Zino (Eau de Toilette) by Davidoff

Zino 1986 Eau de Toilette

15.05.2020 - 03:25 PM
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Reformulation strikes again! 2018. vs 2019. 1 year apart and yet insane difference.

Hello everyone

I didn't write anything on this site for some time, but I am back here because I am really, really mad :)

Zino is one of my favorite fragrances that I like to wear just for myself, it' calms me down and takes me to some quiet peaceful place with it's smell. I'm not one of those who says it's outdated, I always thought people who like today modern sweet fragrances would feel that way, but I don't want to offend anyone taste by going further into explanation.

I have decided to get a bottle so it arrived from one Slovenian based webshop. Batch made in the October 2018. by the looks of it. This one I left to my father.

After a while I got informed they discontinued Zino! I was WTF because I thought this is one of the fragrances that are cult and classic and everything that goes with it and should live forever. So I got another one from Notino. This one is batch made in October 2019. As you can see it's just 1 year apart from the bottles.

So bottle A the older one stays on me for hours, every now and then you get that beautiful Zino dash that goes great with cigars, cigarettes and it just use that odor so to speak to make itself stronger. This is one of rare fragrances that I like wearing into the places like pubs and bars that allow smoking. And yeah it's still beautiful, probably not as it used to, but still for today market and type of fragrance it really works well and I love it.

On the other hand Notino bottle the newer one let's name it B from October 2019. is like someone took almost empty bottle A of Zino and just poured in some water. Watered down is like literally what comes into my mind whenever I spray it on. Even now I sprayed 6-7 times on my neck and clothes and I can sense more softener used for washing my t-shirt then I can smell Zino. With A bottle and this number of sprays I would be Zinofied for 3 days, but this B bottle from 6 months ago is so bad I have no words... actually as you can see I do, but it is really on the bridge of being a joke, not a fragrance.

Yes it has very low price, but that should not mean they can do this, what they did. I am so disappointed with this Notino bottle that I will use it as best example of reformulations ever, probably as long as I live.

I think Heritage is similar scent and maybe the only fragrance that could fill the emptiness produced by this Zino production stop and reformulation monstrosity they made in it's last days.

Do not buy!
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