about two hours, the scent develops in a direction that I have already sat down in a spontaneous purchase, and then led me to a tear. Because there it is again, this penetrating liquorice artificiality of L'Eau Majeure d'Issey, which has nothing to do with coconut for my well-being, and which is also found in L'Eau Majeure d'Issey Shade of Sea. If you like this (new?) synthetic direction, you should have a look at these two Japanese. But my case is neither in this nor in the Cool Water Intense, which only becomes lighter, more sweet and more bearable after about six hours, when the scent flows into the amber.

Of course, this is only my very personal perception, but I am still a bit surprised that CWI finds such a resonance. If you take a closer look, however, there is a small conspicuous feature:

So far there are only 6 comments, all positive. But among the statements (with rating) there are 10 out of 35 with worse marks (up to and including 6). This is quite typical for new releases, for which at the beginning there are almost only enthusiastic first comments, whereas in statements the negative ratings are often packed.

And what do I mean?

Quite simply, this rings in the positive turn of my Kommis, not only owed to my "image" ;-) but also quite real. For unfortunately I prophesy to this new flanker that he will not be able to keep to the present 7,4, but will fall clearly below 7. Because this would be "clearly" but too expensive for me ;) I stay at 7,0 and give E99EsAns, the very first (and 10/10/10/10) CWI-commentator a bottle, if the community should still be at least 7,1 on 01.01.2020, and he can still smell this Davidoff so good :-)

Sorry, I'd love to bet, and that'd be my first on Parfumo. A little bit of fun must be allowed after the end, even if it tends towards tearing off, this

damn seventh comment ;-)
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7.0 9.0 9.0 9.0/10

1 Review
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Greatly helpful Review    13
Le Cool Male
After numerous Cool Water Flankers of the masculine and feminine kind, I had already ticked off CW, when I was told that "the new one" should be a "good one". Since the CWs are not overly expensive, I let it come to a blind purchase, and today I took care of the sweetheart. And what do I say?
Not related to the original CW, not even related by marriage, this representative is a completely new fragrance in the coconut water trend. The new Le Male, which I tested yesterday, he loosely pockets in his pocket, as he can come up with a super-splashy, greenish mandarin, along with the mildly sweet coconut. The amber base smells valuable, warm and beautiful.
The performance also rocks.
The direction is gourmand, but still masculine, and for the money you get something on your nose.
I'm gonna spray this summer (as long as it doesn't get far over 28 degrees) on any guy who's staying still long enough.
And no, Davidoff didn't sponsor me. I find it simply gelungen.
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6.0 6.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    18
No more cool water... but still very cool!
As a cool water flanker? Topic missed! As perfume in itself? Close to the bull's eye! Well, that's the way it goes...

"Cool Water Intense" is the perfect combination of salty coconut water and masculine mandarin. Traces of the original? At best to guess, not even that. But as a new, contemporary creation, this thing kicks me a lot more than I thought. It's sweet but not childish or sticky (maybe quite light in the back), but it has a marine aura combined with sugary crumbs from the current (quite rightly controversial) generation of men's fragrances. The balancing act fits, the update is successful. Not as a more intense or darker version of the legend, but much more as a remake with completely new focal points, approaches and paths. Actually a completely new beast. That with his kindness and attitude, something scares me. Because I had expected the worst, wasn't "disappointed" as far as the fucked up degree of kinship was concerned, and at the same time I'm completely surprised by something new, which can best be described as a high-quality mixture of "Roma Uomo" and "Encounter". Simple and convincing. The backside is a bit pulpier and more worn out, but overall I enjoy the thing, it has character and enough independence to not be considered as plagiarism or fellow swimmer. It is also worth mentioning, especially because of the younger Davidoff history and the unpleasant signs of the coconut, that the artificiality and lab coats were left at home as far as possible or when they are used more positively and bring with them a certain modernity and smoothness. "I'd buy Cool Water Intense. Especially if something else falls in the price. And often wear. More of an all-rounder than a summer addonis. Warming, sweet Vetivervelvet in the spine. Oh, great.

Flacon: old shape, dark shade
Sillage: pimped up discreetly
Durability: amazingly long - 7-9 hours

Conclusion: the name is only used to generate customers and attention. That's not stupid, but it's close to label fraud. Nevertheless: standing alone, "Cool Water Intense" is a fine, summery, sweet fragrance in the spirit of the times. Coconut sometimes not cheap and sticky, beautifully fused with vetiver and mandarin. I like that. Very much so
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8.0 8.0 9.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    10
I take you to the candy shop
The period of waiting and the increasing anticipation was about 3 weeks, during which the hype around this new Cool Water fragrance partly took on abstruse forms. In the beginning everyone was pessimistic and thought it would be a nimbler of the current Cool Water, but little by little the first test persons leaked out that it should be a complete scent of its own. At this stage the hype grew and also I as a big coconut fanatic became more and more impatient. In the final stage of my waiting one could already read the first comments and statements and also the ratings regarding durability were a real test reason in combination with the price.

Arrived at perfect weather (20 degrees and slightly cloudy) and an almost empty Douglas I also test this so advertised fragrance. Still in the shop I liked the mandarin very much and I decided to go to two or three other shops before I return and make the purchase decision. After 20 minutes a very sweet but rather light, unobtrusive coconut note came through. Until then I was full of euphoria and knew that I would take this fragrance with me. But about 200m before the mentioned perfumery the powder-sweet-candy-sugar-floss base note came through and I questioned my decision. Well... anyway. You can take 40ml for 25€ with you. Variety is always a good thing and why should I let myself take all my anticipation now?

Arrived in my own four walls even the last sip of coconut water left my wrist and the first female comment came out (as usual open and straight). "Honey, have you been at my dressing table?" Of course I knew why she thought that, because the meanwhile pungent sweet powder took the whole course of the fragrance. After I had explained to her that I was surprised here too and hadn't really taken a liking to this sugar-sweet, make-up-powdery construct yet, I went to the home office for 2 hours and did some work from there. At this time the 3 splashes were already 5h on me, but they had it in them. At this point the base note comes through correctly and has reached the zenith of its radiance. Back in the living room I was greeted (very charming) with the words: "This doesn't smell very masculine". But even here... so be it... meanwhile I had found pleasure in it.

Now the next morning you can still smell the last remnants of Cool Water 2019. Finding such a performance for such a price is very difficult nowadays. Respect & Praise to Davidoff. After Run Wild, the makers got the hang of it again and launched this durability bang on the market.

My conclusion:
Cool Water Intense has nothing to do with the rest of the row apart from the slightly darker bottle and should be viewed freely. A pleasant sillage and a shelf life of 12+ hours in combination with this youthful, delicious sweetness predestine this fragrance practically for the U20 generation. If you are in your early twenties and still like something like this (like me), you'll get your money's worth! Give it a try and go to the Candy shop. ;-)
4 Replies

0 Reviews
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Cool Water 2019
So this is it, the new Cool Water.
What's new? It's the Intense version of the 1988 classic. A milestone in perfume history.
First of all: CW Intense has practically nothing to do with the original... it's actually a new fragrance.
I'll be brief, the scent reminds me of Prada L'Homme, it also has this sweet powderiness, but not soapy like Prada but rather fruity.
But what surprises me more than the fragrance itself is the performance. I sprayed the scent on my hand around 19 o'clock in the shop and it still radiates, that's now about 5 hours ago. Most designer fragrances are already gone after 5 hours, while the CW Intense is even Sillage on the pump. D
I haven't seen such a strong designer in a long time, so you can see what is possible despite all the limitations. Marketing as eau de parfum is definitely not a marketing gag here. Measured by the price, you really get a lot for the money here. Fragrance is quite nice, performance is outstandingly good.
Great release from Davidoff, but was also bitterly needed after the abysmally bad Run Wild.
3 Replies
9.0 7.0 8.0 7.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    29
'90s. Retro. Chic.
Schoork, my dear! What you can do, I can do for a long time ;-)

The '90s. I spent it between the ages of ten and 20. I went to high school. I graduated from high school. I was in love for the first time, drunk for the first time. I spent my youth with them.

The '90s were Guns n Roses, Nirvana, REM, Rage against the machine. Oh, yeah, Bon Jovi was never really cool. November Rain", "Black Hole Sun", "Smells like teen spirit", "Losing my religion" and "Killing in the name of". But you were also Snap!, Dr. Alban, Haddaway. Techno and Eurodance, Top of the pops, Brit-Pop, Kelly Family and the almost unmanageable number of boy bands. Hyper, hyper and somewhere above the rainbow.

The 90s were parties in the Rhein-Rock-Hallen and in the Tarm-Center. They were Smirnoff and Little Coward. A lot of Kölsch, a lot of booze, a lot of nausea.

The 90s were also Game-Boy, Super Nintendo, Super Mario, Sonic and Doom. Ego shooter on the PC. Beverly Hills 90210, Baywatch, Diddl, Tamagotchi and the G-Shock.

In the 90's the Backstreet Boys were still free to receive at MTV, Jasmin Wagner was still called Blümchen, without the 501 from Levis or the backpack from Eastpack it didn't work, tattoo chains were still in, platform soles still fashionable and the boys wore bomber jackets. The boys still wore the blonded mid-crown pot cut and the girls Buffalos.

The 90s were for me personally but also Müngersdorf. The old stadium with the tartan track. Pierre Littbarski, Icke Häßler, Bodo Illgner, Toni Polster and of course Mucki Banach. Noticeably different halt.

So what's this got to do with the scent? Honestly, not much. Besides the completely misleading name, the new Cool Water reminds me of a fragrance we wore in the mid/late 90s. I can't think of him just to die, I'm afraid.

First you have to ask yourself why Davidoff called this perfume "Cool Water Intense". Because it has absolutely nothing to do with the original. Zero. Comma. Nothing. Nothing. Davidoff seems to have copied it from Dior. They are also not the hottest when it comes to (intended) naming.

The start is, as expected, very fresh and slightly fruity. I'd sign for tangerine in here. The whole thing is directly accompanied by the coconut. And that's important to mention: The coconut or as indicated the coconut water is not dominant. You don't smell like a pina colada. I also perceive the smell of vetiver (finely dosed). The whole thing is nicely seasoned. Creamy, fresh, pleasantly woody. And the synthetics don't scratch either. For me, who doesn't like these modern and no longer distinguishable fresh-fruity-sweet scents at all, this one is more than wearable.

The base appears after a good four hours. Here the new one definitely gets sweeter.

Durability: Respect Davidoff! Respect. It holds like a Duracell bunny. Where we'd be back in the '90s.

Sillage: Not even from bad parents. Recognizable, not exuberant and therefore very well balanced.

Flacon: Geil. Just awesome. The classic Cool Water bottle in dark blue. Attention, it's coming........awesome!

Finally, I can only say that I really like the new one here. Maybe or probably it is because of the memories that this perfume evokes in me and maybe a child of the 90s will remember at some point which fragrance smelled so much more than 20 years ago. Please let me know.


Your Profumorist
10 Replies
10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Coconutwater? No, still Coolwater!
Since January 2019 I've been reading a lot about the fragrance whose ancestors were a legend and still are today.

It was so far yesterday I was allowed to experience him, is very pleasant and sensual male.

One (n) may not expect in Europe that a
Eau de Parfum, 24 hours on the skin smells.
With Davidoff I don't care how long he smells or lasts.

A Zino or Coolwater is worn because of its fragrance, not because of its durability.

I am very satisfied with the new Davidoff Cool Water, both as a person and as a perfumer.

His notes harmonize beautifully, the cold have in themselves but also this balsamic note, quite differently processed in itself this time.

It is a great pleasure for me to see who role models their creations are still successful today.

I am now curious how many will wear it and write about it.

Time will tell ..
With kindly fragrant greetings
from the spice city of Nuremberg.
the perfumer & the E99-EsAns team
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