Zino (Eau de Toilette) by Davidoff

Zino 1986 Eau de Toilette

27.10.2021 - 12:08 PM
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Smooth and creamy woody-spicy

Sometimes we see fragrances making a comeback due to hype or similarities to a new fragrance. That's what happened with Zino. A forgotten piece of work that i accidentally came across with a sample that i bought years ago just for curiosity.

Zinc came out in 1986, 2 years before Cool Water and, according to Osmothèque, was created in a collaboration between Michel Almairac and Pierre Bourbon (who later created, alone, Cool Water). A fragrance that has a lot of dry woods (mainly sandalwood and Rosewood) and creamy lavender.

It opens up very strong, woody and with a vanillic background. I detect more rosewood in this fase. To me, one of the best openings in classic fragrances. Smooth, rich and masculine. The thing about this one is that it doesn't feel dated or saturated. It's very vivid and crisp. It would cost a triple of the price, easily. I can't detect any cheap aura or bad quality materials.

Although not dated, the opening feels more mature and "complicated". To me, is fantastic and reminds me a bit of Heritage by Guerlain (1992). The sharp and aromatic woody note combined with the vanillic background is reminiscent to Guerlain but, the comparisons are much more evident in Beau de Jour by Tom Ford. They are 2 completely different scents but, for the first 1-2h, they reach almost the same tone. Both are woody, sharp and aromatic but, Tom Ford is more herbal and bitter, and smokier. Geranium is probably the key to reveil these facets.

Looking at Zino, after 2h the scent dies a lot, turning into a creamy woody-oriental scent with lavender in the front. The woodiness is tamed, the aromatic lavender is more pronounced and the vanilla finishes the composition. I don't detect a lot of patchouli to be honest. It's there, but not strong enough to be considered a patchouli based scent. Lavender, rosewood, sandalwood and vanilla are the stars here.

In the end, the fragrance is not a replacement for Beau de Jour but it's definitely a influence to the Tom Ford creation. I like them both but i wish Zino performed a bit better, specially in the sillage and projection department, where, after a strong opening, dries down and became more of a subtle masculine woody oriental with an aromatic touch. It lasts 6-7h on my skin, projecting a lot during the first 2 hours.

A great composition that still influence new fragrances and with a great price-value. Doesn't smell cheap, doesn't smell dated, has a great opening and a creamy and relaxing drydown, and is created by 2 legends. Buy a bottle or two, while you can. This is one of those dumb reach scents that keeps you entertained and smells awesome.

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