Run Wild by Davidoff

Run Wild 2019

03.03.2021 - 10:55 PM

Not so wild but quite pleasant

I've only owned this for a short time but with three full wears I've come to the conclusion I learned all I need to know about this one, because, just as with the other fairly recent Davidoff release 'Cool Water Intense' this is quite a simple fragrance and that's not always a bad thing, even if I'd had hoped for a little more from Run Wild.

First things first I feel this has been kind of unfairly trashed but then again I do understand some of the criticism I suppose. Make no mistake, as with CWI Run Wild is aimed at the more youthful segment of the market. This fragrance is most definitely of the 'now' or (relatively) recent trends in men's perfumery. I've heard people mention a similarity with V&R Spicebomb Nightvision, I don't really remember that one as I only smelled it once but really to me, Run Wild is like a lighter, less sweet/cloying 'Invictus type' scent but with a slight green hue. I think that maybe Clavin Klein's Truth for Men was an inspiration here for that green touch but RW also makes me think of some fruity boiled sweets I've had in the past, but this is definitely not a sugary gourmand fragrance,, it's more like when you smell someone not far away sucking on a green boiled sweet, there's not much to evoke evergreen forests here despite the listed fir note.

I was hoping for a bit more bite with this one, a bit more personality, it's not very memorable but it's at least far from horrible. It's still usually winter weather where I live but the last few days have been strangely spring-like and Run Wild was very pleasant to wear, pretty strong at first but quickly pulls in closer to the skin, longevity seems OK though, especially for a light scent. Strangely on the later dry-down I get a slight vanillic note, kind of like the one in Armani Stronger with You (of course much lighter here!).

Run Wild is far from another classic for me but it's also far from being a complete dud, worth a try for a simple, pleasant, modern/youthful everyday scent on those days when you don't want an invasive fragrance. Honestly I would've been disappointed had I paid full retail but for around 20 euros for 100ml I don't feel too hard done by with this stuff. Nice bottle and cap too.

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